Storq Nursing Clothes

Recently we got this note from a reader named Meredith: “Would you consider doing a post on clothes that are breastfeeding friendly but aren’t designed-to-breastfeed-in clothes? I’m lost.”

Good question! When I was nursing, I wore a small rotation of V-neck tees, wrap dresses and button-downs. (I wore this shirt a thousand times.) If you decide to breastfeed (and are able to), here are a few styles that might work…

You could also pair a regular shirt with high-waisted leggings, and then pull up your shirt to nurse.

What do (or did) you wear when nursing? I’d love to hear. Boob tanks also work well, H&M has a sweet nursing line, and Allette has pretty pieces. Congratulations to all the mothers or mothers-to-be out there!

P.S. Seven things that surprised me about breastfeeding, and nursing in public.

(Top photo of Storq’s nursing caftan.)