11 Great Wallpapers

Too Much Stuff Wallpaper

Do you have any wallpaper in your home? We’ve always rented our apartments, so we never have, but I really love the idea. Here are a bunch of pretty ones…


From top: 1. Dark Floral, 2. Ladies (I’m in love with this one! How cool would it be for an office?), 3. Tidal, 4. Cupcake, 5. Indian Holly, 6. Walk Thing, 7. Aurora, 8. Bathyal, 9. Marble Ocean, 10. Hearts (all of Elizabeth Graeber‘s are really great).

Thoughts? What pretty wallpapers have you seen lately?

P.S. 10 other lovely wallpapers.

(Top wallpaper is Too Much Stuff — look closely at it!)

  1. who makes the wallpaper in the largest photo?

  2. i keep going back to #1! i’ve seen it in so many places and love it more and more each time

  3. Wow they`re gorgeous!!
    xx Caroline

  4. These are beautiful! It has me rethinking wallpapers, but nothing can erase the memory of scraping off layers and layers and layers of ancient wallpaper off the walls of my great grandmother’s home. Never want to do that again!

  5. I second Gilda’s comment: I saw the Sidonie wallpaper for the first time at Gelateria Uli in downtown LA and it is stunning and elegant. She makes very simple patterns that can go anywhere in any kind of house or office, with a variety of decor styles. So beautiful!

  6. Gilda says...

    I’ve been eyeing and loving Sidonie Studio’s line of wallpapers that are inspired by the folds and patterns of origami. Simple, beautiful and delicate.

  7. Jess says...

    #6 is removeable. I had it up for 2 years and it came down SO easy. First thing I did when moving into our new rental was to buy new paper from Chasing Paper- I put up the wallpaper before I started unpacking :) Their customer service is top-notch, too.

  8. There are so many good wallpapers coming out! so much creativity. Love all the colorful ones.

  9. Amanda says...

    What’s the one at the very top? Didn’t find a link for it and would love to see it up closer.

  10. I like #7, it’s very peaceful. It would be nice in a bedroom.

  11. I am obsessed with Ellie Cashman’s dark floral. I can’t actually afford the wallpaper or fabric, but she does have affordable samples. I’m currently using the velvet sample to refinish the seat of a vanity stool….if you can’t afford the thing you love you gotta get crafty!

  12. I would love to put wallpaper in our downstairs bath, but my husband hates the idea! May have to try one of those removable wallpapers to win him over! I love all your finds here!

  13. Cynthia says...

    I love the animals and the hearts, but I am not a wall paper person, because I have peeled two layers of wall paper from our living room, dining room, and guest room. I haven’t done my sewing room yet. Double layers were even on the ceiling! It was the paper kind, put on with some heavy duty wall paper paste. I think framing a square of the animals or hearts would be a fun idea.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      that’s a great idea!

  14. Minna says...

    I removed wallpaper from my kitchen and dining room this winter, and it was a way bigger headache than I ever imagined. I will never put up wallpaper just so I’ll never have to go through the ordeal of taking it down. But at least I know that my range of curse words is impressive!

  15. Jacqui says...

    I have my favourite wallpaper lining the inside of my wardrobe and I stuck up with double sided tape (so its removable, but also because I’m too lazy to do it properly). It makes me happy every time I open the doors!

  16. I love the hearts – they look so Scandinavian to me! I really like the wallpaper from I follow them on Instagram and I’m so inspired by all of their designs!

  17. What’s the one at the tip-top?

  18. Liz Pearce-Diennet says...

    Don’t be afraid of wallpapering in a rental!! We put up a gorgeous removable wallpaper from Anthropologie in the hallway of our rental apartment and it is so fun to open the front door every day!

    PS. I love your blog!!! Thanks for all the great reads and daily inspiration xx

  19. Maywyn says...

    Lovely wallpapers
    Look for wallpaper at flea markets, thrifts and rummage sales.
    You can wal paper a bureau, desk, bookshelf or a larger canvas to hang on the wall. Or you can back the wallpaper with canvas and hang it that way.

  20. meredith says...

    oy the Aurora one would be a bitch to match when putting up!

  21. The animal one would be great for a children’s bedroom or playroom! And I love the vibrancy of the pink, splattered one!

  22. Alice Quin says...

    The women one is amazing!!