Gift Guide Part #2: Your Best Friend Who Always Makes You Laugh and Will Meet You at Sephora Literally Anytime.

Gift Guide for Best Friends

A hilarious book of essays about work, dating and breakups, by the head writer of Amy Schumer’s show. $17.

Gift Guide for Best Friends

Pink vase, $24, for her bedside table.

Gift Guide for Friends

A pin of best friends, just like you, $15. (Also, this girls pin, $10.)

Gift Guide for Best Friends

A beautiful lip stain, $18, that she can swipe on every day.

Gift Guide for Best Friends

Six of the best cookies in New York City, $18, which pastry chef Jacques Torres describes as “a lot of chocolate with a little cookie dough around it.” (Or the cookie mix.)

Gift Guide for Best Friends

A donation in her name to Catalyst, an awesome nonprofit that helps break down barriers to career advancement for women all over the world.

Gift Guide for Best Friends

Socks from classic girl-y movies, $9, to make her smile.

Gift Guide for Best Friends

A folding knife and corkscrew (plus cheese and a baguette) for winter picnics. $30.

Gift Guide for Best Friends

Pink vans, $50, to add a wink to everyday adventures.

Gift Guide for Best Friends

A French leather bag to carry through the years. $345. (Would be a great wife gift:)

Gift Guide for Best Friends

The dry shampoo paste we all SWEAR by. Poof! Your hair gets crazy volume.

Gift Guide for Best Friends

A cabin weekend with all your girls. (Plus, this game!)

P.S. Last year’s best friend gift guide, and the 2016 gift guide so far.

  1. you come across with nice idea always …thanking you for sharing nice ideas

  2. Megan says...

    My girl friends and I go away to a cabin twice a year. It’s the best!

  3. Kate says...

    Great guide! That bag is my dream bag.

  4. Bernadette says...

    I have loved this blog for several years… bummed that the ouija board gets the occasional plug though. That thing is downright creepy!

  5. Holly says...

    Can I make a humble request for earlier gift guides next year? With the increasing Cyber Monday/week/whatever hoopla, I’ve mostly finished my shopping!

  6. Loribeth says...

    The audiobook version of Jessi Klein’s book (narrated by her) was amazing and made me laugh until I cried.

    One of the best gifts I ever got was a cookbook from my best friend and she put sticky-notes throughout the book with pithy comments and suggestions about how to get my husband to eat the dishes. It’s a great cookbook but those sticky notes are my favorite and sometimes I just read them when I need a good laugh.

  7. Emma says...

    Vase and Vans are proof that Glossier pink is taking over the WORLD! (and I like it)

    Eagerly awaiting your “husband/man-in-your-life” gift guide. Every other gift guide for men seems like it’s for a dad on some CW show whose only interests are beer/golf/fishing/hunting/sports – ugh. Your gift guides never let me down! (No pressure though…)

    • Megan Cahn says...

      First I got the Glossier lipstick, and I just ordered the Vans and the vase. You’re totally right!

  8. A cabin wekeend is such a fantastic idea. My girlfriends and I did a cabin weekend in upstate NY to watch the leave change in the fall and it was perfection. We’re all getting to that stage in our lives where is beginning to get really hard to get away- and I know it will only get harder. It so great to spend that time together while you still can!


  9. Erica says...

    I recently read You’ll Grow Out of It and the only part I hated was the fact that it wasn’t 3x as long. :) Books are excellent gifts.

  10. This gift guide is so on point! I just spent this past holiday week camping in a log cabin in Oregon. It was so nice to get away from the city and spend time with my family without any electronics.
    PS. Glossier lip stain is my go-to gift for all my friends. I’m obsessed!
    Thanks for sharing these fun gift ideas with us!

    Anika Yael Natori, aka, ‘The Josie Girl’

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      a log cabin, how amazing!

  11. The pink vase!! I want it! I don’t have plants though (they’d die under my care), maybe I can put something else in.
    – Charmaine

  12. Céline says...

    I knew you had to come accross the Sézane stuff someday !
    Thanks for this beautiful list, again !

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      i LOVE the brand. everything they do is so beautiful!

  13. Cat says...

    Agh! I keep forgetting to get Jessi Klein’s book. I’m friends with her sister and know there’s stuff about my friend’s wedding in there… which I’m not entirely sure I want to read?

  14. Oh gosh, I love that you call Jacques Torres’ the best chocolate chip cookies in the city! They are my absolute favorite! To die for. It was so fun to introduce my family to them last week when they were here for Thanksgiving.

  15. You’ll grow out of it left me ROFL….

  16. Catherine says...

    Love the whole list, especially the Catalyst idea! I’ve been looking for some worthy charities and have thus far been overwhelmed but this one is a perfect friend/sister cause. Thanks and keep it up!

  17. Yes, yes to Jessi Klein’s book! So good! Found myself snapping photos of passages on my phone so I could go back and read again and laugh. Love all your book recommendations-thanks for sharing!

  18. Those pink Vans!!!

  19. Lexi says...

    I bought my best friend the book and a cat pin from the same artist that does the best friend pins!:)

  20. Veronica says...

    Joanna, I just clicked on Gemma’s beauty uniform post you linked. In the section about showering, I mistakenly thought Ned was Gemma’s husband and couldn’t stop howling with laughter at this passage:

    “Ned is the kind of baby who gets needy when I’m in the shower – he just stands there holding onto the edge and bellows at me to get out – so the entire shower takes like two minutes flat.”

    • heather says...

      This made me snort laugh.

    • Joanna Goddard says...


  21. Love this gift guide! All of these things are so fun (and now on MY wish list now, oops!). Reading “You’ll Grow Out Of It” right now. :)

  22. A good friend gifts me a new shade of Mac lipstick every year for my birthday. I love it! It’s thoughtful, fun and gets me out of usual makeup rut. ;)

  23. Over the weekend my husband told me that he consulted your gift guides and admitted that he was hoping to find a gift guide for “Readers of Cup of Jo” HA! I told him I’d pass that along to you! ;)

    • heather says...

      Ha! My husband did the same thing! A “Readers of Cup of Jo” gift guide is an EXCELLENT idea.

      Alternatively, honey, if you’re reading this right now, I really like that bag. ;-)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      that is so sweet! we sometimes get emails from husbands/boyfriends/partners asking for gift ideas haha!

  24. Jules says...

    Had to get the lip stain for myself too!

  25. Natalie Brennan says...

    beautiful guide! you guys always find the best stuff.

  26. DRY SHAMPOO PASTE? Color me intrigued!

  27. Cynthia says...

    Pink Vans! How cool! I adore pink shoes.

  28. H says...

    Jo – who is your best friend???

  29. Karen says...

    HA! I couldn’t keep a straight face at “a donation in her name.” Don’t pull a George Costanza!! Maybe a donation in her name and a small gift? Just to ease the office gift exchange awkwardness.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      hahaha good idea!