1. These are so sweet. What about a round-up of gorgeous maps for a kid’s room? I love the idea of little ones dreaming about where in the world they might travel one day…

  2. Big fan of your blog and all of your tips! I’d like to give you my own… I always buy from this store in Brazil, they have handmade products made by craftsmen in small cities all over the country, all put together in one store. They also have a brick and mortar store in a beach city called Trancoso, this is their website: http://www.divinostrancoso.com.br. Hope you all like it just as much as I do! =)

  3. Oh my gosh, the words on the watercolor one – love!

  4. What a beautiful site with beautiful letters and things. This article is really admirable and it benefits my kids in learning.

  5. Holly says...

    These are all beautiful! I would love to know where the animal alphabet print in the top photo is from.

    • Julia says...

      If you search “animal alphabet by kay vincent”, you should be able to find one. I love this poster too!

    • Lucy says...

      *busking bear! ?

  6. Brigid says...

    Beautiful prints but I would also like to know where the bed frame came from…?

  7. Lauren says...

    As an educator I am constantly astounded at the fact that these are always produced in upper case (capitals). Children don’t learn phonics/reading by knowing the names of the capital letters – it’s the lower case letters and the SOUNDS they make that are the key to reading and spelling.

  8. Lauren says...

    We don’t have kids, but recently purchased this minimalist Mountain ABC print for our living room: http://cocolapine.bigcartel.com/product/mountain-abc.

    Even with a very affordable IKEA frame, it looks beautiful. We absolutely love it! Maybe one day it will be re-purposed for a nursery :)

  9. Abagail says...

    I adore all of these! I work at a local organic cotton baby & children’s clothing store, and we sell the “Hanging Frame” print. It is lovely to see the product featured here. I like that this piece is modern and neutral – a piece that can grow with a child – new parents and pre-teens, alike, admire this piece in the shop. If anyone is looking for an alphabet print stiched project, my favorite embroidery artist Jessica Marquez has a delightful book, “Stitched Gifts,” with a foliage inspired alphabet series. I do not have children, however, I look forward to stitching it up for my children, nieces, and nephews when the time comes.

  10. I LOVE these! I think we need the fruits & veggies one for our kitchen. I actually added an alphabet print (a digital download) to my shop yesterday. I’m donating all proceeds and volunteering an hour for every download. So in case anyone wants to put me to work :) I’ll leave the link here: http://virginialucashart.com/shop/love-alphabet-pdf-digital-download

  11. Over the years my sister-in-law has collected just single 3D letters, and now has the most gorgeous alphabet wall with everything from a glittery G to a Y with antlers. It’s my favorite wall in her house.

    • Jamie says...

      OMG that sounds so cool, I need one of those! I’m a graphic designer so I love typography!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh my gosh, so beautiful, abby!

  12. I love the print but also the wallpaper!?! Adorable. Someone told me once that babies should only have red, black and white in their rooms. That seemed sad to me. I love the pattern-on-pattern of the print against the wallpaper. We have one in our son’s room, which was hand stitched by a family friend for her son over thirty years ago. I love it still and will keep it for his kids. :)

  13. Jessica says...

    Years ago, I made something like this for my husband as a gift, with the letters of our last names highlighted in colors different from the rest of the letters. Now we have it hanging in our playroom for our kids, since it incorporates all of the letters of the English AND Danish alphabets (my husband is from Denmark). It turned out to be the perfect double-duty gift!

  14. Cynthia says...

    These would be great in a teacher’s classroom, no matter what they teach. I would like the water color one for my classroom, as I think it would be great for my high school students.

    • This didn’t have a lasting effect on my learning (I don’t think) but I remember being SO confused about the Disney “D” as a child, and bothered by why I didn’t get it. I get it now, but I still don’t read it as a D. Dang squiggle!

  15. Tess says...

    I love alphabet prints in children’s bedrooms but it irks me that they are always in upper case. I’m in the UK and children learn lower case letters for at least the first year of school so it seems madness that at home they’re seeing (and learning) ‘A,B,C…’ but as soon as they get to school they’re having to switch to ‘a,b,c…’. Half of the alphabet is not the same in lower and upper format. I’m not sure if this is the case in the US but shout out to any designers out there; you’re missing a trick!
    I wrote and painted my own and flapped about endlessly with flash cards but my little boy ignored it all and instead used to dreamily trace his finger along the giant road sticker I had snaking up the wall next to his cot. His first word was “gar” (car)!

    • Although it doesn’t totally make sense, upper case letters are indeed taught here in the US first, at least where I live! I actually consciously made my poster using upper case for that reason – my niece, for example, who is two and change, has it up in her room and wouldn’t be able to understand it otherwise as she doesn’t yet know lower case letters.

    • I’m surprised to hear Lauren say her niece is taught capital letters first. I have worked in public school kindergartens and Montessori classrooms and never seen that! Please make a lower case one, too. ;)

  16. It drives me nuts that this sort of thing is always made in capital letters. Sigh. Montessori teacher woes. The struggle is real! ;)

    • Jessica says...

      Haha everything is in capitals. My 21-month old twins know all of their (capital) letters thanks to some nice puzzles. Now I need to find lower case puzzles….

  17. Aw these Alphabet prints are adorable. I have one I designed up in my son’s room and he loves tracing the letters too! http://etsy.me/2jrxQfU
    xx Jana

  18. Thanks so much for including my ABC animals poster- I’m honored!

  19. thank you so much for sharing my work!

    • Was hoping I’d see your print on here, Lori! Congrats!

  20. Nicole says...

    I have been long tempted to hoard an alphabet print for a child I haven’t even planned of concieving yet… its weirdly been the one nursery item in my mind forever. These beautiful options are not helping :)

  21. Sarah says...

    One of the first things we bought in a boutique on the west side when we found out I was pregnant was this sweet NYC ABC print: http://www.mrboddington.com/art-prints/abc-art-print-new-york-city . A is for Alternate Side Parking! We lived in the city for a decade and JUST moved to the burbs- and now this babe is due in 10 weeks! We thought it would be a sweet way to remember funny things about the city and remind our baby girl that her parents met and fell in love here :-) (PS I really don’t miss alternate side parking)

  22. these are so beautiful- and useful! gotta love it when pretty decorations double as educational! my favorite is the fruit and veggies!

    xo, brittany

  23. Alice says...

    Very sweet!!

  24. I love the fruit and vegetables print!! For halloween I dressed my kids up as fruits and my husband and I wore Whole Food’s aprons and wrapped the wagon in whole foods bags and pulled them around while trick or treating, lol! It’s safe to say we love our fruits and veggies :)

    Xoxo http://www.touchofcurl.com

    • Rachel I was JUST about to post a link to these too! I absolutely love them, and actually gave the Skier’s Alphabet to my 25 year old brother for Christmas…these are too gorgeous to be just for kids.

  25. Andrea says...

    These are so beautiful! I especially love that first Animals print! And the modern one. This post reminds me of coloring pages I’ve used as a Kgr teacher that, your boys, Joanna, might be interested in on these cold days inside… You can view / print them from this website: http://www.momswhothink.com/coloring-pages/alphabet-coloring-pages.html
    They’re beautiful and each one highlights such unique animals and plants and things :) They could work through the whole ABCs or spell out their names :)