How Are You? No, But For Real.

Mary Cassatt

We’re settling back into Brooklyn life after our family vacation, and I’m looking forward to posting about our trip later this week. (Also, by the way, jet lag is brutal in this direction. The boys have been bouncing out of bed at 2:15 a.m.)

But, anyway, I hope you are doing well! Although it’s also okay if you’re not:) I would love to catch up and hear how things are going. If you’re in the mood, here are a few little questions:

Where you are right now:
A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like:
Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately:
What you’re excited about these days:
What’s worrying you:
Your current celebrity crush:

Sending so much love, as always! Thank you for being here. xoxoxo

P.S. My celebrity crush, five words to describe yourself, and a genius personality test.

(Painting by Mary Cassatt.)

  1. Jen says...

    Reddit–I have been on that so much lately. I started watching Once Upon a Time a while back but somehow always gravitate back to Forensic Files.
    Oh man so I found this recipe online: shredded sweet potatoes, and two eggs (fry the potatoes 400F, then bake them for 10min, take out of oven, make two circular gaps and crack the eggs sunny side in them, bake for 5-8 min and they are ready), they were delicious!
    I’m excited about reuniting with a guy from my high school days. I really like him and feel a connection.
    What worries me is that he’s not in the best time in his life. Just got out of jail, but is working and lives with his parents. I am conflicted because I like him but feel maybe he’s not the best option for me to pursue but I do want to help him better himself; just don’t want to be an item with him given the context.
    Celebrity I adore you ask!? Captain Hook aka Colin O’Donoghue from OUAT; my goodness he melts me to the coooooore.

  2. Jennifer says...

    I love reading all these comments. My contribution!
    Where you are right now:
    My office. Recently redone, very simply, and I love it.
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like:
    I’ve been watching Hart of Dixie on Netflix.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately:
    A tempranillo and flatbread at Vino & Vinyl, Sugar Land Tx
    What you’re excited about these days:
    Work. Really!
    What’s worrying you:
    my marriage.
    Your current celebrity crush:
    Gosh, no one!

  3. Christina says...

    I recently had my second child, a daughter. I read an article (maybe it was on here!) about how a mother’s body image directly impacts the way her daughter will feel about her own body.
    My mother has borderline personality disorder, and among other sad and difficult traits, is incredibly insecure. She has always been beautiful but any pound she gained or emerging wrinkle as she aged was complained about and fussed over. I remember when I was 6 and she was in her 30’s, I wasn’t allowed to see her while she was recovering from a chemical peel.
    She gushed over my and my sister’s beauty. She supported my sister’s beauty pageant endeavors and encouraged me to become a model.
    As a teenager, with a very healthy and athletic 5’5 125 lb frame, I constantly felt like I had weight to loose. Unlike my girlfriends, I never wanted to be photographed in a bikini. I tried juice cleanses and fad diets in high school. And when Facebook rolled around it was all too easy to critic pictures of myself.
    Now, as an adult, I thought those critical and perfectionist tendencies were in the past. But after having my second child my body hasn’t quite bounced back like it did after the first. I have stretch marks on my stomach, some loose skin, and a weird lump on my hips. My skin has gone hay wire and freckles are in full force.
    I find myself looking in the mirror, being incredibly critical and I’m 2 months post partem. And then I think of my daughter. What will she hear, what will she see, what will she feel. And I change my thinking.

    Your body is beautiful. It just created a human being! And it took 9 months to do so. And those breasts, they are making food and feeding this human being you made. And now your body isn’t pregnant anymore and it’s still changing and being amazing and doing everything you need it to do for you and your baby. You are beautiful.

  4. Sarah says...

    Where you are right now: my couch in Toronto
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Pod Save the World (and all the Crooked Media podcasts)
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: bruschetta
    What you’re excited about these days: Seeing Hamilton finally in Chicago
    What’s worrying you: my mental health
    Your current celebrity crush: Chris Pine & Stephen Colbert

  5. Jess says...

    Where you are right now: In a design studio in London where I work.

    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Love fun, girly but serious current affairs podcasts like “The High Low”. Also, “My Dad Wrote a Porno” gets me through my commute with a stupid grin on my face every day!

    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: I made a coffee & walnut cake yesterday which pregnancy hormones have slightly stopped me from enjoying but everyone else says is delicious so I’m trusting them!

    What you’re excited about these days: I’m 12 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I’m so excited to finally be able to tell all my friends & family and of course super excited for February when I get to meet my babe!

    What’s worrying you: I work in a very nasty office environment (and have done for the past 5 years), but recently it’s been getting me down even more than usual. My husband is also currently launching his own business which is very exciting but means we are going through a period of financial instability which he is not worried about but is making me nervous.

    Your current celebrity crush: I met Tom Hardy walking his dog once in Richmond (London) and he is my one and only since then haha!

  6. Martina says...

    Hi. I have been browsing through the recent posts today like often I do when I want to relax at work when I realised how many years I have been doing this and how many powerful, good, beautiful things I have discovered thanks to this amazing blog (and till now I have never posted a single comment). Also, being an English teacher, I frequently use those links, tips, pictures and ideas as springboards for discussion with my students. But most importantly it makes me feel happy and strong. I’m inspired, smitten, touched or enchanted every time I open Cup of Jo. It helps keep my English skills up to date and it shapes me as a woman (and as a creative person, as a stylist).
    So thank you so much and lots of love from the Czech Republic!


    Oh, and, to answer your question:
    A book, TV show, … you like: I’m addicted to Taboo, an exquisitely dark and mysterious British series starring Tom Hardy
    What you’re excited about these days: I saw Gerhard Richter’s show here in Prague yesterday and I can’t get it out of my mind. He truly is the greatest contemporary painter, my favourite are his seascape paintings:
    What’s worrying you: my life seems kinda “cluttered”, I’m sort of stuck. So I’m decluttering my home and my soul right now…
    Your current celebrity crush: Tom Hardy!!

  7. Layla D'Andrea says...

    Where you are right now: Sitting at my desk at work ( Stamford,ct)
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Currently reading mystical girl, material world. Such a good read, about astrology.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Made pasta salad for a BBQ this weekend, delicious.
    What you’re excited about these days: I haven’t found anything to be excited for recently, looking for something new.
    What’s worrying you: not finding something I am passionate about. Trying to find what I want to do, and how.
    Your current celebrity crush: Idris Elba

  8. GNV says...

    Where you are right now: At work in midtown Manhattan, procrastinating.
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Game of Thrones!!, Baby Driver (just fantastic), How to Murder Your Life by Cat Marnell.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: The Emily Burger dumplings from Mimi Cheng’s! Heavenly.
    What you’re excited about these days: Moving into a new apartment with my boyfriend.
    What’s worrying you: Global warming.
    Your current celebrity crush: Ansel Elgort. I feel like a cougar, but he is just delish.

  9. Anna Lillas says...

    Where you are right now: Home editing some graduation party pics (Finland)
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: I started reading Anna Karenina, I’m just a hundred page in, but I am enjoying it so far
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: An tomato avocado sandwich for breakfast
    What you’re excited about these days: My upcoming trip to Rome, SO EXCITED!
    What’s worrying you: I am starting as a dance teacher in a local dance company in a month and I haven’t started preparing yet
    Your current celebrity crush: David Tennant, he was the 10th doctor

  10. Kelly P says...

    Where you are right now: At work. Design/Build firm in Tucson, AZ
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: My Favorite Murder is always good for a laugh
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Chimichurri steak over the weekend. Delish!
    What you’re excited about these days: Vaca next week! Cornwall, here we come!
    What’s worrying you: Bills, bills, bills (see above vaca)
    Your current celebrity crush: Chris Hemsworth. :-)

  11. Lauren B says...

    Forgot to include my celebrity crush (highly important topic!)
    CHRIS PINE OMG. ever since seeing Wonder Woman about a month ago I cannot get enough of him and his sly/sexy closed-mouth smile.

  12. Lauren B says...

    Your trip looks amazing, welcome back!

    Currently enjoying a day off at my home in Missouri.

    Watching The West Wing (so refreshing and inspiring, especially considering our current administration). Reading Underground Airlines by Ben Winters. What an amazing story!

    Currently so in to making Tomato Pies with fresh heirloom tomatoes, basil and a ton of cheese!

    Worrying about a new business that will be direct competition for the business I own and opening just down the street. Ugh, competition is good for you and makes me want to work harder, but still sucks sometimes.

    Excited about an upcoming trip to Austin, TX over Labor Day weekend. Yay!

  13. AVB says...

    Where: At home watching the Bachelorette–fantasy suites!
    What: Loving the return of Game of Thrones and just finished reading The Girls–I loved it!
    Food: Smitten Kitchen’s blueberry muffins. Fantastic!
    Excited: I’m going home to the midwest to visit my family with my husband and two children. I’m so excited for family time.
    Worried: What’s next in life: stay here, move abroad, move home, move somewhere else in the U.S. Too many options. I wish someone would just tell me what to do.

  14. I’m listening to this amazing podcast rational faith about Mormon culture. I am a practicing Mormon and there are a lot of topics that people feel are taboo that aren’t talked about we need to talk about. This podcast does just that, it’s amazing.

  15. Megan G says...

    Where you are right now: Home with my boys in Gilbert, AZ
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Madame Secretary is what I’m currently watching and I recently finished the most recent season of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt-love it.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Homemade Brownies from Scratch…yum.
    What you’re excited about these days: We have a rare night out without kids scheduled for this weekend and I can’t wait.
    What’s worrying you: My son was recently diagnosed with sensory processing issues and may also have anxiety. It’s been a difficult summer trying to figure out strategies/tools to help him cope and make life easier for him. And I’m nervous for school coming up-it’s his first year in a more structured preschool and I don’t know how he will handle it. Hugs to all other mamas of high-need kiddos!
    Your current celebrity crush: George Clooney forever

  16. Hillary says...

    Where you are right now: On family vacation in Mendocino, CA. Twelve of us in a house overlooking the Pacific for a week. It’s been wonderful, minus the usual family squabbles ;)
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: I’ve been loving the My Favorite Murder podcast. I also devoured The Bright Hour by Nina Riggs in two days on this trip. It was sad, and funny, and beautiful.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: My MIL just made cheesy potato pancakes out of left over mashed potatoes, and they were amazing.
    What you’re excited about these days: We’re waiting to be licensed as foster parents, and we’re so excited to become first-time parents to the kiddos who will be in our home.
    What’s worrying you: See above! Also, getting back onto a normal sleep schedule once we travel back to the east coast.
    Your current celebrity crush: Andy Samberg, forever and always.

  17. What a sweet post!

    Where you are right now: Dallas, TX. I moved here for the summer after finishing my master’s in journalism to report for the Dallas Morning News.
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: so many podcasts! I’m excited to start the new season of Homecoming. I just finished reading I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson and adored it.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Currently eating avocado toast on cracked wheat sourdough with an over medium egg… the same thing I make for breakfast every morning.
    What you’re excited about these days: leaving Texas to go back to California; hoping I get an exciting full time job there!
    What’s worrying you: that I won’t get a job by the time my internship ends, or ever find fulfilling work. Little stuff
    Your current celebrity crush: I don’t think it counts as a crush but I’m obsessed with Lin-Manuel Miranda. Also Dax Shepherd, but I just love his relationship with Kristen Bell.

  18. Lindsey says...

    A little late to the game, but I had so much fun reading these I had to jump in.

    Where: I am at home, enjoying some downtime before the dreaded Sunday blues kick in.

    TV/podcasts: Right now it’s GoT for both, loving the recap podcasts. My jam is moody BBC detective stories and I feel like I’ve watched them all, so I need some new seasons to start! I just read my first YA horror book – Daughters unto Devils and it was delightfully creepy.

    Food: We built a house this summer and so our diet has been whatever we can’t even eat quickly before we collapse after long days. I’m looking forward to cooking in my new kitchen!

    Excited: I’m excited about our new home! After years of living in a tiny house on our family property we finally built our dream house. Every night I pinch myself as I look around and realize this really happened!!!

    Worried: I have endometriosis and I had a hysterectomy about three years ago. The doctor talked me into keeping my ovaries which in retrospect was stupid because they are what cause all the problems. Anyway, I’ve had some symptoms lately that make me think it’s coming back. Ughhhhhhhh.

    Celebrity crush: John Snow and Tommy Shelby!

