Chocolate chip cookies by Veronica Olson

What are you up to this weekend? My dad and sister are coming to visit, and we’ll be celebrating my dad’s birthday. We’re going to have a full house! (Toby and Anton are of course thrilled that they get to sleep in Mommy and Daddy’s room;) Hope you have a good one and here are a few fun links from around the web…

This frowning mug made me smile.

How to be an ally.

This Guggenheim curator decorated her living room with temporary tattoos.

If I were getting married again, I would wear this dress.

Secret to happiness: “Think like a bronze medalist, not silver.”

Who’s hungry for fish cakes?

These best friends became co-parents. Really amazing and worth watching.

A smart tip for ordering takeout and saving money.

Jenny Komenda launched a beautiful print shop!

If you’re truly in love with dusty pink, consider this.

How to have better sex, according to science.

Plus, a few reader comments (I have to say, the smart and hilarious comment section makes my day every day):

Says Emily on running into an ex: “I recently bumped into my ex, with whom I’d had an excruciatingly awkward breakup, in a coffee shop. He was holding hands with his new girlfriend. I had no makeup on and I had gotten my wisdom teeth out 24 hours earlier, and my face was swollen to the size of a small watermelon. I was so embarrassed, I practically shouted ‘I GOT MY WISDOM TEETH OUT YESTERDAY!!!’ Then I grabbed my coffee and hightailed it out of there.”

Says Katie on favorite TV shows: “My current favorite is the Great British Baking Show. I can’t think of a better word for it than delightful.”
Says Sara: “The Great British Baking Show restores my faith in humanity on the regular. (Delightful is the PERFECT word for it.)”
Says Danielle: “I love the Great British Baking Show and how I want to root for everyone and I feel like they are all kind of rooting for each other, too.”
Says Jessica: “Reminds me of the Onion headline: Mom Just Wants to Watch Something Nice. Ha!”

Says Beth on finding out your baby’s sex: “We didn’t find out the sex with our first two boys and it was a special experience. We found out with our third son because we wanted to be able to tell the boys if they were having a brother or sister. It was a different experience knowing the sex, and I felt very connected to him throughout the pregnancy. He was born very prematurely at 26 weeks, and we lost him after 10 days in the NICU. I hold onto the memories of being pregnant with him and secretly calling him by his name. Finding out he was a boy made it feel like we had him longer and I’m forever grateful for that time.”

(Photo by Veronica Olson/Instagram. Bronze medal link via Jocelyn Glei.)