Have a Fun Weekend.

Have a Fun Weekend

What are your plans for the weekend? Tomorrow New York is going to be 82 degrees, so we’re planning to take the boys to Rockaway Beach. Cannot wait to feel the cool water on our feet. Hope you have a good one, and if you’re in a blog-reading mood, here are a few links from around the web…

I’d love to carry this all summer.

What 20 celebrities would look like with ’90s brows.

My (other) weekend plans.

I got pulled over for driving while black.”

What a cool green apartment.

Let’s all stop apologizing for the delayed response in our emails.

Math problems for English majors. “If Elizabeth Bennet’s house is ten miles away from Mr. Darcy’s house, how far will her mother go to arrange a suitable marriage?”

Follow these two steps to pasta perfection.

The sweetest comic drawn by a daughter for her mother.

Use this trick to figure out if you smell. And then do this.

Conversations with my iPhone. (“Why do you always assume I’m going to Target?”)

Plus, two great reader comments:

Says on C.J. on hair problem solvers: “Use an old T-shirt to dry your hair, not a towel. A towel roughs up your hair and makes it harder to get smooth hair.”

Says Kate on moving away from home: “The exercise that helped teach me contentment is this: When I am feeling restless or unhappy, I make a list of the things I’d miss if my situation changed. For example, I once started a job I wasn’t sure I wanted, but I felt like I needed to give it a real shot. So I listed all the things I’d miss — big and small — if I ended up switching jobs: the first cup of coffee I’d make while listening to the morning news in the office, the fun committee meetings (!), the awesome work-issued tech, my favorite colleagues. Focusing on those things, knowing they likely wouldn’t last forever (in fact, I ended up moving overseas a year later), worked — before I knew it, I genuinely loved my job.”

(Photo by Ana Kamin/Instagram.)

  1. Marissa says...

    What happened to the CoJ newsletter? I feel like I haven’t seen it in a few weeks and loved getting it my inbox every week.

  2. I wanted to savor season 3 of Catastrophe, but ended up watching ALL of it on Friday!! Really liked it.
    Have you seen Life in Pieces? That was my entertainment on Saturday ;)

  3. Math problems for English majors! Oh my gosh, so funny, so true.

  4. Love that green apartment! Also, the celebrities with the little eyebrows made me LOL!

    xx, Hannah

  5. Christi says...

    I watched several episodes of Catastrophe this weekend, having LOVED the prior seasons. Pretty disappointed and surprised in the multiple “retarded” jokes. I did not expect that, particularly given Rob Delaney and his wife’s history of support for the developmentally disabled, and the thoughtful way they treated a possible Down Syndrome pregnancy in an earlier episode.

  6. Those 90’s brows!

    I love your reader Kate’s perspective on finding contentment in a new place. After relocating to Seattle and making it through some tough seasons, I find that to be true. There are always beautiful things in places and life seasons that we’d miss out on if we weren’t looking for them.

  7. Rebecca says...

    I absolutely love Rockaway. Enjoy! Thanks for the great weekend reading material!

  8. Maelle says...

    Hello Cup of Jo team!

    As usual, i love this list of weekend links, it’s always a pleasure to open it while sipping on a cup of coffee on sunday morning !

    When i clicked on the link to the ‘green appartment’, i was excited: i thought it would be an article about a ‘sustainable’ appartment, sharing tips and tricks on how to be more eco-friendly around our houses… My mistake obviously, and i still really enjoyed seing this appartment (the living-room! the wallpaper in the bathroom!), but it gave me an idea… how about writing (more) about this topic, the environment ? I know you already do and i love you for that, but as a reader i would be super interested in reading more about ways to be more ‘green’ – eating seasonal, buying food and vegetables that are produced and grown close to where you live to help local farmers, buying clothes that aren’t made on the other side of the world, etc… And i thought if i would be interested in that, perhaps others would, too…?

    There is a great documentary about all this that is (finally) being released in the US called ‘Tomorrow’ – ‘Demain’, in french, the original version – and it is GREAT. Very different from everything that has been made so far; super hopeful, super helpful and it had a huge impact on me when i saw it – it was released last year here in France – and i strongly encouraged everyone interested in this to go and watch it. Now i know your weekend links is not the post where most people come and read the comments but hopefully, some will and my totally off-topic comment (sorry!) will find its way to them!

  9. Mindi says...

    Thank you for:
    – the green apartment. My husband and I finally agreed on a green for our dining room. Success!
    – the bit about delayed email responses. My colleagues and I are currently fighting our administrators over this, in a way. For teachers, there as an expectation from parents that we respond immediately to an email (oh, hello! I’m teaching your child right now?!). The other day, a co-worker told me, a father emailed her three successive emails, with a demand in the last one for a response “by 8:30 pm”. Sigh. My dad wonders: What happened to the days when you went home with a note pinned to your coat about what a sh*t you’d been that day, and your parents thought about it, talked to you as the student, and then called your teacher after school, 24 hours later after everyone had cooled off? Email has made teaching much less of a joy!

  10. Julia says...

    I agree with the drying hair with tshirt! Especially if you have wavy hair, it really helps give it a good bounce. Spray on no rinse conditioner+Deva Curl wave maker(is cruelty free)+tie a tshirt tightly around your head like a pirate+10 min=perfect waves with no fuss. :)

  11. Sally says...

    It’s a long weekend here in the UK.
    So this morning I went out for a coffee and got a new pair of jeans. Tomorrow I’m doing a girly shopping spree with my bestie and her mum. :) It’s our first trip out since she gave birth to twins in January, and we’re both so excited!
    I ADORE her babies, but it’ll be wonderful to have a baby-free girls day. And I’m so pleased her mum is coming along! She’s sooooo much fun and always makes me die laughing!

  12. Carmen B. says...

    I stayed up last night watching 4 episodes of Catastrophe season 3.
    I wanted to finish it but I had to work this morning. Can’t wait to get back to it.

  13. I love how the green apartment looks lived in (like an actual home!) and not staged :-)

    Kate’s advise on how to enjoy your home and job is so wise… I love the reader comments each week!

    • P.S. the piece about us needing to stop apologizing for delayed emails made me laugh out loud. I do this all the time!

  14. Denise says...

    I love that green apartment. Finally some color on the walls! So many apartments these days are stark white (including mine), I’ve been missing vibrantly colored spaces.

  15. The brows post made me laugh! I never got into the 90s brows, #bigbrowsforever

  16. Sounds like it’s going to be a good weekend! That back looks so lovely!! Have a brilliant weekend lovely! X

    Victoria | VictoriaaHelenn

    • Voni says...


  17. kate says...

    Love that the “Let’s All Stop Apologizing for the Delayed Response in Our Emails” article quotes a great podcast, Game Plan!

  18. Amanda says...

    We’re expecting 4-8 inches of snow in southern Colorado! How weird is Spring? :) I think I’ll spend my time trapped inside trying to make my house more resemble that beautiful apartment!

  19. Lindsay says...

    A little further east from the rockaways is Point Lookout. The beach, which is resident-only in summertime, is open to anyone bc it’s only April. You can park on Lido blvd and stroll down to the small, quiet beach. There’s a wonderful place for breakfast or lunch called Salt Air Café. The town is so tiny you can walk everywhere. If you’re in the mood to visit a new spot. Enjoy!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      thank you so much!!!