  19. Anna says...

    Where you are right now:
    Using the quiet weekend at the office to get a ton of work projects done
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like:
    I’m reading Make Your Home Among Strangers by Jennine Capó Crucet – it is a novel about a Cuban America girl attending an Ivy League college as the first in her family to go to college – really good
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately:
    Made this last weekend – delicious and easy!
    What you’re excited about these days: Stand-up paddle boarding
    What’s worrying you: Too many deadlines
    Your current celebrity crush: Mahershala Ali

  20. LS Lacy says...

    Where you are right now:In Arlington VA in my living room with the AC on!
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: A Gentleman in Moscow, Granchester, Hidden Figures, Diane Rehm also recently saw four good musicals- Kinky Boots, JC Superstar and The King and I and, at our local high school, In the Heights
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately:Fresh tomatoes and basil from my garden with mozzarella etc.
    What you’re excited about these days: Working with DACA kids
    What’s worrying you: El Presidente
    Your current celebrity crush: Anthony Rendon, 3B fr the Washington Nationals

  21. My FAVORITE podcast right now is Science Versus. The content is amazing: they take subjects people have strong opinions about — climate change, falling in love, abortion, organic food, ghosts, the g spot — and look at the actual science behind them. I learn something fascinating every time. Plus the host, Wendy Zuckerman, is HILARIOUS. It’s a perfect combination of fun personalities, interesting topics, and really good journalism.

  22. Sarah says...

    Where you are right now: at home, Berlin, Germany
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Elena Ferrante (currently obsessed), Luther (re-watching), unfortunately haven’t been to the movies lately, My favorite murder, always.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Pasteis de Nata
    What you’re excited about these days: my son, always.
    What’s worrying you: our financial future, finding my footing
    Your current celebrity crush: Idris Elba

  23. A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: getting into the second season of Last Chance U.

    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: grilled tuna kebobs and tiger salad (spicy ad yummy)

    What you’re excited about these days: my blog, my travels, my job

    What’s worrying you: I have to fire someone and am not sure how to do so

    Your current celebrity crush: The Rock

  24. Virginia says...

    Welcome home Joanna!

    I’m currently sat on my couch in rainy London watching old episodes of greys anatomy.

    I’m reading the power by Naomi alderman! It’s amazing and keeping me going between episodes of the handmaid’s tale.

    I’m making vegan banana pancakes for breakfast tomorrow from the thug kitchen cookbook. I’m not a vegan but these pancakes are seriously fluffy and delicious!

    I’m worried and excited about the same thing – change! I’m single for the first time in five years, which is exciting and terrifying. Work also seems to be in flux. I keep getting a feeling like it’s high school graduation, I’m sad to leave something behind, nervous about what’s next but excited to see where life takes me.

    Celebrity crush ….. all and any of Taylor swift’s ex boyfriends.

  25. Nat says...

    Where: at home in Dublin, Ireland
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: started to watch Gipsy on Netflix. Started to listen to Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat Pray Love) pod cast about creativity, also the interviews by Alec Baldwin Here’s the thing.
    Books: Designing your life ( when you feel stuck in your career and need to figure out what to do next) so far so good.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Pasta with pork and fennel ragu’
    What you’re excited about these days: coming home to my little one after a day’s work and my upcoming trip to Mallorca, our first family holiday.
    What’s worrying you: I recently went back to work after 13 months of maternity leave. My daughter has started the settling in period in the creche and it’s not going very well and I’m worried she won’t settle. The hardest and saddest thing I have ever done is to leave her while she’s crying. I have had a knot in my stomach for days.
    Your current celebrity crush:Billy Crudup in Gipsy

  26. Cristina says...

    Where you are right now: Staying in on a lazy Saturday
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: RuPaul’s Drag Race
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Koay Teow Thng (fish ball soup with pork broth) on a recent trip to Malaysia. Maybe the best soup of my life.
    What you’re excited about these days: re-starting German class
    What’s worrying you: 2 of my older sisters, whose marriages are going through a lot of hardships at the exact same time
    Your current celebrity crush: Michael Fassbender

  27. Where you are right now: Westchester, CA listening to the planes enter LAX
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Before The Fall-can’t put it down, World of dance-playing performances on repeat, The Beguiled-whoa!, My Favorite Murder-murderino 4 life!
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: CA poke salad with seaweed, edamame and crispy onions-tasty
    What you’re excited about these days: Completing a 4 day photoshoot in Lake Tahoe with my crew!
    What’s worrying you: Gaining trust back in my somewhat torn 3 year relationship
    Your current celebrity crush: Gael Garcia Bernal and T.I.

  28. Jess says...

    Right now I am packing because I move away from my hometown for the very first time next week!

    I am currently reading Behave by Robert Sapolsky, a brilliant neurobiologist.

    I made lentil and quinoa tacos today! It was my first time ever cooking lentils. I used to be afraid of cooking new foods, but recently adopted a plant based diet and now I love cooking with new ingredients.

    Next month I start medical school! I am ECSTATIC to take the next step in a career that I am so passionate about but I am also terrified (one could also say worried).

    Oh, and after 24 years of life my celebrity crush is still Justin Timberlake.

  29. J says...

    1. Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Series.
    2. A friend brought over a homemade Salade Nicoise and it was glorious.
    3. We’re over the moon about our 4 week old son. I can’t believe how much he’s changed already! I keep trying to relive the moments we first met him, before they’re lost to my terrible memory. I just never knew love like this existed.
    4. How to be a good mom. How to be a good person. How to be honest with people without being mean. How to communicate with my husband during these sleep-deprived days.
    5. Jon Snow.

  30. AnneS says...

    Hello Joanna ! Thanks for asking, I’d love to answer these questions as I am about to start a very exciting new chapter in my life !
    Where you are right now: at my parents’ house, before moving permanently to London from France with my husband and two kids !
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: I’m reading Jane Eyre for the… 5th time ?? And enjoying Pod Save America, a lot.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: burrata mozzarella and freshly picked cherry tomatoes and basil from my dad’s garden
    What you’re excited about these days: starting a new life in London, a long-time dream of mine
    What’s worrying you: how my children – and my husband ! will adjust to life in the UK
    Your current celebrity crush: it has always been, and will always be David Bowie. I miss him so so much.

  31. Gillian says...

    Where you are right now: Sitting at my desk at work (shhhhh) in Corpus Christi, Texas. We recently moved here because of my husband’s job and it’s a BIG lifestyle change for us!

    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: We saw The Big Sick last night and I loved it.

    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: The Boursin Pasta that you posted a few years ago- one of my favorite and easy go to dishes. I’ve told everyone about it!

    What you’re excited about these days: Celebrating my Grandmother’ 80th birthday tomorrow, seeing my nephew, our Mexico vacation next week!

    What’s worrying you: If our AC will be fixed by the time I get home from work this afternoon.

    Your current celebrity crush: I love you, Chris Pratt.

  32. Where you are right now:
    I’m in Cadiz, Spain! My husband and I have been traveling through Europe and my parents met us in Barcelona for a road trip through Spain. We are the tail end of the two weeks and everything has been breathtakingly beautiful here. Although road tripping with parents can definitely bring up stressful moments, stupid bickering, etc, it’s been worth every hard moment.
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like:
    I just finished reading “The Importance of Music to Girls,” by Lavinia Greenlaw. I completely devoured it! It’s a beautiful memoir set to the cadence of a young women’s shifting taste in music and how deeply it defined every aspect of her identity, from middle school disco to high school punk. Music is the lense through which she sees and experiences every other aspect of life: relationships, school, love. I loved it and highly recommend it for music lovers!
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately:
    Lightly fried (til crispy) green pimiento peppers sprinkled with course salt. It’s a typical tapa here in Spain and it is outrageously yummy. A little bitter, crispy, soft inside and salty — perfection.
    What you’re excited about these days:
    We are spending the last week of our European adventure traveling from Faro to Lisbon in a van, before flying back to the states. I’m so excited to have some intimate just-us-two time before getting back to “real life.”
    What’s worrying you:
    Life back at home is impending… we actually LOVE our everyday lives, the place we live, our community of friends and family, but traveling for so long has really changed our vision for our future and now we have to be brave and dive in to making some big changes. It’s nerve wracking, as I am terrible at finishing projects but I have realized that it’s a lack of confidence and this time I jut have to believe that I can do! So, here we go, starting an artist residency and a homestead farm from ground up!
    Your current celebrity crush:
    I just rewatched Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet again… is ANYONE cuter than twenty-something Leo?!

  33. Ceileidh says...

    Where you are right now: At work (shh, don’t tell!)

    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Currently devouring “The Girls” by Emma Cline. It’s disturbing, but I can’t stop reading.

    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Hummus Crusted Chicken by Gimme Some Oven. Never fails.

    What you’re excited about these days: Heading back to grad school in the fall, teaching a class to the international students that I work with in the fall, all the magic that comes with the fall in general!

    What’s worrying you: Finishing grad school. Job security.

    Your current celebrity crush: Andrew Garfield. Always. <3

  34. Amanda says...

    Where you are right now: FiDi in NYC. Alone in my soon-to-be-empty office as of next Thursday, surrounded by clutter and humidity (Ah, nostalgia. Feels like moving of out my college dorm into my first apartment).

    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Wentworth.

    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Homemade brioche rolls dipped in a spicy vodka sauce.

    What you’re excited about these days: Some serious self-exploration after almost 8 years of long-term, monogamous relationships.

    What’s worrying you: The above self-exploration. Mostly learning how to be alone.

    Your current celebrity crush: Riz Ahmed. There’s something about his voice I find masculine and comforting and delicious.

  35. Where you are right now:
    – in Utrecht, The Netherlands, only 30 minutes from Amsterdam.

    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like:
    – I’ve been watching Doctor Who since 2005 (Christopher Eccleston is my favourite Doctor, ssssh – most people would say ‘David Tennant’ or ‘Matt Smith’). I am looking forward to seeing Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor!

    Something delicious you’ve made lately:
    – a simple pasta salad with avocado, oven-baked tomatoes, goat cheese and honey-mustard sauce

    What you’re excited about these days:
    – that’s a difficult one to answer… I’ve been home since January due to a severe depression. So perhaps I’m excited about getting better and going back to work – I’m still in therapy though.

    What’s worrying you:
    – I haven’t been working one day in 2017 and that scares me. I have been working since I was fifteen (I’m a 38y) and not being able to contribute to anything saddens me.

    Your current celebrity crush:
    – I’d say… Tom Hiddleston.

    • jess says...

      Sending you lots of love. This is a time for you – enjoy it and languish in it xx

    • Allie says...

      Big hugs Sia. You are with yourself throughout life, remember that. Take care of that self however you can. xo

  36. Noelle says...

    Where are you? At home in Rhiwbina Garden Village, Wales. Looking out onto rain soaked garden, moody cloud laden skies, lush looking green grass, tall trees.
    Book – TV – Film – The Nix by Nathan Hill 600 plus pages, mother son psychodrama, Funny and sad. TV – Top of the lake – Series 2. Film The Beguiled (Sophia Coppola).
    Food – For lunch today I made toasted sourdough, avocado, chilli flakes , poached egg, black pepper,
    Excited about seeing Steely Dan at Blues Fest in Dublin this October.
    Not exactly worried but as a freelancer working in the arts always planning ahead to ensure work keeps rolling in.
    Crush – Aidan Turner

  37. Where you are right now: Laying in bed unable to sleep.
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Howl’s Moving Castle (both movie and book :)
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: T-bone steak
    What you’re excited about these days: Game of Thrones Season 7
    What’s worrying you: Landing a career
    Your current celebrity crush: Aidan Gillen who plays Littlefinger in GOT

  38. LB says...

    Where you are right now: Today I got admitted to a mental health hospital for treatment of depression.

    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: I just binged on All Killa No Filla podcast. Those girls crack me up.

    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Last night I had cookies and cream ice cream and it was the best.

    What you’re excited about these days: Being discharged.

    What’s worrying you: I’m scared about how long I’ll be here for. The average stay is three weeks. I’m really really hoping for one week. It’s going to be intense with group therapy and psychiatrist visits every day or two. I’m also worried about hurting my back because the beds here might as well be made of stone.

    Your current celebrity crush: Ian Glenn has recently taken my fancy.

    • Julie says...

      Know that I’m sending you postive thoughts. Maybe the thoughts of an Internet stranger don’t matter, but I know getting mental health help is hard. Hang in there!

    • Amy says...

      Best wishes on your treatment & good for you for getting the help you need.

  39. JOSEPHINE says...

    Where you are right now: At work (shhh).
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: I’m re-watching an old series, Alias with Jennifer Garner – so good!
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: A laska my husband made the other night – delish.
    What you’re excited about these days: Vacation to New Zealand.
    What’s worrying you: Getting older, did I leave it too late to start a family?
    Your current celebrity crush: Harvey from Suits!

