NatureBox Snacks

I’ve always loved — and highly recommended — NatureBox snacks, with their natural ingredients and wide variety. But I’m sure kids don’t want to take a grown-up‘s word for it. After all, I like olives! And anchovies! And stinky cheese! So, we asked six-year-old Toby and three-year-old Anton to sit down and give their honest reviews of NatureBox’s offerings…

NatureBox Snacks

Toby, who has his birthday front of mind (side note: it’s four months away), thought the Mini Belgian Waffles were a standout. “These are yummy,” he exclaimed. “Let’s definitely take these to my birthday party.” Anton’s dreamy take? “Pretend that I have a big giant dog that is a robot that I ride,” he said.

NatureBox Snacks

And on they snacked! Bite after bite, they gave their reviews:

Dried California Peaches
Toby: They’re sweet and good.
Anton: These are super super sweet. I need three peaches because I’m three.

Sweet and Salty Nut Medley
Toby: Yummy. I like the flavor. I’d like them in my school lunch.
Anton: [Thumbs up sign.]

Whole Wheat Strawberry Figgy Bars
Toby: Thumbs up.
Anton: The big robot is still a little hungry.

NatureBox Snacks

Blueberry Greek Yogurt Pretzels
Toby: These are G-O-O-O-D. Super good. They taste like blueberries. They’re my favorite.
Anton: If you give me two pretzels, I’ll turn my robot dog off.

Crantastic Cranberry Medley
Toby: They smell good. They taste super good. I want to eat them on a plane.
Anton: They are good.

Garlic Bread Cheese Crisps
Toby: They taste like cheese.
Anton: But you don’t like cheese that is not melted!!!
Toby: I like these. They’re crunchy. I would like to eat them on a plane.

Sea Salt Chickpeas
Toby: More please. Let’s take them to my birthday party, too.
Anton: Z-O. No.

NatureBox Snacks

The snacks were a huge hit (other than the chickpeas for Anton). NatureBox has more than 100 delicious flavors to choose from. They’re made without artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners — so they’re perfect for lunch boxes and playdates and everyday snacking. And Alex and I enjoy them just as much. (A few of my personal favorites are their Dark Chocolate Almonds, Salt & Vinegar Veggie Chips and Asiago & Cheddar Cheese Crisps.)

Bonus for all readers: Today, NatureBox is offering Cup of Jo readers 50% off your first order. Go here to automatically receive the discount, or just use the code CUPOFJO at checkout. And pick whatever looks good — NatureBox will replace any snack for free if you decide you’re not into it.

NatureBox Snacks

Thank you so much, NatureBox!

(Photos by Anna Gambuto for Cup of Jo. This post is sponsored by NatureBox, a longtime partner whose delicious snacks are always in our pantry. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Cup of Jo.)