1. Yep. “I’m just going to run into Wal-Mart to grab cat litter real quick… no one will even notice me.” Every time.

  2. Can we get a like button please…LOL. I want to Like this a thousand times.

  3. My awkward moment when I was running into my friend at the campus, I looked so awful with pimples and greasy hair because I haven’t washed it for days! I felt like I want to crawl back to my bed and hide there forever!

  4. Bec says...

    ALWAYS. This was my weekend:
    I was wearing my daggiest “cleaning the house” clothes and wearing CROCS (!! Oh the shame although I love those things) while I put the trash out and the chic-est of my friends dropped by unexpectedly to pick up something. HORRIFIED!!!!

  5. Glasses to be worn at home made me crack up sooooo true. I think you have crossed a certain threshold in a relationship when you can wear those glasses in front of your SO.

    These comics always put a smile on my face, keep ’em coming!

  6. I love this! I teach writing at a local college. There is nothing worse than a student run-in when I’m looking frazzled, wrangling kiddos or running out for much-needed espresso. Love it. :)

  7. I had awkward run-in with Ryan Gosling. This, over twelve years ago (which I’ll be writing about on my blog) when at a Fed Ex Kinkos in downtown Brooklyn, where he was getting his picture taken for a passport picture, and I, while six months pregnant and surprisingly, not showing, had a moment with this outrageously gorgeous man. I recognized him from The Notebook and he just thought I was pretty, but when he approached to ask my name and pay me a compliment, I froze then blurted out, “I loved you in Love Letter.”

    Love Letter is a film featuring Ellen Degeneres, and while it’s a great one it was the wrong one. He was polite when he smiled and said, “It’s The Notebook.” And walked out of my life forever.

    Needless to say, I messed that up. But who was I fooling when my husband was waiting in the car and we were approaching our third trimester. Ha!

  8. I’m laughing hysterically at this!!! It couldn’t be more true! Especially the part about the hair!

    xo, Sofia

  9. I am only back in my hometown once or twice a year, but I find myself a little more conscious of fixing myself up when I am out and about. This is just in case I run into someone I haven’t seen in years. (who am I kidding, mostly former high school boyfriends) Last year I lived with my parents for a month and my dad was dying. I went all over town looking and smelling terrible from sleeping at hospitals. But I didn’t care anymore. I think I finally grew out of that.

  10. Carmen B says...

    LMAO. Spot on!

  11. Haha, so true. That’s why I always carry sunglasses with me – either to be inconspicuous – or in the unfortunate case the person still recognizes me, hides my makeup-less face (and SEVERE under eye circles).

  12. Well, It too happens with guys but less often.

  13. Thankfully, this is no longer me.

    There is something about now being over 40 and comfortable in my own skin. I’ve got my uniform down and manage to navigate most situations looking like myself. Plus, running into anyone awkward can be assuaged with a big smile, which looks sensational on everyone, no matter what you’re wearing!

    Ironically, it’s the occasions where I go for it with hair, make up and dress-up where I feel least secure.

  14. Love it! We can all relate to this one! Love her illustrations. Have a lovely weekend!

    Amy @ Jeans and a Tea

  15. N. Rogers says...

    So true! Every time I run to the grocery store or mall without makeup and my hair done and wearing sloppy clothes, I inevitably run into someone I haven’t seen a while.

  16. Céline says...

    Story of my life ! Yesterday morning, very-very early, the “not-sure” attitude in front of my closet.
    The reason ? A aassive chin zit, and four hours of teaching ahead with 2 classes of college kids,
    The only way out? My cashmere turtleneck to hide the damage. And wit. Lots of, actually.

    Perhaps they were more impressed by my class material than by my, well, skin imperfections?

  17. OH! That feeling when someone tells me they follow my instagram while I’m wearing sweatpants getting coffee at 7:00 am…

  18. Caroline says...

    Yes! Every time this happens and I think ‘why do I even still own this sweater?!’

  19. Jenny says...

    hahahahaha! been there for sure :D

  20. Jessica says...

    The first time my husband and I kissed was on such an outing. I’d known him a few months. I was at a coffee shop studying for an exam–fluorescent orange sweatpants, holey sweater, chin zit, and my jew-fro entirely untamed by products. When I saw him walk in, I nearly left. Instead, he sat down by me and we talked all night. After a few hours, he kissed me and left. Now we’re married.

    • Olma says...

      Did you pass the exam? :)

    • Anna says...

      Hahaha, Olma, exactly my reaction! Also so cute! x

  21. Annie says...

    OMG. This is me right now (wonders if Mari’s the cool instagram friend I ran into looking like this…:P), except with TWO MONSTER ZITS. I’M THIRTY-FOUR YEARS OLD. HAAAAALPPPP!

    Seriously, i told my husband this morning I may not be able to go out to dinner tonight because of my face.

  22. Alexandra says...

    Exactly. Especially the zit :D

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      hahaha so true. right now in fact!!!!