Photo by Lucy Laucht

What are you up to this weekend? We’re visiting friends on the North Fork, and the boys are flipping out over getting to sleep in a bunk bed. Also, thank you for the funny, thoughtful and amazing comments on this sex post. So much advice and insight, it felt like the world’s best sleepover. :) If you’re in a blog-reading mood, here are a few fun links from around the web…

The trailer for Logan Lucky is compelling.

Ina Garten on the one ingredient she never uses. (Do you agree?)

Bravo to Allure for not using the words “anti-aging” anymore: “We’ll be making a concerted effort to stop shaming women for getting older, and to celebrate their beauty instead.”

An infertility mentorship program.

All I want to eat is this.

Traffic at the world’s craziest intersection.

This pretty shirt would be perfect for traveling.

Would you rather be the last days of summer or the first days of fall?

If you lose your wedding ring, look here.

We met the team behind Fabric life insurance the other day, and they were really smart and cool. Curious about it (especially because plans start at $6/month).

Signed up for the Wake Up newsletter, run by Sally Rumble, who has been educating herself on race relations, racial justice and privilege in America over the past eight years.

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Jessica on one easy way to have an orgasm: “Hope everyone gets a chance to read Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski! I am midway through with a well-worn copy that has passed through the hands of four girlfriends. The author clears up common misconceptions and makes strides to personalize and authenticate women’s sexuality.”

Says Karen on birthday presents: “A few years ago, all the parents we know decided to do a used book exchange for each birthday. Every kid brings a gently used book, and then after cake, books are exchanged, so everyone goes home with a new one. So far, so good.”

Says Sarah on sure things: “If you had asked me before I got married, I’d have confidently told you, 100%, that my future child would be named Charlie. But my married last name is Brown, so Charlie went right out the window!”

Have a good one. xoxoxo

(Photo by Lucy Laucht.)