  40. Where you are right now: at my dining room table drinking tea catching up on blogs/online reading/research and staring at my husband who is sitting right in front of me working on his laptop.

    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: The Untethered Soul, Friends From College, Movie…..nothing comes to mind, Up and Vanished podcast.

    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Vegetarian Tacos (sauteed potatoes, kale, onions, mushrooms, garlic and taco seasoning stuffed in a corn tortilla–Yum!)

    What you’re excited about these days: Finally taking advantage of my daughter’s time at preschool without so much guilt. My husband and I have been going on day dates and I started working out again.

    What’s worrying you: My weight. I’ve been working out and I turned vegetarian, but my scale has yet to move. Trying not to obsess about it and focus on “how I feel,” but its not easy!

    Your current celebrity crush: Ummm does Peter from The Bachelorette count? Ha! I told my husband he’s kinda like the white version of him! Gray, foxy and smart.

    xo Lendy

  41. Leah says...

    Where you are right now: Chicago, heading to San Francisco tomorrow on my 2 month solo travel adventure through the states! (I’m from Ireland)
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: I just saw ‘The Big Sick’ today and it was great. The last book I loved was ‘The Mothers’ by Brit Bennett but I recently read the first chapter of ‘Commonwealth’ by Ann Pratchett which intrigued me. I think my favourite podcast station is NPR’s ‘How I built this’ which always has great entrepreneurs talking about their stories. I’m currently watching ‘Friends from College’ on Netflix at the minute and it is hilarious, some great real life laugh out loud moments.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Cherries and blueberries, simple but so good.
    What you’re excited about these days: I’m excited about what my next chapter in life will be after quitting my job last month with no immediate work plan.
    What’s worrying you: not finding something that I’m passionate about and want to pursue in my work life.
    Your current celebrity crush: always and forever Jesse Williams but I could use some new suggestions!

    I love your honesty and down to earth posts Joanna. Welcome back from your holiday!

  42. Shelby Savage Gibson says...

    Where you are right now: In Virginia, on the couch with my husband watching trashy summer reality TV (his choice, not mine ;) )

    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: I am a total podcast junkie so I’ve been binging on Reply All, Revisionist History, and This American Life. I was deeply moved by the Revisionist History episode about the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court case and on the same podcast in the first season the episode titled Generous Orthodoxy makes me cry every time I listen to it.

    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: I have a number of food allergies and sensitivities so finding things to indulge in is difficult but a brand called Hail Merry makes AMAZING (!!!) allergy friendly treats. I just ate one of their mint dark chocolate tarts and it’s happy dance worthy, food allergies or not.

    What you’re excited about these days: My husband and I are driving to and meeting my parents in Maine in a few weeks. We rented a little secluded house on the water and I’m looking forward to early mornings and board games with my parents.

    What’s worrying you: Oh gosh. I’ve been having a very hard time recently if I’m being completely honest (to stranger on the internet…ha!) I graduated with my master’s degree in May and I’m very proud of the work and research I did and I am deeply passionate about my field (student affairs/higher education). I’ve been really struggling to find a job and it’s really wearing me thin. Lots of people, who mean well, have been trying to remind me that everything happens for a reason and I believe that but it’s just difficult right now when prospects are bleak.

    Your current celebrity crush: Chris Pratt. He’s adorable and seems genuinely kind in a human/yellow lab kind of way.

  43. Moira says...

    Love this, Joanna :) Greetings from Northern Virginia.
    I am off work for the summer (high school counselor) and have been making trips to the library at least twice a week! Lately I’ve gotten into Agatha Christie mysteries (wow, I’ve been missing out!), and started reading the travel nonfiction book “A Year in Provence” while on vacation. It’s lovely and makes me want to live on a quaint little French farm ASAP.

    This is my favorite time of year for food–every Saturday morning I forage at the local farmer’s market and spend the week eating zucchini, okra, cherry tomatoes, rainbow chard, cherries, and whatever else is fresh. For Taco Tuesday this week I made black bean, zucchini, shallot tacos with goat cheese and they were phenomenal!

    I’m excited about the creative freedom that having 6 weeks off for summer is giving me–I’ve always wanted to start a blog and finally found my niche. As a counselor and advocate for taking care of yourself, I started a self care blog with my husband ( and have just started posting this week. It’s a fun way to share my passion with others and I hope to grow the community and see what happens.

    What’s worrying me…hmmm….I am anxious by nature and recently went off my light dose of medication that helps with anxiety in order to try to get pregnant. So far I’ve been feeling great, but I worry about getting pregnant and how to keep myself from getting too stressed or worried during that time. (enter self care!).

    Celeb crush right now has to be Kit Harrington (let it (jon) SNOW!)…I just love him so much and loved him even before he was King of the North.

  44. emmy says...

    Where you are right now: sitting on my orange couch in wonderful Providence, Rhode Island, watching my little kitten go apeshit on his catnip toy
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Just started reading White Teeth, by Zadie Smith, and I’m loving it! I also recently listened to a four part series called “no” on the podcast The Heart – it’s all about consent and sexual relationships; highly recommend.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: It’s been sweltering this week, so my roommate and I have been feasting on frozen pedialyte popsicles when we feel extra dehydrated! They’re delicious and give a boost of electrolytes, even if they’re meant for kids :) It’s our secret favorite snack.
    What you’re excited about these days: August! beautiful sunsets, peaches and tomatoes, swimming, sex, art making, harvesting farm veggies..can’t wait until this month slows into the next one. I’m also excited about a relationship I’m in right now – it’s been casual for a long time, and continues to be so, but recently we’ve been opening up and communicating in a different way, and it feels really nice and new.
    What’s worrying you: I’m a freelance artist/writer/researcher, and I’m a bit worried about my work situation come fall. Hoping to get a job I’m in the process of applying for, but sometimes the unknown of working project to project (and the stress of scrounging for rent money) gets to me. Luckily the schedule and creativity has been worth it so far – fingers crossed my luck won’t run out.
    Your current celebrity crush: Just watched an episode or two of the new season of the mindy project – I’m definitely crushing on her pediatrician boyfriend!

  45. Sarah says...

    Where you are right now: Montreal, Quebec – Sitting outside on my balcony after eating a box of macaroni and cheese.

    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Book – Sweetbitter (a little behind on the bandwagon, I waited for the paperback to come out. It was so amazing and all my friends are borrowing my copy now.)

    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Well, not that box of macaroni, that’s for sure. My partner and I have been barbecuing so much lately and we’re all about grilling veggies – even romaine! It’s SO delicious with an anchovy lemon vinaigrette. We’ve also been eyeing the chalkboard menu at Vin Papillon, a very popular restaurant owned by the people at Joe Beef (the resto where Obama and Trudeau hung out not too long ago :))

    What you’re excited about these days: Our new greyhound Juniper, who we rescued from a racetrack in Jacksonville, Florida. She’s been a work in process, so to speak, and my partner and I are very happy and proud to see the progress she’s made these past couple of months. Training an adult dog is a very tough thing to do.

    What’s worrying you: To be honest, my mental health has been a concern since the beginning of the summer. My mom and I experience bouts of depression and anxiety throughout certain times in the year. Mine happens to be summer, which is a total bummer because – come on, it’s summer! Last year I sought out a therapist and dealt with certain things, like rumination and not living in the moment. I think it might be time to go back and revisit these things.

    Your current celebrity crush: Oooh boy, definitely Zazie Beetz from the shows Atlanta and Netflix’s Easy.

  46. Ashley says...

    Where you are right now: At my (horribly messy) desk at a tech startup in Austin, TX
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: I’m finishing up the book A General Theory of Love and I literally cannot stop talking about it. I’m talking about it with family, neighbors, random encounters….
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Key lime pie from Key West from my mini-vacation this past week
    What you’re excited about these days: Family visiting in one week, a stay at a fancy hotel for my birthday night in August, a good friend’s wedding, a botany class I’m enrolled in that starts in September
    What’s worrying you: That my live-in boyfriend is not my soulmate. That I will never feel fulfilled in my career.
    Your current celebrity crush: Peter Kraus from The Bachelorette (I’ve never had such a silly crush in my life! {but I swear we are ‘meant to be’, haha})

    • I said Peter too! I’ll let ya have him cuz Im married to a gray haired smarty..hehe! I am also looking forward to a fancy hotel for my birthday in August!

  47. Maggie says...

    Where you are right now: Provo, Utah
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Just discovered Riverdale last night on Netflix. It’s Twin Peaks meets Stranger Things meets Gossip Girl.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: I’ve been obsessed lately with a savory mix of cheeses, salami, olives, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, fresh basil…anything in that combination. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
    What you’re excited about these days: Bachelorette party tonight and a best friend’s wedding tomorrow!
    What’s worrying you: Working on balancing my hormones naturally by what I eat and my lifestyle…need to be saying goodbye to those cheeses
    Your current celebrity crush: Jack Black’s character, Miles, in The Holiday

  48. Lisa says...

    Where I am – on the sofa watching unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Book – I’m looking for one! I don’t have time to waste anymore (toddler, working full time, pregnant) on so so books, so I need to find something really good. I was thinking of Underground Railroad, but I don’t think I could take it emotionally (pregnancy hormones!)
    Good thing I’ve eaten recently – tarte tatin, with chantilly and caramel sauce. It was epic
    what I’m excited about – when baby arrives! Excited and scared, but mostly excited. Also – a family holiday in August at the beach.
    Worries – nothing in particular, which is odd for me. I have a ton of work to finish before I go on mat leave but I’m weirdly calm about it.
    Celebrity crush – Andy Samberg always and forever.

  49. Emily says...

    I’m sitting in the backseat of the car, driving home to Vancouver after a week visiting with family and friends in Black Creek and Victoria.

    I’m only one episode in but I’m dying over “I Love Dick”. I read the book a few years ago and then listened to Kevin Bacon’s interview on Death, Sex and Money and jumped right into the show. It’s so good! Catherine Hahn forever! And then, because I love a deep dive in any subject matter, I started following the stylist who did her outfits for the show on Instagram and it’s behind-the-scenes heaven.

    Our CSA share has been full of these little Japanese turnips, sometimes called salad turnips. They’re sweet and crisp. I made a pesto with the greens and some almonds and put that and sliced turnip on toast with a little feta. God, that was good.

    My daughter turns one this weekend. I’m excited about being her parent. This year has been hard and beautiful and sweet and it feels nuts that we get to do this, watch little people become who they are.

    I had been worried about her all the time, I have some tough anxiety at the best of times but parenting has been a special challenge. PPD and PPA were really rough, but her and I and her daddo are feeling more confident and calm lately. I am going to start seeing a pelvic floor physiotherapist next week and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about those appointments; but… excited for healing!

  50. cait says...

    where- on my couch in Kansas City relaxing during naptime :)
    book/instagram- truthwitch by susan dennard/ and am addicted to the instastgram of thehayleycakes and mother_of_daughters
    food- a super rope! though am anxiously awaiting the arrival of fresh figs for fig & prosciutto pizza :)
    excited for: a 2 week dance class pass with friends
    worries: going back to work in 2 weeks (teacher break almost over)

  51. Where I am right now: In the subway station in Toronto. On my way to grab an Aussie meat pie at Kanga!?

    Books I’m loving: Around the Way Girl by Taraji P. Henson. I devoured this memoir a few Sundays ago. Everything took a backseat to finishing it.. making dinner, peeing (is that tmi?), sleeping. Highly, highly recommended!
    I finished Fierce Kingdom by Gin Phillips this week. I flew through it in two days. It’s so well done. It had me on the edge of my seat. If you’re looking for a good thriller, look no further.
    Currently reading and loving The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand. It’s the perfect summer read.

    TV show: Suits

    Current celebrity crush: Patrick J. Adams (Mike Ross on Suits) He popped into the juicery in my neighbourhood a few weeks ago and I missed him by an hour. *pout*

  52. june2 says...

    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like:
    guilty secret for unplugging: Jill Shalvis romance novels
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately:
    These were so easy and so different – loved them:
    What you’re excited about these days:
    my new meditation classes!
    What’s worrying you:
    Your current celebrity crush:
    I’ve never had a celebrity crush…

    • june2 says...

      Oh and I am in a private study room at my public library because it is quiet and I know I will not be interrupted.

  53. You have dipped into my love of any kind of survey.

    Where you are right now: in bed
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Neil Gaiman’s new book Norse Mythology
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Key Lime Pie!
    What you’re excited about these days: Been watching Gilmore Girls with my mom- we’re on season 4 now and LOVING it.
    What’s worrying you: Exercising to build up my strength but not doing too much to hurt my chronically ill, CFS ridden, body <3
    Your current celebrity crush: Tatiana Maslany (she showed up in my dream last night and made excellent brownies!)

