The Obamas dancing

The Obamas dancing

What are you up to this weekend? I’ve been loving the best photos of 2016 from Pete Souza, the official White House photographer. Really beautiful. Stella and I are heading to Paris (!) tonight for a work project. Does anyone have any good restaurant recommendations? :) Meanwhile, here are a few fun posts from around the web…

Would you eat this broccoli sandwich?

What great kids bedding.

Rewatched (and loved) this marriage documentary.

Does anyone else not mind being hungover?

Jenny Rosenstrach shared a year of dinners. (Taking notes.)

Wow, that was a big mistake!

I’d love to wear this pretty shirt on our trip.

Made me laugh.

The real reason my start-up was successful: privilege.

Love that Glamour showed Lena Dunham’s cellulite on their magazine cover. (Here’s the full article.)

Yikes! The dirtiest surfaces in hotel rooms.

Both spouses’ sides of an open marriage.

Beijing smog.

Plus, three great reader comments…

Says Angela on New Year’s Resolutions: “I try to do a word of the year. This year my word is ‘kind.’ My tendency is toward sharp, biting humor and sarcastic commentary, which is often, unfortunately, at the expense of others. I’ve decided that this year kindness is what my family, my community and my world needs.”

Says Lisa on New Year’s Resolutions: “Continue being awesome. I was awesome last year, and will continue to be so this year.”

Says Marisa on making friends as an adult: “Every time we got a new neighbor in our old two-story building (which was basically every year, for six years), I would exclaim to my husband, ‘I’m finally going to get my Ethel!!!’ And each year, a new weirdo moves in. The floor above us in our new apartment is currently for rent – waiting for my Ethel to arrive…”

(Photo by Pete Souza. Broccoli via Dinner: A Love Story. Hotel surfaces via Girl of a Certain Age.)