The Best Luggage Racks for Houseguests

When we were on vacation, we visited my friend Skye in Venice. We stayed at her mom’s house, and they were such lovely hosts — with pasta lunches, fluffy towels and paperbacks on the nightstands.

But one of the sweetest touches was that her mom had set up two luggage racks in the guest bedroom. Instead of throwing our suitcases on the floor, stumbling over them and kneeling down to get clothes, we used the racks and it felt organized and easy. It was such a little thing but felt so good after being on the road!

Alex and I immediately ordered two for our home — and now just need to invite some friends to stay :)

What little things do you do for houseguests? Flowers? Extra toothbrushes? I also like the idea of filling the fridge with meats, cheeses and bread for easy lunches.

P.S. The #1 item to have for house guests, and how to get kids to talk at dinner.

(Photo by Stella Blackmon for Cup of Jo.)