There’s nothing more mysterious to my toddler than what adults do at work (he always asks if I used a “ma-puter,” his word for “my computer”), so it was no big surprise when he beelined for this book at the bookstore. But it was surprising — and refreshing — to see how up-to-date it is about gender and race. Here are a few pages…


For example, a soldier, electrician and civil engineer are women, and an astronaut, doctor and school principal are people of color. What Do Grown-Ups Do All Day? came out this year and features vibrant illustrations and descriptions by Virginie Morgand of more than 100 jobs and workplace scenes. Bravo!




I also love that this book has a cross-referenced index! (“Army, see ‘Soldier.'”) Because I’m a nerd.

What other children’s books do you like? (Joanna recently flipped through this career-themed one from 1968 and was shocked by how outdated it felt. Look at this page, for instance!)

P.S. Children’s books with diverse characters and female protagonists.