    • Love Tatiana as well!

  54. Robin S. says...

    Love that you guys check in with your readers!
    Where: Victoria, BC, Canada. A lovely, temperate slice of island paradise.
    Podcast: Can’t get enough of “Hello from the Magic Tavern”. A combo of seriously nerdy fantasy and hilarious improv. Pretty sure there is no script.
    Eats: Been making Greek salad over and over, with fresh produce from a local greenhouse farm found right in the middle of a boring suburb. A local gem!
    Excited: Enjoying doggie time with my friend’s Shiba Inu that I’m dog-sitting for 3 weeks. She’s 13 but acts like a puppy.
    Worried: How my current relationship will fare once my guy is back from wildfire-fighting in the interior of BC. Will we still be on the same track after this time apart? Will we click again? Do I even want to be in an increasingly serious relationship right now? But also, when is he coming back?? Hurry up!!
    Your current celebrity crush: Girl-crushing on Margot Robbie, plus a healthy dose of Chris Hemsworth, always.

  55. A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Book: I just finished listening to Kevin Hart’s new book, I Can’t Make This Up. SO good! It’s hilarious (especially to hear him reading it) but also full of so much wisdom about persistence and loyalty and how to stay in balance when launching a (wildly successful) career. TV show: I’ve been rewatching Parks & Recreation. It never gets old. It only gets better. I’ve cried as much as I’ve laughed. When Ben proposes to Leslie?! TEARS. Podcast: That’s So Retrograde – so many great wellness tips AND it makes me laugh about every 30 seconds. If you haven’t yet, totally give it a listen.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: My favorite thing lately is vegan breakfast for dinner: spicy tofu scramble, crispy roasted potatoes and some sort of sautéed greens with a creamy tahini sauce. It always hits the spot.
    What you’re excited about these days: I just launched my business this summer! Every day is different and challenging but I’m loving it.
    What’s worrying you: I just launched my business this summer. So. Cue everything also being super scary and strange and new. Oh and being totally broke. Ahhh.
    Your current celebrity crush: Andy Dwyer from Parks & Rec. Precious.

  56. Katie says...

    Ooooooh I love this. Ya’ll are for real my spirit animals. Anywho.

    Where I am: sitting at my kitchen table, shoving my face with an early lunch while my baby “naps.”
    Book: I just finished the Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly and it was a beautiful read.
    Something delicious: I made crockpot pulled pork the other evening and it was super good but also super versatile, which is exactly what my new- mama life calls for these days.
    What I’m excited about: My life lately is absorbed by baby, baby, baby, but he just turned 5 mo, which has allowed for a little more “me” time- I bought a new sewing machine and I have a slew of projects queued up. I’ve also been able to read more, which really makes my heart sing.
    What’s worrying you: my son’s sleeping schedule/ lack of naps/ multiple wake ups a night (did I mention I’m in the throes of new motherhood?! ?).
    Celeb crush: This is so embarrassing that I can’t believe I’m about to admit it to all of COJ land, but I (embarrassing confession 1) recently watched all the Fast and Furious movies and (embarrassing confession 2), holy cow, Vin Diesel?! I become a mother and I don’t even know who I am anymore.

  57. Allison says...

    love when bloggers do this :)

    Where you are right now: at work (shh!) in Boston, MA

    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: re-reading Love Warrior for the third time .. catching up on House of Cards so i can finally start season 5, looking forward to seeing the movie The Big Sick

    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: homemade mezze bowl. it included red pepper quinoa, roasted cauliflower + carrots topped with tatziki – delicious, filling and so healthy!

    What you’re excited about these days: my best friend got engaged to a wonderful man last weekend, we’re already wedding planning! i’m also heading to ireland in 4 weeks, can’t wait for the misty grey weather and all the irish accents. if anyone as recommendations, would love to hear them!

    What’s worrying you: i’ve had a hard time making friends in Boston. i’ve lived here for almost 5 years and the first 4 were spent in a serious relationship. we had a great group of friends together but when we broke up, my social life fell apart and i’ve felt a little left behind by those who i thought i was close to. even though i enjoy my time alone, i feel like i’m supposed to having more ‘fun’ with friends at this stage of life.

    Your current celebrity crush: andrew garfield <3

    • Summer Beasley says...

      I moved to the Seattle area about 6 mos ago and found great success making friends by attending monthly green drinks events there – Boston has green drinks events too: I have never made so many interesting friends in such a short amount of time. Green drinks started as a gathering of sustainablity minded people a few decades ago and now has hundreds of chapters. Tickets are usually around $10 for drinks, appetizers, and a space filled with people looking to network and make new connections. I cannot recommend it highly enough – please go try it out.

  58. jess says...

    Thanks, Jo, for the post!

    I live in Cape Town, South Africa.

    TV: I watched the premier of a movie I worked on, called The Wound. It is a pretty big deal for African indie cinema and I am so proud to have been a part of it. It touches on some taboo subjects but does it so delicately.

    Food: Homemade caponata

    Excited: I am moving into a beautiful new home with two wonderful women in a week.

    Worries: Gosh, do I ever stop worrying? I worry about how much worrying I am doing :) I mostly worry about finding security.

    Book: I read Mohsin Hamid’s latest book, “Exist West”. It is so beautiful – an ode to refugees. The novel creates this magical world where refugees move through doors into other worlds – so wonderful!

  59. Ashley says...

    Where: Sydney, Australia.
    TV: catching up on orange is the new black and all the food related documentaries on Netflix.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten: yogurt curry, homemade lentil bolognese, quinoa and goats cheese pilaf, citrus fruit.
    Excited about: the new opportunities arising at work at the moment, having a staycation in our own city.
    Worries: the current political climate these days, working on being content with who I am as a person.
    Celebrity crush: Aziz Ansari

  60. Elise says...

    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: The Broken Circle Breakdown.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: ruccola salad with peaches, nutritional yeast, and feta.
    What you’re excited about these days: lake swims!
    What’s worrying you: finding a new job soon
    Your current celebrity crush: Billy Crudup (Gypsy!)

  61. Sophie says...

    Where you are right now: At work (oops!) in Derbyshire, England.

    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: I am really enjoying the new Poldark series on the BBC – it’s a great dramatic sunday night show. The last series was a bit limp, but this one is very exciting! I am reading an ace page-turner of a book called The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry

    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: I tasted a potato (!) at a Greek cafe – it was kind of a lemony, herby wonder!

    What you’re excited about these days: I am embarking on a new career, involved in a local community project and have finally joined my political party (Labour) and am getting involved. Life is busy and interesting!

    What’s worrying you: This week I am worring greatly about the gender pay gap . I found it alarming that my female colleague found it ok for female stars to be paid a quater of male stars on the TV & radio. It makes you think how widespread this is.

    Your current celebrity crush: Want the list?! Aiden Turner (Ross Poldark!) also Matthew McNulty from different TV shows is rather lovely: stong and northern!


  62. Chantal says...

    Welcome home! I hope you had a good trip.

    I recently gave birth here in Geneva, and took full advantage of the five days (!) they keep you in hospital afterwards by marathoning The Good Wife. I’ve decided that when a show kills off a main character that is mainly a likeable person, they really should add a warning beforehand that one might experience emotional upheaval… I was blind-sighted by it and since I had been holed up watching the show so intensely, seriously felt in mourning afterwards! (Though I’ll admit it was fleeting, what with having a new baby and all… ;) )

    In terms of delicious foods, we’ve been very much spoiled with the amazing network of expats here – in the past two months since Mabel was born, we’ve had over a dozen meals made and delivered to us by different friends! And all of them delicious, and usually enough for all of us to have another meal with the leftovers. It’s been a lifesaver, with two toddlers and a newborn, I must say! Some of the ones that stood out the most were chicken tacos with mango salsa, a delicious chicken/lemongrass/coconut milk dish, and the biggest lasagna I’ve ever seen, though they all stood out just for the fact that we didn’t have to make them ourselves! I will be going out of my way in the future to make a meal for anyone I know that’s just had a baby, or that’s going through a tough time in general and could use the help. It really is a wonderful gift!

    • Tiffany says...

      AHH! I completely agree with your assessment of the Good Wife. Such an incredible show, but I was crushed/completely blindsided at the end of Season 2!

  63. Blair says...

    The Defiant Ones! Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre’s story is so inspiring. The documentary is amazing well done. We have been talking non stop about it at work!

    I’ve just started watching Glow and I’ve always love Marc Maron’s WTF podcast but this role is perfect for him. I would have loved to have been the costumer designer! The 80’s fashion are to die for!

    Also I’ve been listening to the newest season of ‘You Must Remember This’ which is comparing the lives of Jane Fonda and Jean Seberg. Sitting in the tub listening to it is my secret single pleasure.

    I recently made lemon cookies for friends. My mom gave me the recipe from her electric bill in Oklahoma and they are amazing. And I love that an amazing reciepe came from an electric bill. Light and yummy!

    I’m really feeling excited about a new shelf that I put up in my bathroom. I’ve been in the same small but very affordable apt for 6 years. So finding a new solution to an old problem excites me.

    Lately I’ve been worried about my job and, in the larger picture, my career. I have been a working fashion designer for 13 years for a few different American brands. But retail is in crisis. My industry needs to evolve and it keeps me up at night if I will have a job. And that’s not a way to live. Is a brand suppose to be relevant for decades? Can you be iconic and still evolve? As Dr. Dre says in the Defiant Ones, ‘music is a young man’s game’. Fashion is too and I worry that as the industry is changing that I will be aged out of the game.

    Oscar Isaac is my current crush. I’ve liked him since the coen brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis . But a recent NYT profile made me swoon again and want to see him in Hamlet at Public Theater .

  64. Where I am: Downtown Austin, Texas
    Reading: “The Wallflowers” series of romance novels. Such smart, feisty women! The rec came from The Ripped Bodice in LA, which is run by sisters and their dog, Fitzwilliam Waffles!
    Eating: Melissa Clark’s Turkish Lamb Chops and what is probably too many peaches
    Excited: I’m getting married next month, and I’m getting ready to make the leap and start my own consulting business (hit me up, Jo & co!)
    Worried: That’s a lot of life changes at once. Though I always seem to do this: I graduated, got engaged, and started a new job in the same week.

    • Forgot to answer celeb crush, but Tommy Shelby forever.

  65. Sarah says...

    1. Bay of Islands, New Zealand, at home
    2. My Favorite Murder & the Daily podcast. I read a lot: about 5 books a week, all kinds. I really like Penny Reid’s romantic comedies, the next one, Beard in Mind, is coming out soon. I’m not really a sporty person but I find the Netflix cross fit documentaries fascinating
    3. The best cheese board at the end of a special meal out- with panforte, quince paste, hazelnuts & house made bread & lavosh. Yum.
    4. Excited: girls trip to Las Vegas & New Orleans next month with 5 girlfriends, no husbands, no kids.
    5. My health- I have a chronic illness so the threat of it flaring up is always in the background. I also have my own business so I worry about that. And I’m a working mother so I always feel guilty.
    6. Celebrity crush: Jensen Ackles & Channing Tatum

    • Blandine says...

      You live in an amazing place!!!

  66. Irina says...

    Where you are right now: In my bedroom, in London
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Just read Just Kids and loved it, and loving the podcast Hidden Brain now, forever and always!
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Homemade pickles are my new hobby, the first recipe I’ve perfected is beets.
    What you’re excited about these days: Moving into my first apartment shared with my boyfriend in September.
    What’s worrying you: I’m starting work as a doctor next week…and I’m terrified. I’m convinced I’ve forgotten everything I learned in med school.
    Your current celebrity crush: Chris Pratt, eternally <3

  67. Very fun reading all of the comments!

    Where you are right now: at home, in Paris. This is a blissful time as I am already on holiday, and my daughter is in daycare so i get to do yoga and work on a new personal project for a week. I have been waiting to be alone at home for the last 6 months…

    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: just finished a detective story by the French author Fred Vargas (LOVE her, such intricate, beautiful and funny writing). Still finishing “The Affair”, and looking forward to the new seasons of “The Crown” and 1992 (a terrific Italian mini-series – it was the highlight of our last summer)

    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: truffle fetuccine in Tuscany (the restaurant in San Sano serves truly the best ones)

    What you’re excited about these days: our upcoming holiday in Sweden

    What’s worrying you: my relationship with my mom.

    Your current celebrity crush: the guy who plays in the Affair looks charismatic!

