Baby It's Cold Outside

Baby It's Cold Outside

Have you heard this updated version of Baby It’s Cold Outside? Minnesota couple Lydia Liza and Josiah Lemanski kept the woman’s lyrics the same, but changed the man’s lyrics to emphasize sexual consent. It’s funny because I never thought of the original version as anything but flirty, but once I heard this version, it felt so refreshing.

Here are a few of the exchanges:

Her: “I really can’t stay.”
Him: “Baby, I’m cool with that.”

Her: “This evening has been so very nice.”
Him: “I’m hoping you get home safe. I’m glad you had a real good time.”

Her: “My mother will start to worry.”
Him: “Call her so she knows you’re coming.”

Her: “I have to say no, no, no.”
Him: “You reserve the right to say no.”

Her: “I’ll be on my way.”
Him: “Thanks for the great night.”

Her: “Where is my coat?”
Him: “I’ll go and grab it, my dear.”

Isn’t that awesome?

P.S. On being a feminist, and feminist stock photos.

(Top photo from Neptune’s Daughter.)