13 Wallpapers for Kids

For my first 15 years in New York City, I rented apartments — and always secretly daydreamed about plastering the white rooms with wallpaper. Now that we have our own place, it’s exciting to actually consider getting some. Do you have any wallpaper you love? Here are a few beautiful patterns for kid’s rooms….

13 Great Wallpapers for Kids

1. Clovers. 2. Trapeze Act. 3. Strawberries. 4. Wooden Village. 5. Star Bright. 6. Peonies. 7. Aviary. 8. Birds. 9. Animal Stickers. 10. Whales. 11. Mountains. 12. Wild Thing.

Which do you like? Any other recommendations? Plus, a few grown-up wallpapers.

P.S. Amazing shared kids rooms, and living in a small space with a baby.

(Top seaside wallpaper from Chasing Paper.)