  68. Anne says...

    Joanna, I always love how interactive A Cup of Jo is with its readers. Thankyou!

    Where: I am currently sitting in my apartment in Aarhus (hometown) Denmark.

    TV: At the moment Gossip Girl (rewatching the series for like the 5th time, haha). Just finished Twin Peaks though, and it was a true masterpiece!

    Food: Eating mostly takeout these days (always feeling so lazy about cooking food). Had homemade buns for breakfast though which my fiance baked this morning before he took off for work.

    Excited: Right now I am really looking forward for tomorrow where my fiance and I will drive to Copenhagen for the weekend and visit a couple of friends. We have a brunch on Sunday with a shared girlfriend which will be super great, I am sure. Also really looking forward to a weeks holiday in Greece next Friday!

    Worries: I am currently elected for Aarhus City Council, and I am running again for office this fall. The election is in November. I am sacred of what my future will bring. I am optimistic by heart, but the future does worry me – especially because it is so uncertain. While I can do whatever there is in my power to make people vote for me for the municipal election, it is not in the end up to me if I will, or will not get re-elected. At the moment, I am also applying for a Master of Commucation in Australia (I have previously lived and travled down under, and consider it my second home) as a sort of backup plan, if I do not get re-elected for city council. Lately though as I have started the application process, I have come to realize how much I actually want to move to Australia and study for my Master in Communaction. Ever since I lived in Australia now several years agao, I have always dreamt of coming back to study/live for a year or so. Now that dream might actually come true, but my GPA from university is not super high, and I fear I migt get rejected. However, my work and volunteer resume is very good, so hopefully that will make up for the fact that my GPA is not perfect. All in all, just worrying a lot about my future, and where I will “end up” within the next year.

  69. A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like:
    Right now, THE CROWN.

    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately:
    AGLIO Y OLIO! Been a while since I packed lunch.

    What you’re excited about these days:

    What’s worrying you:

    Your current celebrity crush:
    A local one – PAULO AVELINO <3

  70. Ha this is fun!

    Where am I: At work (whoops), in London, England.
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Recent TV shows that I have been loving: Better Call Saul, The Fall, and Big Little Lies. I’m reading The Bronze Horseman at the moment and it’s really good.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: I made Thai green curry at the weekend and I have leftovers for lunch today!
    What you’re excited about these days: My hen party (bachelorette party) on Saturday! And my wedding next weekend AHHH!
    What’s worrying you: Same as the above, stressing about last minute wedding planning but also having fun!!
    Your current celebrity crush: Jamie Dornan (he’s in The Fall) AHH.

  71. Maaike says...

    Where you are right now: at work, in the office.
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: I was very happy to re-read “great with child” as recommended here. Also super excited about the return of GoT.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: a salad with chipotle grilled peaches combined with Buffalo mozarella, prosciutto, rocket, avocado and pine tree nuts – a summer favourite
    What you’re excited about these days: I just felt my baby (a boy!) move for the first time
    What’s worrying you: My prenatal screening came back all wonky, indicating that the baby is probably fine but I might have a tumor. Going through a lot of stress at the moment, as there are a lot of tests being done, but they haven’t found anything off in further screenings. Also anxious now about the results of the amniocentesis that I had to get done. Hope baby is really ok.
    Your current celebrity crush: looking for a good new one, haven’t really had one in a while

    • Blandine says...

      I am so sorry, I hope this is only a scare. So exciting that you felt your baby move!

  72. Where I am: At home in an outskirt of Tokyo. It’s hot and humid over here!

    TV show I like: I have been watching The Handmaid’s Tale, Game of thrones and reading The talented Mr. Ripley.

    Food: My friend and I are into Indian curries. We would do Indian cafe hop at least once a month, pretend we were food critiques and compare which place has the best curries – haha!

    I’m excited about my trip to Toronto. I’m planning a collaboration with my friends, so I’m looking forward to it.

    I worry about: My future and juggling work-life balance.

    Current celebrity crush: Maybe Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters.

  73. Where you are right now: inside my campus, Wageningen University, the Netherlands
    A book: a subtle art not to give a f***
    TV show: GoT
    Movie: The Brothers Grimsby
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: pasta with olive oil and white wine
    What you’re excited about these days: hanging out with my friends, reading books and editing videos
    What’s worrying you: doing analysis for my thesis master
    Your current celebrity crush: Asa Butterfield (the typical boy next door crush!)

  74. Where you are right now: Home – Auckland, New Zealand
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: I’ve just finished Friends from College on Netflix, really enjoyed it.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: A friend’s homemade lemon cake, so simple and amazing.
    What you’re excited about these days: Seeing my son grow and develop in front of my eyes. He’s turning into a little man :)
    What’s worrying you: Anything and everything to do with my 3 month old baby – namely, I think I have PND and my anxiety is spilling over.
    Your current celebrity crush: Oscar Isaac, forever and always.

  75. belinda king says...

    Where you are right now: home in Seaforth, Sydney, Australia
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Handmaid’s tale, obsessed!
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: my husband’s cooking
    What you’re excited about these days: can still (only just) feel the sun in my skin. We got back from a trip to Fiji a week ago where we went with 25 friends between the ages of 10 weeks and 42 years old.
    What’s worrying you: The rough night we had with our 11 week old last night and my extreme exhaustion, fingers crossed for a good night tonight.
    Your current celebrity crush: Jonathan Thurston, Australian NRL superstar, and i dont feel guilty because he is my husband’s crush too.

  76. Pat says...

    Where you are right now: At work in Melbourne Au
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: The Girls by Emma Cline
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: San choy bau
    What you’re excited about these days: Having a baby in a month!
    What’s worrying you: Having a baby in a month! Finances, what my relationship with my husband will look like post baby.
    Your current celebrity crush: Ryan Gosling in Deadpool

  77. Fiona says...

    Where you are right now: Country Vic Australia, at work shhh ;)
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: None of these but Zoella on youtube is my fave. She’s so genuine and fun and a homebody like me.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Spiced grilled salmon with avocado salsa. My new favourite dinner recipe.
    What you’re excited about these days: Finish Whole30 on Aug 1 and eating cheese again!!
    What’s worrying you: I’ve been trying to move interstate for over 6 months but can’t find a job :( This was supposed to be my big year of moving and starting a new life but it just isn’t happening.
    Your current celebrity crush: Chris Hemsworth

  78. Dear Joanna,
    I have never commented before (despite reading your blog for 7 years now) but I felt that today I want to.

    Whats worrying me: how happiness and sadness comes together, and you’re not sure which one to feel. Happiness for a friend who has just given birth. Sadness for myself, for my infertility, for my inability to create life – a process so natural for so many women.

    Thank you for your blog. I come all the way from Singapore, & your blog and this community of all these wonderful ladies keeps me going. :)

    • PM says...

      Hi Fathima – I just want to say that I relate and you are not alone. <3

    • Lindsey says...

      I just wanted to send love and to say never give up on the dream of motherhood. At the end of my options, with years of failed attempts, my sisters sister-in-law offered to carry a baby for us. She turns seven in a month, and I wish I could tell me back the that it doesn’t matter how your baby lands in your arms, once they are there you are a mother. Keep the faith. Xoxo

    • Lindsey says...

      Good God, typing on my iPad is not my friend. Forgive my errors, just asked the love I’m sending. Xoxo

  79. Laura says...

    Where you are right now: in bed, making a half-hearted attempt to fall asleep, but really enjoying catching up on blogs.
    A podcast that you like: Finally caught up with My Favorite Murder! So good!
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: awesome sushi with spicy lobster, mango, cucumber, and chili oil, topped with tuna (ate, not made).
    What you’re excited about these days: visiting the Pacific Northwest for the first time next month.
    What’s worrying you: I’m a graduate student and have so. much. work. on my plate right now.
    Your current celebrity crush: like everyone on Game of Thrones. And also always Idris Elba.

  80. Daniela says...

    Where you are right now: in my bed at my parents house in the Bay Area, CA
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: I’m reading The Demon Lover and enjoying the story
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: I have been making grilled bread with burrata, balsamic, tomatoes, flaky salt, and freshly ground pepper lately and even my supervisor loved the idea and bought the ingredients to make it herself!
    What you’re excited about these days: is it weird to say my job? I’m really enjoying it lately.
    What’s worrying you: eventual grad school applications
    Your current celebrity crush: honestly none right now!

  81. breanne says...

    Where you are right now: at our family cape house on cape cod
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: i’m channeling my inner badass à la jen sincero, but like nearly everyone else in the world i’m also geeking out over game of thrones
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: when my wife and i are on the cape we make this delicious flatbread on the grill topped with grilled veggies and goat cheese crumbles. we usually have chicken sausage on the side. it’s so amazing and simple.
    What you’re excited about these days: we’re moving into a two family home with my mother in law in two weeks! we’re excited to live like my mother in law grew up in brooklyn, with grandparents, aunts and uncles in one big house but separate units. it’s going to be great!
    What’s worrying you: blocked fallopian tubes (insert eye roll here)
    Your current celebrity crush: lately i’ve been thinking sterling k. brown is pretty beautiful

  82. Where am I? Laying on my bed waiting/staying out of the way while my husband puts the kids to bed. We live in San Diego.
    Reading: The Happiest Kids in the World -How the Dutch Parents Help Their Kids by Doing Less, right after reading Bringing Up Bebe. I am not much into parenting books, but I am fascinated to hear how other women balance motherhood. The book feels like an in-depth version of your Motherhood Around the World Series. (Maybe a round up of books of this nature would be a good future blogpost?)
    TV Show: I need a new one!
    Food: I made these enchiladas this week: but with a green sauce instead of red and they were certainly delicious!
    Excited about: Our upcoming vacation to Hawaii and I am almost finished illustrating my first children’s book.
    Worrying me: I am really trying to worry less… like those European moms I have been reading about.
    Current Celebrity Crush: Normally I don’t crush on celebrities, but after binge watching Mad Men on Netflix a few months back I definitely saw the appeal to Jon Hamm. And January Jones too!

  83. Lorena says...

    I love reading the responses to these questions!
    Where I am right now: In my rec room in New Brunswick, Canada.
    Books: Just finished and loved All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr and have moved onto Modern Lovers by Emma Straub.
    Watching: Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown
    Food: Tonight’s dinner was homemade pizza, the sous chef being my 3 year old daughter. Everything tastes better with toddler assistance. :-)
    Excited: My husband and I just returned from our first trip on our own since our daughter was born. We went to London and Scotland and are still buzzing about it.
    Worried about: Climate change and the challenges it will present to all of our futures. I worry about this A LOT. .
    Celebrity Crush: James Cordon

    Thanks Joanna for creating such a wonderful community!

    • Kristen says...

      Currently melting in Southern California and also worried about Climate change. Also read an eye opening article about plastic and how it’s filling our oceans at an alarming rate. Mother of toddlers myself… feeling like I need to do more within our household to do our part

  84. Mimi Konitzer says...

    Where you are right now: Beautiful Asheville, NC
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Death, Sex, and Money Podcast
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Homemade almond milk
    What you’re excited about these days: Watching my toddler take off walking. He was a late walker at 13 months. It’s like he woke up and thought, “today’s the day, let’s do this.”
    What’s worrying you: Transitioning out of OB/GYN residency and into a job out of training. It’s a whole year away… it’s just been decades in the making and seems like such a jump.
    Your current celebrity crush: No answer for this one. Still haven’t found someone who tops Brad Pitt in A River Runs Through It.

  85. Anna says...

    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like:

    Currently watching Fargo Season 2. Ahh so good!! Not as good as Season 1 , but still very good. Got myself some blue eyeliner after getting inspired by the whole 70’s vibe.

    Reading Cujo and noticing how I am more horrified by the day to day lives of the characters and how miserable they are in their relationships than by the actual rabid dog.

    Just discovered a new podcast- Glow Up. It’s all about make up, self care and basically all the girly gossipy things you want to know about but scared to admit to anyone..even yourself. Very basic in the best way possible.

    Ps: Love your blog and it brings me pure joy!!! :)

  86. Where you are right now: In a chair of my living room in PA
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Gilmore Girls
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: chicken curry
    What you’re excited about these days: watching my daughter grow up, swimming, being tan
    What’s worrying you: talking to my dad
    Your current celebrity crush: Nico Tortorella

  87. Jenna says...

    I am… Not great (but definitely not terrible). I’ve been fighting back to back nasty colds while simultaneously looking after a sick toddler, baby and visiting mother-in-law, while also working from home. The pre-kid sick days of just being able to lie in bed all day seem as distant and fantastical as a magical unicorn who poops precious jewels.

