Family Summer Travel in Italy

We’ve been brainstorming a family vacation this summer and are daydreaming about going to Italy. I’m so excited about the possibility!

We’d love to figure out an itinerary that would be good with two little rascals in tow. So far, we’ve been imagining three parts: flying into Rome (Anton is fully obsessed with Romans and the Colosseum) and then driving to Tuscany for a few days, and then visiting a friend who lives in Venice. But we’re flexible and could change all that!

I wanted to ask: Have you been to Italy, either with or without kids? Where did you like staying? Do you have any recommendations? We went to Positano for our honeymoon and adored it, but I’m not sure about those stairs with three-year-old Anton, who still asks to be carried :) Thank you so much for any advice.

P.S. I once read that parents are happiest when their kids are between 6 and 12. But I have to say, almost 4 and 7 is really good. The boys are chatty, a little more independent and can CARRY THEIR OWN BAGS.
P.P.S. Would anyone in Italy like to meet up? :)

(Photo by Antonio Arena.)