Strong Is the New Pretty

Strong Is the New Pretty

Strong Is the New Pretty, a new photography book that shows what it feels like to be a girl.

Who What Wear plus-size dress at Target

Target has great pieces in their Who What Wear collection. (Especially this jacket, shirt and dress.)

Amy Poehler

Five things I’d tell managers if I were about to die.”

Body Neutrality

Digging the idea of body neutrality. “My problem with body love, beside the fact that it’s a high standard, is it’s asking women to regulate their emotions, not just their bodies,” says Autumn Whitefield-Madrano, author of Face Value, told New York Magazine. “I don’t see the pressure on women really easing up, and then you’re supposed to have this bulletproof self-esteem on top of all that. It’s not something we can really live up to. Body love keeps the focus on the body. The times I’m happiest are when I’m not thinking about my body at all.”

I’ll admit it, I cannot wait for the next season of The Bachelorette. Attorney Rachel Lindsay seems smart and hilarious. Now I’m curious to see who the rest of her suitors will be. (And how cute is she dancing?)

P.S. An underwear trick, and 8 awesome podcasts.

(Photography book via The Cut.)