    The rest of my answers are pretty uninspiring given the above as I’m generally prioritising sleep over any other recreational activity with my limited “spare” time but I do occasionally listen to My Favorite Murder & other podcasts while I’m feeding the baby. I’m slooooowly reading the latest Kathy Reichs book (my wishlist of books to read is massive). I made chocolate brownies yesterday as I had a tray of eggs about to expire and I’m looking forward to making’s tortellini soup tonight (Winter is here in Australia & I’m in dire need of comfort food)!

    I’m still worried about the far right movement gaining momentum globally, the oppression of women and minorities, global warming, you know, just the little things… (Argh)

    I’m excited about a holiday we have planned in Spring to visit my brother & his family (although I’ve just read the vacation vs. trip link posted today and it couldn’t be more of a trip)!

  88. Mariana Ramos says...

    Where you are right now: In my bed, in Lisbon, learning to let go.
    A book: Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés
    TV show: Game of thrones
    Movie: Lost in translation
    Podcast: Dear Sugar
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Açai bowl with yoghurt and blueberries
    What you’re excited about these days: My spiritual awakening
    What’s worrying you: My overthinking
    Your current celebrity crush: Adam Driver

    • audrey says...

      Olà Mariana,
      Queria escrever algo mas ja disseste tudo :) same same same only I am half french/portuguese and i didnt have açai this morning (i wish tho)

    • Mariana, I wanted to read that! How is it?

    • Mariana Ramos says...

      Olá Audrey! ahah, considera a minha resposta a tua então! :)

      Kelly, it is a life-changing book that all women should read. It is the ultimate girl power book. Please read it….totally worth it! :)

  89. Kathleen Manning says...

    – On my porch, trying to ignore my 4-year-old in the futile hope that she will take a nap.

    – Podcast: Chapo Trap House. They can be a little hit-or-miss, but when they hit, it is great. The episodes about Chechnya are amazing.

    – Delicious dish: recently made a potato salad where I subbed half the mayo for baba ghanoush. There were no leftovers.

    – excited?

    – Worried: So anxious about finding affordable childcare for my baby before I start teaching at the end of August. As it stands, most tuition is more than I will make. Thinking about it gives me stabbing pains in my chest and I can’t sleep.

    Celebrity crush: forever and always, Italian soccer goalie Gianluigi Buffon

    • Stacy says...

      Hi Kathleen, I too had a nightmare time finding daycare for my daughter before going back to work. I’m so sorry you are struggling with this. I remember that anxiety. Have you looked at small home daycare options? I found a daycare for my daughter after talking to another mom at the park. Starting up a conversation with other parents at the park or dr.’s office can be helpful. You’ll find a solution, don’t worry!

  90. Emily says...

    Hi! I’m in New York, interning for now but looking for permanent work. I know I’m late to this but I’m just getting into the tv show Silicon Valley and LOVING it. So hilarious and reminds me of a million bay area people that I know. Last night I had an incredible sweet pea and ricotta ravioli at a sweet, tiny Italian restaurant on the Upper West Side. I’m excited about possibly making a small career change to a related field that feels right for me, and about starting to feel at home here in NYC after some serious homesickness. I’m worried about politics and making the wrong life decisions and missing out on years with my parents if I live here too long (they’re in California). I’m not sure I have a true celeb crush at the moment.. but a little bit Ansel Elgort after seeing Baby Driver.

    • Tracy says...

      Do you mind sharing the UWS restaurant? Heading to NYC tmr, staying in the neighborhood, and would love a fresh tip. Thanks!

  91. Kate says...

    Have you ever noticed how much people like talking about themselves? Maybe it’s just me!

    Where you are right now: In my house, on the couch, watching my floaties meander in the pool.

    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Think podcast from my local NPR station.

    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: thinly sliced cucumber with white vinegar, dill, salt and pepper. I’ve been eating it with everything this summer! They’re like unpickled pickles.

    What you’re excited about these days: watching my newly planted garden grow in.

    What’s worrying you: watching my newly planted garden wilt in the mighty Texas sun!

    Your current celebrity crush: Oscar Isaac and his dreamy eyes forever!!!

  92. CMD says...

    Where am I: Stuck to the armchair in Ireland try to get the motivation to go to bed!
    Current TV Show: Suits Season 6
    Last book: A Little Life by Hanya Yangihara, this book changed me, so sad
    Last delicious thing to eat: BBQ with our amazing weather last week
    Excited for: Going away with my husband and 2 kids this weekend
    Worried about: Always money, and my 4 year old is starting big school next month, excited and worried at the same time, worried about how he’ll cope, we’re at the very start of a process of having him assessed for special needs and my heart is tormented and nerves are gone :-(
    Celebrity Crush: Currently Gabriel Macht (Suits)
    OK time for bed, love this website & posts like this, makes me feel connected to women all over the world. (I’m always fascinated by what other people eat so especially loved reading these comments :-)

  93. Hiya! I am in Oakland.
    Lately we have have been watching Playing House and it is so hilarious and wonderful and makes me laugh cry.
    Making everything from scratch as an experiment to not buy foods in plastic (non-recyclable) and loving it all, especially the fresh bread and tortillas.
    Enjoying going to happy hour on Fridays at this local place where they give you fresh hummus and pita.
    Read a book about relationships by Alain de Botton and it was brilliant.
    Worried about my five-year old who has had the flu with high fevers for five days. And my aging parents. And our imbicile president.
    My crush is Kumail Nanjiani and cannot wait to see The Big Sick.

  94. Jenn says...

    Where you are right now: work..slow day, haha.
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: currently alternating between reading The Goldfinch (LOVE, though i can’t seem to finish it since Chris Cornell’s passing :/)and the Watchmen graphic novel (my first graphic novel, and finding it a bit more taxing than a traditional words-novel), and listening to the audiobook of Tranny (autobiography of Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace) narrated by the author, who is in very public transition from male to female.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: my D&D group loved my famous veggie lasagna a couple weeks ago :]
    What you’re excited about these days: lots of live music coming up, and a trip to Reno to see some buddies i haven’t seen in a while, and attending a yoga class at my local craft brewery..this Sunday will be my second time doing yoga ever, and I’m so sore from last Sunday lol. but excited nonetheless :]
    What’s worrying you: my kitten was diagnosed with struvite crystals, and it has me feeling a little helpless. i’m doing what i can to help him out though. poor baby :/
    Your current celebrity crush: basically always Henrik Lundqvist and Chris Pratt.

    • Kay says...

      xoxo to your kitty. My cat (he’s a grumpy senior though) also had crystals recently. He’s on a strict UTI diet, and had surgery to remove some of the crystals. He’s feeling much better and back to his normal self after the surgery.

  95. Louise says...

    Where you are right now: at work, in Texas, melting.
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Just zoomed through “Friends From College” within 2 days! I LOVED it.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Lately I’ve really been into trying different cheeses from the grocery store and making myself a nice cheese / meat plate once or twice a week with some wine! Why not?
    What you’re excited about these days: Cooler weather coming, and everything that comes with that (sweaters, booties, long sleeves, cuddles, less hair washing, etc.)
    What’s worrying you: being single, as I go into my 30s it’s getting more and more worrisome; my standards and self love are higher, yet so is loneliness.
    Your current celebrity crush: Going with Keegan Michael Key on this — maybe I have “Friends From College” stuck in my head but he’s SO funny and smart.

    • I love Keegan Michael Key! Looking forward to watching Friends From College.
      As much I enjoy summer I long for autumn weather. We will have a day that is above 80° degrees and I complain how hard it to wait for cooler temps.

    • brianna says...

      Louise, I’m turning 35 next month and I’m still single. I’ll probably remain so, but stay hopeful. You’re young – the right person is out there for you.

  96. I am mourning the loss of my meditation teacher, Michael Stone, who passed away last Sunday. He was an incredible, incredible person who taught me so much about compassion and working with the heart, and I’m finding his passing almost impossible to believe. Yet in this moment I’m also finding myself renewing my energy, intent and focus to practice and share with sincerity, and it feels like an awfully bittersweet yet profound lesson.

    • Ines says...

      Sending love from Portugal!

  97. Kayla says...

    I’m in Ottawa at home with my first baby – she’s almost 6 weeks old but man, babies are no joke!!

    I loved ‘Bad Feminist’ by Roxane Gay, TV wise I am into GLOW, and podcasts I love Love & Radio.

    I haven’t been able to do as much cooking as I like to since baby, but when I’ve got things under control a bit more I want to make Marcella Hazan’s spicy amatraciana pasta sauce (with a side of wine, of course).

    I’m worried about how being a parent is actually going to be. We’re in it now so I have moments wondering what our new life will look like, and will I like it as much?

    At the same time, I’m excited about being a parent and seeing what this little girl turns out to be like. And getting back to running…or any kind of exercise, really!

  98. riye says...

    -Editing a paper on climate and wondering if it’s too early for lunch.
    -Tennison on PBS!
    -Butterscotch blondies made from scratch by my bf.
    -Big work project is nearing completion and I’m torn between excitement and fear.
    -The family cat just got diagnosed with small cell cancer.
    -David Green on NPR’s Morning Edition (whoo!).

  99. Mommy L says...

    Right now I am 6 weeks post-partum and am pretty much consumed by everything that brings. I know you know how tough that time period can be, but can I ask you an honest question? During that period did it ever make you super mad/angry/annoyed/jealous of Alex? I have an amazing and super supportive spouse who is all about our kids (we just had #2; oldest is 2.5). But the newborn days are soooo tough on the mom. I feel like everything about my life changes – my body, my sleep, my emotions, the magic but also the shackles of breastfeeding, putting my career on hold for weeks/months, etc. While my husband is such a great partner, I feel like relatively little in his life changes. He gets all the fun and love that comes with a new baby with just a couple hours of the extra work each night. Otherwise, his life is pretty much the same – still going on business trips, work dinners/happy hours, still getting a decent amount of sleep, working out over lunch, etc. It is not that I don’t want these things for him but I am just jealous – and sometimes mad – that he isnt/can’t fully experience the challenging parts of this time. It feels petty but it is almost like I want him to carry his wait, equal to what I have put into this pregnancy and baby. I know that is impossible and our experiences will always be different, but it doesn’t prevent me from getting irrationally frustrated and mad at him sometimes. At times I am up nursing the baby just fuming about how he doesn’t get it! It’s crazy and bad for everyone.

    Did you ever experience anything similar? Any tips on how to cope and/or work through it?

    I honestly would love some advice and just some understanding from moms who have been there.

    Thanks for listening!

    • Aida says...

      I completely felt this way after my second was born. He is super supportive wonderful husband and father but the newborn days are just plain harder on mom, triple the difficulty if you’re breastfeeding!! What helped me was carving out me time. Feeling a bit of my old self and having time away from babies helped so much. I realized that my feelings towards my partner weren’t his fault, he was doing everything he could to help. As soon as I started getting out of the house for even half an hour, I started feeling like more of a person again.

      Hang in there, it will get better! – coming from a lady who loves her kids but doesn’t like the baby stage. I’m almost considering doing it one more time………… maybe. Lol

    • Stephanie says...

      After our second was born, I yelled to my husband many times “why are you living in vacation mode, while I’m in survival mode?!” It’s how those first couple months felt. But it evened back out eventually.:)

    • Mimi Konitzer says...

      I read something somewhere when I was pregnant that you should never make major relationship decisions postpartum until both you and your partner have had 3 months of good sleep. I thought it was weird advice before I had a baby. Now, I totally get it. Hang in there, momma!

    • Ingrid says...

      One commenter below was reading “How to Not Hate Your Husband after Kids” by Jansee Dunn. Sounds appropriate. (And leave him at home with the kids while you have an hour or so on your own. Go to a bookstore or a walk or just shit the bedroom door and take a nap! You deserve it!)

  100. Jaclyn says...

    I’m sitting at my desk during that dreaded, endless hour of 4 – 5PM.
    I just started my first summer beach read, Maybe Another Life and am into it so far.
    I just made this amazing pasta from Half Baked Harvest ( and am still day dreaming of all the fresh flavors.
    I’m pretty excited for the next few months. We have a trip to the Cape coming up and my husband’s book is being published in August!

