Master of None

Have you watched Master of None’s second season? Last night, I cozied up in bed and watched the first few episodes, and, I have to say, it brought me great joy — the rolling Italian hills, the hilarious dialogue, Aziz Ansari being his awesome self.

Did you know that Aziz’s parents in the show are played by his actual parents? They’re the best. In the Conan clip above, he tells the funny story of when his devout Muslim parents discovered that he eats pork — a real-life moment that actually inspired this season’s third episode.

The way he approaches religion in the show is smart and personal, and he talked to New York Magazine about the importance of representation: “If every time you see a Muslim person, it’s the f*cking guy from 24 or Homeland, yeah, it’s going to shape your opinion of all these people. If every time you saw a Muslim person on TV, and it’s my dad, you’ll be like, ‘These goofy people! They’re probably gonna ask me for a bite of my sandwich.’ ”

What TV shows are you watching right now? Any other recommendations?

P.S. Who’s your current celebrity crush?