  101. Susanne says...

    me right now…
    midwife on employment-ban due to my pregnancy. so I’m having a nice stay-at-home-time while being fully payed :-)
    tv-show: currently re-viewing “designated survivor” and glad to be doing so bc its still great and I get to fix some loose ends I wasn’t so sure about when watching it for the first time
    something delicious: I’m very into asian-inspired cooking lately: some vegetables (preferably from our very own veggie-field, things taste better when you harvest them with your own hands!), ramen or rice-noodles and soy- or teriyaki-sauce et voila. might top it with some salmon. simple, fast and great!
    and all the great fruits that come along with summer.
    what im exited about: my body growing our second child, which, though having a congenital heart defect we already know about, seems to be a very agile girl who is already soooo loved by her big sister (who’d love to crawl back into my belly to be as close to her as possible)
    what’s worrying me: my baby-to-be and how we’ll be managing It all once she’s born and has to undergo heart-surgery
    celebrity crush: as always Ewan Mc Gregor. feels like we’ve been “together” for our entire adulthood since he’s been my crush for 20 years now (omg). loved watching him in the 3rd season of Fargo, where he doesn’t look fancy at all
    Joanna, I really enjoyed answering your questions!

    • Ingrid says...

      Prayers for you and your sweet baby girl’s heart, plus her dear big sister.

  102. I just read Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng. It was such a weird experience for me because it could have been about my family which I never thought of as dysfunctional (beyond ordinary levels) but the book certainly made it seem that way.

    Baking and eating – Irish Soda Bread with lots of butter.

    Also juicy nectarines – eaten over the sink!

    Worrying about whether or not my unborn baby is ok in there now that I’m 18, almost 19 weeks and feel too good to remember I’m pregnant half the time (and baby isn’t big enough to feel moving regularly).

    • Ana says...

      I loved that book!

  103. PM says...

    This is fun. I love reading people’s responses. :)

    Where you are right now: in a cubicle at work in Iowa
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Reading “Broken River” by J. Robert Lennin (it’s good!) and watching (and loving) Twin Peaks S3.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Lemon blueberry muffins
    What you’re excited about these days: simple pleasures: being home or on a hike with my husband and dogs, having time to breathe.
    What’s worrying you: the political and social climate in the US, the environment, my infertility, economic instability writ large, racism, and really everything seems a little sad and scary right now.
    Your current celebrity crush: Max Minghella

  104. Maria says...

    Where I am: my cottage in north western Zealand (Denmark)
    The weather’s not great, so I’ve been enjoying reruns of P.D. James’ Adam Dalgliesh series.
    Food: currant blondies I baked for my sister, who is visiting tomorrow. Made them with currants from my garden which thrills me. I tested them – uhm.
    Excited to be going to Budapest on Friday with my best friend. We’ll be there a week and will celebrate my birthday (58, which is more than scary)
    Worried about; Age. Finances. In ten years’ time I will be going on pension and I’m worried whether I will be able to maintain my lifestyle. My parents, who are becoming more and more fragile.
    Celebrity crush: I guess he’s not really a celebrity, but Warren Ellis, Nick Cave’s partner in crime, makes me feel like a teenager. My friend and I got tickets to their concert in Copenhagen this fall, and I’m looking forward to that. I love his beard, his style, his talent, the way he seems to be the one who holds things together and how caring he was in the movie One More Time With Feeling.

    • Emma says...

      Oh wow, I LOVE Warren Ellis too, he is romance and wildness personified, and his violin playing….no words.

  105. Heather D says...

    I just powerfully binge watched Queen of the South on Netflix. You won’t regret it!

    We had a taco bar last night and used rotisserie chicken, seasoned in the skillet with some veggies. It was delicious and didn’t heat my whole house up!

    I’m excited for a trip to South Carolina this September! Still shopping for the perfect, one piece plus size suit!

    I worry about money.

    Celebrity Crush… always and forever Jason Statham

  106. I’m back home (Long Beach, CA) after vacationing with my husband on Catalina Island, where I grew up. I’m a little grumbly about being back at the grind of normal life, but still in awe I get to do what I love (I work at a local birth center and independently as a doula).
    Something very delicious I just made was simple street style carne asada tacos with lots of lime, onion, and cilantro on top.
    I read Lincoln in the Bardo and Underground Railroad and loved them, and I most recently read the new David Sedaris and really enjoyed it – I kept having to stop to read funny one liners to anyone around me.
    I’m excited about building a bench with hairpin legs for the foot of our bed, I’m worried about the chemicals our building may use in an upcoming fumigation (don’t ask…), and my current celebrity crush is probably Kumail Najiani – the Big Sick was too sweet!

  107. Ama says...

    Where you are right now: on the couch, deep in the Netherlands
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Ready Player One
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: whipped feta with fermented honey at Butcher & Bee in Charleston, SC
    What you’re excited about these days: having a baby next spring!
    What’s worrying you: my husband finding a new career after being laid off
    Your current celebrity crush: Emilia Clarke

  108. Sarah says...

    Where you are right now: Michigan
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: I love the Dear Sugar podcast. Love it! I also love the Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom books. They are the perfect cotton candy books. I am pretty sure I snort with laughter every time I read them.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Goat cheese cheesecake with a gluten free graham cracker crust.
    What you’re excited about these days: Summer days on Lake Michigan.
    What’s worrying you: Finishing my grad program (next month) and getting a paying job (hopefully soon)…fingers crossed.
    Your current celebrity crush: Richard Madden (he has such amazing eyes).

  109. theresa hugh says...

    Where you are right now: At my desk at work.
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: The Defiant Ones. It’s a 4 part series. It has really changed the way I view the 90s and music/cultural history.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Corn tamales from Trader Joes.
    What you’re excited about these days: Saving up. Taking trips. Having quiet time.
    What’s worrying you: That my ability to connect with the people around me is suffering because of old storylines that I know no longer serve me. But they are still holding me back from being the person I would like to be.
    Your current celebrity crush: Chris Pine. I think he’s such a great example of a man who is evolving with the times.

  110. Bethany says...

    We’re about to hop a plane from Trieste, Italy where we live to go to visit family and friends in America to introduce daughter no.2. Excited for the new memories to be made, but worried about traveling on my own with a spunky 4 yr old and a 3 month old. And Jet-lag…

  111. Where you are right now: Sadly at work where I am trying to keep the chill away. (Our office likes to keep us all in meat locker temperatures.)

    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: My Favorite Murder has been a podcast I’ve been listening to. Partially because I enjoy true crime A LOT but mostly because their comedic spin on things is so entertaining.

    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Sundried Tomato and Walnut Pesto. I’d had some at a pizza making class I took with a friend at the Brooklyn Kitchen and was given the recipe. It is oh so yummy on pretty much anything. And because it’s got walnuts it feels very hearty.

    What you’re excited about these days: The weekends. It’s the only time I get to sleep in! That and I’d really like to check out The Beguiled this weekend as I’m a SC fan.

    What’s worrying you: The current state of politics around the world. It feels like the word is choosing to implode in on itself daily which is often terrifying.

    Your current celebrity crush: Tilda Swinton. I just want to sit down somewhere charming and have a drink with her. I have a feeling she’d be filled with marvelous stories.

  112. Katharina says...

    Where you are right now: At home in Berlin, Germany – it has been a long day but I’m waiting for the washing machine to finish.

    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: I’m catching up on The Graham Norton Show these days and started the 4th season of Sherlock on Netflix.

    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Gooseberries from a friend’s garden. I love summer for the berries.

    What you’re excited about these days: My oldest just finished her first year of school. We are waiting for the youngest to start walking. I have a job interview in August and I’m yet to figure out what the near future holds.

    What’s worrying you: Today kids’ minor health issues and whether or not we’ll have to see a doctor tomorrow. In general I’m worried about how I’m handling three kids and how to be there for everyone.

    Your current celebrity crush: Chris Pine (to my own surprise)

  113. anna says...

    I’ve loved reading all of the responses so I decided to add my little contribution :-)

    Where you are right now:
    in my kitchen, after dinner, in vienna (austria)

    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: i just finished reading zadie smiths swing time which i loved. and i looove the podcast “a few things” by the girls from the online shop of a kind – they’re so funny and sweet.

    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately:
    i ordered the most amazing (simple) sushi a couple of days ago and a part of me is wishing my fridge was a little emptier so i could justify ordering again sooner ;)

    What you’re excited about these days: summertime in vienna + really exciting projects at work

    What’s worrying you: i recently lost my beloved grandmother and its been hard to carve enough time out for myself to process, making me a little more overwhelmed than usual.

    Your current celebrity crush: guillaume canet (who has one of the funniest instagram accounts)

  114. Melanie says...

    Show: VEEP – starting from season 1,
    Book: St. Marks is Dead by Ada Calhoun – incredible history of St. Marks Place in NYC.
    Delicious: My girlfriend made fantastic steaks on the barbecue this weekend
    Excited: Weekend trip to Maine in 2 weeks and Sicily this September
    Worries: My health, the state of this crazy world, what is happening to our country!
    Celebrity Crush: Charlize Theron, Gillian Anderson

  115. candice says...

    My crush and book go hand in hand right now: Trevor Noah and Born a Crime. So many comedians are putting books out to tell their stories right now and while most feel like fluff, Trevor Noah actually has crazy and amazing stories to tell of growing up in apartheid and post-apartheid South Africa. So much respect for him as a person and comedian, oh, and he’s dreamy, too ;)

  116. Kristen says...

    Where you are right now: At the office in Portland, OR.
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Beatriz at Dinner. I’ve been thinking about it a lot since seeing it this weekend.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Pesto Pasta with Goat Cheese from a neighborhood food cart.
    What you’re excited about these days: A planned getaway with a bunch of girlfriends in August.
    What’s worrying you: My husband’s job search.
    Your current celebrity crush: Diego Luna.

  117. Tara says...

    Welcome back, Joanna! Can’t wait to hear about your trip to Italy. And I hope you also write your own answers for these!

    Where you are right now: Working from home at my dining room table
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Love listening to the Modern Love podcast from the New York Times and WBUR. As for TV, recently finished up the first two seasons of Fargo, which were awesome. And I’m excited that Game of Thrones is back.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Pesto! We’ve had a good year with our garden, and the basil is growing like crazy…we’ve been adding it to pastas and pizzas.
    What you’re excited about these days: Watching my two sons, 1 and 4, bond. Their love for each other is the sweetest thing I have ever witnessed. My heart melts on the regular. Also, finally getting my sex drive back now that I’m breastfeeding less!
    What’s worrying you: Thinking about what the world will be like when my children are my age. But I try to be hopeful.
    Your current celebrity crush: Chris Cornell (RIP), Thom Yorke…I like rockstars :)

  118. MBH says...

    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: I’ve been hooked on reruns of Beverly Hills 90210 (the original) lately. It just makes me so nostalgic and happy! I can practically picture exactly where I was sitting watching them 25 years ago

    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: i could pretty much live off of goat cheese and fig jam

    What you’re excited about these days: my baby starts kindergarten soon and i’ll be down to one dropoff

    What’s worrying you: my health – i’ve got some stuff I just haven’t figured out yet I’d like to feel better about

    Your current celebrity crush: orlando bloom is pretty dreamy

  119. Kristina says...

    Where: My house in Olympia, Wa
    Book, TV, Movie, Podcast: Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Game of Thrones(!), Baby Driver, Revisionist History
    Food: Made a shrimp risotto recently and it was bomb
    Excited: Going to Japan next month!
    Worries: If you truly want me to be real, my parents. They have made poor financial decisions throughout my life and now its spiraling out of control. I’ve already loaned them so much money and they keep needing more. Their bad decisions have affected my grandma, my uncle, my brothers and me. Seeing this all unravel has changed my views on my parents and that has been unsettling. I always thought they were more responsible and on the whole good people but I’m not sure what to think now. This has all happened very recently so I’m still processing everything. On top of all this, my husband and I are trying to start a family so I want to focus on that.
    Celebrity Crush: Dev Patel

    • Sasha says...

      Kristina, my gosh that sounds really hard with your parents. I hope things work out for them, and especially for you.

  120. Harriet says...

    Welcome back! I can’t wait to read about your Italian travels. I loved seeing all your instagram updates :)

    Where you are right now: at the office (Toronto, Canada)
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: These days, I’ve been listening to “They Call Us Bruce”, “Canadaland”, and “Revisionist History”. Recently, I read “Revolution for Dummies: Laughing Through the Arab Spring” by Bassem Youssef, which was great.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: I recently made kimchi tofu stew recently and was so glad how it turned out!
    What you’re excited about these days: My trip to Montreal next week!
    What’s worrying you: finances and paying the bills on time
    Your current celebrity crush: Dev Patel / Riz Ahmed / Diego Luna

    • Sara says...

      Toronto! Canadaland! Kimchi tofu stew! I feel we could be friends. :)

    • Sasha says...

      Do you have a link for kimchi tofu stew? Yum!!

      I love revisionist history too! I love how it takes everything deeper and challenges what you think you know.

    • Harriet says...

      Sara – !!!!! Definitely, sending all the virtual high fives :)

      Sasha – This is the recipe I followed:
      I hope you like it / happy cooking!

  121. This is such a fun little community exercise!
    Where you are right now: on a little mental break at work–it’s been a rough week and it’s only Wednesday (yes I had to check the calendar to make sure)
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: I’ve been switching between Friends and Girlfriends Guide to Divorce…just in the mood for something light-hearted and easy with how stressful life has seemed lately
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: cajun salmon with a salted lime butter I made on Monday. It was a good start to the week
    What you’re excited about these days: Our wedding coming up in a few months
    What’s worrying you: family relationship dynamics and the trade-off between personal mental health and continuing to invest in family relationships
    Your current celebrity crush: hmmm I don’t necessarily have one?

  122. Karen Lee says...

    I am at home in Vancouver,I am excited to be wAtching Game of Thrones.The last amazing thing I ate was a Lobster stuffed portobello mushroom and I wish it had a twin but it was served as one..I am so excited to be going to Bali in October to a yoga retreat and surf camp.I am worrying about recently becoming single again and the thought of dating and being with someone new gives me high anxiety.Maybe I will just get another cat.

  123. Bethany says...

    Your trip looked wonderful and very real!

    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: I’m currently reading a murder mystery called A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: I made a Tomato Galette like this one, but with cheddar and onions on Sunday :
    What you’re excited about these days: Watching my third baby grow and change
    What’s worrying you: how am I going to keep it together with three kids. I know I wont, so I am just trying to be okay with that and the surrounding chaos.
    Your current celebrity crush: Chris Pratt. I love his strong rugged look and his sense of humor. I also like his public displays of both fatherhood and affection for his spouse. Super sexy.

    • Sasha says...

      I sent my husband that galette recipe, yum. Hope he makes it for me :)

  124. Becca says...

    I’ve lost 6 lbs! I am so proud of myself :-) My littlest is 21 months and I am finally starting to feel like my “old self” (but better because I have two sweet girls). I feel sexy and strong and confident and it’s WONDERFUL! Thanks for asking Jo, can’t wait to hear about your trip. xoxo.

  125. Patti says...

    My two favorite books are wildly different. To diffuse a little tension in my life, I am reading How Not To Hate Your Husband after Kids by Jancee Dunn. It’s so, so helpful in navigating the resentment that can build up in a relationship.

    I’m also crazy about Paul Auster’s 4 3 2 1, which seemed initially like a smart writing exercise but has pulled me in with how little changes make such a big difference in your life.

  126. Welcome back!
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Just saw Wonder Woman for the second time, and I still love it, wish there was more! Can’t stop listening to “Pod Save America.” Our political landscape is so nutty right now and somehow they’re managing to read the concerns on my mind and also be super-smart in their analysis, and I appreciate their perspectives.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: I made a gluten-free plum and strawberry galette for the 4th of July! It’s been too dang hot to do much cooking the last couple of weeks, but I made a pot of chili last night (aka quick leftovers).
    What you’re excited about these days: Just booked a vacation with my boyfriend to Mexico City at the end of August! We’ve only taken two weekend road trips so far, this is our first time going for a whole week (and flying) somewhere together! Oh, and I’m moving at the end of the month, excited but antsy and a little stressed because I haven’t started packing yet.
    What’s worrying you: Looking for a new job, hoping I’ll find the “perfect” fit and getting ahead of myself in all of my expectations.
    Your current celebrity crush: It’s pretty much always Chris Evans. I can’t shake the Boston meathead bro thing. He’s so the opposite of the guys I usually go for!

  127. Where you are right now: At work on my lunch break- Reading Cup of Jo has become a ritual over lunch, thank you!
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: I just finished listening to girl on a train- I forgot how amazing audio books are!
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: My Fiance ordered hello Fresh to learn how to cook! He has been doing an amazing job and I have only been helping a little….. ;)
    What you’re excited about these days: We have three long weekend trips planned for the rest of summer visiting and spending time with friends.
    What’s worrying you: what isn’t….. I have a tendency to over worry but at the moment I am working hard to be my best self!
    Your current celebrity crush: Angelina Jolie- I identify as a hetero female but she has always mesmerized me.

  128. Marie says...

    Where you are right now: Home, after one of the most stressful days I’ve had recently. So many pages turning at the same time, and the next ones are so empty I’ve got a blank page syndrome.

    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Lately, I’ve read The Promise of Dawn by Romain Gary, an incredible book by a fantastic French writer about a mother-son relationship and how parents’ expectations can shape your life. Heart-wrenching in all the right and wrong ways.

    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: I went to the restaurant yesterday and ate squid ink ravioli stuffed with aged goat’s cheese, and a scoop of artisanal watermelon sorbet for dessert. Heaven.

    What you’re excited about these days: New pages – moving in with my boyfriend in September, family holidays down under, new professional opportunities coming my way, starting to run again when the excruciating heat finally goes away.

    What’s worrying you: New pages – waiting for answers for jobs and not knowing what I would choose if they were all positive, not having sounded enthusiastic enough earlier today on the phone when I got an offer for a job I don’t really want and hoping it’s not the only one I get, taking out my contraceptive implant and getting around to losing all the weight I’ve gained while on it, coping with my parents’ disappointed look when they see my heavier body on the beach next week and being mentally strong enough not to fall back into my old ED ways.

    Your current celebrity crush: I usually have one but right now my boyfriend is on holiday oceans away and all I can think about is his freckled face, his crazy laughs and his serious eyes.

    • A says...

      Marie, you should also check out Romain Gary’s life, which was fascinating, and his even more mesmerising wife, Lesley Blanch, who was in love with exotic travel. They had a really tempestuous relationship that influenced some of his writing.

  129. Tonje says...

    Where you are right now: at home, in Trondheim (Norway)
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Sorrows of an American by Siri Hustvedt (coming from a small country, it’s so exciting with characters in books that are Norwegian. Silly, but true. ;))
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: breakfast pizza! Just a really thick pancake that covers the whole pan, takes forever to cook (is “cook” correct when it’s in a pan and not in the oven?), but tastes so good. And you put bacon, black currant jam, sour cream and maple syrup on it. :)
    What you’re excited about these days: trying to have a baby (UÆ!) and knitting sweaters for fall (I hate winter, but if I wear colourful wool sweaters it’s not as bad…)
    What’s worrying you: my job. Being a teacher is so hard.
    Your current celebrity crush: Tom Hanks. Always and forever.

  130. Amanda says...

    Where you are right now: Work (Whoopsie!)

    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: I am super into the podcast “Invisibilia” right now. The hosts are smart, funny, and endearing. The stories and overall message I am left with after an episode are so thought provoking.

    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: My favorite quick dish these days is Gnocchi with pesto, Italian chicken sausage, and broccoli! I buy the Gnocchi frozen and sometimes add kale to my homemade pesto. Can’t forget a little parmesan on top either.

    What you’re excited about these days: Closing on my first home!

    What’s worrying you: Also closing on my first home! It has been a long, bumpy process.

    Your current celebrity crush: Luke Kleintank. He is one of the lead actors in Amazon Prime’s The Man in the High Castle. He is just SO CUTE.

  131. Annie says...

    Ooh, I can’t help it – I love answering these type of things :)

    Where you are right now: About to spend a week offline in a cabin but overall – on a life pause.
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Addicted to the podcast “Presidential” and just in time for their latest installment, “Constitutional”! Understanding the qualities that go into great leadership, and how that has lead up to our current (controversial) presidency, is fascinating.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Thai Basil Curry Chicken from the Half Baked Harvest food blog. Delicious!
    What you’re excited about these days: Focusing on personal life and opportunities
    What’s worrying you: Marketing myself and my Career
    Your current celebrity crush: Smart, eloquent women in leadership / management roles

  132. K. Robinson says...

    Where you are right now: At work in Toronto, ON
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: I’m loving GLOW (mainly due to my massive Marc Maron crush, and reading ‘The Husband’s Secret’ for my bookclub.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Everything grilled on the BBQ (even garlic toast – and it was pretty, pretty good).
    What you’re excited about these days: Some mini-vacations w/my three children, husband and/or friends!
    What’s worrying you: Work. Ugh.
    Your current celebrity crush: Marc Maron, of course!

  133. Megan says...

    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Book- Life of Pi. It’s life assuring and puts things into perspective, making you feel very small yet infinitive all at once. TV show- Friends from College. Movie- Just rewatched No Country for Old Men- still chilling. Podcast- Happier with Gretchen Rubin.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: My husband couldn’t stop complimenting my sloppy joes the other night. An oldie but a goodie.
    What you’re excited about these days: In December, I will officially be DONE with my bachelor’s degree… six years later.
    What’s worrying you: Secretly? My hubbie and I eloped last month. Zero regrets but lots of fears.
    Your current celebrity crush: Tom Holland (Don’t judge me!)

    I’ve been reading for years. You feel like an old friend.

  134. This is a genius idea for a post! I have really loved reading everyone’s responses!

  135. Maywyn says...

    Thank you for always coming up with the neatest blog posts
    Your Italy vacation Instagram is fantastic. I’m adding a Drink O’clock to my summer treats.

    I’m checking blogs and email before I go read on the patio a Sci Fi book, (an easy read), “Waking Gods,” by Sylvain Neuvel; favorite tv shows are in reruns so I watch late night foreign mysteries with subtitles that leave me wanting to speak a language I don’t know; as a coffee ice cream life time fan, I’m surprised to crave chocolate shakes; worried about North Korea and mosquitoes; excited to be doing watercolors again; and feeling ultra grateful a very painful pulled muscle is healing like a miracle happened.

  136. S says...

    1. At work on lunchbreak, reading CupofJo, which is how I like to spend my lunch breaks :)
    2. Just started reading Hourglass (Dani Shapiro) and excited that Game of Thrones is back!
    3. Made some amazing quesadillas last night
    4. Vacation in a couple of weeks
    5. One of my kids and working mom guilt — really struggling with it this summer. I wish I could be a teacher, so I could have summer offs and give my kids those lazy summer days I remember…
    6. A toss-up for right now: Kit Harrington and Tom Hardy

    • Shannon says...

      Thumbs up for Cup of Jo lunch breaks!

  137. Ashley M says...

    Where you are right now: Home in Seattle area, about to head to work.
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: Just finished the memoir The Rules Do Not Apply. I read it so quick. It was so raw, gripping, stark & yet so damn relatable. Grief is so real.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Just started doing Blue Apron the last few weeks. Recently made onion rings for the first time in a recipe – they were BOMB.
    What you’re excited about these days: I’m going on a girls weekend trip to LA in September and I can’t wait for a mini adventure.
    What’s worrying you: New job. Not sure if it’s leading me to what I really want but I don’t even know what I really want and that feels worrisome in itself. And I’m just gonna say that’s the tip of the iceberg of my worry lately.
    Your current celebrity crush: Oh goodness, which one which one. I’m gonna go with John Krasinski. He’s a favorite always.

  138. S says...

    Where you are right now: On a little island in the Mediterranean.
    A book, TV show, movie or podcast that you like: The Leftovers; also Utopia, the UK series. Very dark, quite violent, but the camera work is alluring.
    Something delicious you’ve eaten (or made) lately: Cherry Clafoutis, my go-to summer dessert
    What you’re excited about these days: Finishing my master’s and going back to the U.S. after 6 years abroad
    What’s worrying you: Finishing my master’s and going back to the U.S. after 6 years abroad!!
    Your current celebrity crush: Luke Temple & Chris O’Dowd

  139. Erica says...

    Where: I am at work (audiologist) in Siena, Italy.
    TV: The Keepers
    Food: Exceptional summer fruits and vegetables, so therefore anything you cook these days tastes exceptional. :)
    Excited: Upcoming trip to the US (Phila./Nyc) and following road trip to Provence and Cote d’Azur once I return to Europe before coming back to work.
    Worries: It’s been overall a pretty stressful summer. Worried about taking care of and giving enough attention to the little adorable guinea pig that I’m caring for on my own. Who will care for her while on vacation. Boyfriend seems to be going through a very anxious phase and is all of the sudden bringing up arguments out of the blue on a quasi daily basis. I’m also an anxious introvert and am desperately in need for some me time. Hoping to find the time within the next week purhaps by a pool or at the beach without feeling like the world might fall apart for lack of control.

    • jen says...

      Summer fruit! I just looked; I have blueberries, cherries, mangoes, strawberries, and watermelon. Nothing better. I just got Chrissie Teigen’s cookbook ‘Craving’ and every receipe is something I want to make. Reading Don Winslow’s ‘Savages,’ surfers and trouble.