8 Cool Instagram Accounts

8 Cool Instagram Accounts

How hilarious is this Instagram feed, Museum of Selfies? The project started when two friends went to the National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen. “I took a picture for fun,” says Olivia Muus, “And I liked how this simple thing could change their character and give their facial expression a whole new meaning.” Here are seven more fun Instagram feeds…

8 Cool Instagram Accounts

Artist Adam J. Kurtz‘s daily affirmations are so quirky and fun, they feel like little pep talks. Consider him your official Instagram therapist.

8 Cool Instagram Accounts

Girls At Library brings together a stylish group of women who share a love of books.

8 Cool Instagram Accounts

Frederic Forest draws such lovely simple figures. (Wouldn’t one look beautiful hung in a bedroom?)

8 Cool Instagram Accounts

Nikole Herriott‘s food shots make us want to head to the kitchen and whip up something delicious.

8 Cool Instagram Accounts

Folded Pages Distillery bring together the props that appear in books. (I love the Girl on the Train one!)

8 Cool Instagram Accounts

Cartoonist Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell makes us laugh every time.

Edwin J. Torres

Documentary photographer Edwin J. Torres beautifully captures everyday life in the Bronx.

Which Instagram feeds are you into these days? We’d love to hear!

P.S. Stranger stories and 8 more great Instagram feeds.

  1. tobywigglebottom! Involves a dog and a couple of babies. Can’t go wrong with that! Plus the captions are really hilarious :)

  2. One of my favorites is Tatte Bakery is local to the Boston area and has the most amazing baked goods on the planet! They are famous for their nut boxes, but everything is wonderful. It’s a great place to visit with friends for a real treat.

  3. Marnie Baird says...

    Have you seen @girlnextdoorhoney? Her account is all about bees and beekeeping! It’s fascinating.

  4. Kate says...

    I have recently discovered @hillarylooks and I’m obsessed. It is snapshots of Hillary Clinton over the years and I think it beautifully highlights her power and poise as a woman and a leader. (but also with some silliness and fun fashion moments thrown in there as well)

  5. Lynn says...

    Lucy Knisley hands down. She’s capturing new motherhood so well. And she often posts once or twice a day!

  6. you’ve probably featured this already, but i don’t remember. my new obsession is @thatcheeseplate. it always makes me want to throw a party!

  7. Madeleine says...

    I love @unknownmanclaspshandfromcloud.
    A couple documenting raising three children, in a funny, absurdist, non sequiter way.
    The contrasting illustration techniques and the meandering story that reveals its self are delightful.

    They also have a blog with a full episode uploaded daily.

  8. Camille says...

    Adamjk is the best! I love him so much.

    Lucy Knisley (cartoonist & author- French Milk!) is my favorite because her illustrations of being a new mom are just so perfectly sweet, funny, and really honest.

    • Sue says...

      YES Lucy Knisley! I totally want to donate to her Patreon and get a picture!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh my gosh, too cute!!!

    • Eva says...

      I second @chillwildlife

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      thank you!

  9. Sarah says...

    Try JMUgracie, she’s an art teacher in Maryland and posts the scraps left over from that day’s classes. She turns trash into art!

  10. sofija says...

    My absolute favorite instagram account is nasa! I am continually blown away by their posts.

    • Me too! I love NASA’s account! I also follow the International Space Station, Bobak Ferdowsi, Buzz Aldrin, and a bunch of astronauts. My daughter went through a space phase and now I’m obsessed! It’s so cool!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      so awesome, thank you!

  11. Do you want the antidote to all stress and frustration? Follow pregnant foster cats on Instagram. My favorites are @myfosterkittens, @foster_kittens, and @fostercatsandkittens. Watching baby kitties cures all. (and I am @MamaRobot, if looking at drawings of robots and other doodles is more to your liking :)

    • Meredith says...

      Oh no…..I may never do any actual work at work again. So cute though.

  12. bisbee says...

    I added a few of these. I’m looking forward to the photographs of the Bronx. I lived there until I was 7…interesting to see current photos.

  13. I am so glad that you posted this because I had just decided to ask my FB friends, “What are your favorite Instagram accounts?” I am a little late to the Instagram party (especially for a photographer), but I am really enjoying posting some photos at

    And here are some amazing artists that I highly endorse:

  14. Irati says...

    Great picks! May I suggest my sister’s illustrations, I think they are lovely: @izaretxeberria

    • Joanna Goddard says...


  15. Julia says...

    Someone really funny is rating bathrooms in and around Vancouver, BC George Costanzo style ;P


    Even if you’re not a local (super useful info for when you visit here though) it’s hilarious

    • Julia says...


  16. I love the Folded Pages Distillery account! I will now be spending my time going back through all of the past posts and adding a bunch of new books to my reading list.

  17. I love @gracelaced ??

  18. @ rachelryle posts mesmerizing illustrated videos!
    @puremichigan… because the autumn instagrams are dreamy.

    also, not an account but the hashtag #bookfacefriday. I am itching to do one myself!

  19. Alex says...

    i love these kids (kids! Im so old now) who sneak into often very beautiful old abandoned buildings and spaces (amusement parks, factories) and post images – a good round up from @kingsabandoned and @anonamolicious. See the beautiful depravity of life makes me feel better about the imperfection of mine. And also reminds me of my mortality. Which oddly as a hospice doc I love it seems to be reminded of minute by minute. Ha!

  20. I’m an artist (@ramblingsketcher…lots of watercolors and urban sketching, mostly around NYC) and mostly follow other artists and design-driven instagrams. Some of my favorites are:

    @sixstreetunder (for awesome street photography based out of the UK)
    @ihavethisthingwithfloors (like it sounds)
    @tina_berning (beautiful mixed media and portrait art) @endre_penovac (stellar watercolors, super inspirational for me!) @catharinemisook (great calligraphy coupled with quotes and amazing stationery)

    • thanks for the mention!

  21. Thanks for sharing! :)

  22. Elizabeth says...

    One of my favs (from your blog, I think?) is overheardla Cracks me up every time…I love following accounts that make me laugh, forget about the food pictures!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh, yes, hahaha, love it! also @mytherapistsays is so so funny.

  23. Rachel says...

    I’ve known hikari of folded pages distillery IRL for 8ish years and she’s one of the best humans. How fun to see her here!

  24. Lucy S says...

    Jessie Cave does wonderfully observed cartoons- very funny and worth checking out. And if you’re not following Symmetry Breakfast, well… You’re missing out!

  25. Diana says...

    I hope more people come to comment here. I wanted to scroll through the comment section and find out about what everyone’s obsessed with! Meanwhile, I’m here and have no idea what I would share. Maybe try following @therealhannahsimone . Her captions are always out of this world funny and she’s a mega-babe. I also really love @instasteak . She’s so weird. And try @careercontessa for all things work related!

  26. Alice says...

    Love all of these!

  27. Susie says...

    I have a Frederic Forest drawing tattooed on my ribs. His sketches are so light and dreamy!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      No way!! That is awesome!!

  28. Jessica says...

    Oh my GOSH Folded Pages Distillery! In love. Honestly, seeing her feed made me so happy it almost brought me to tears (having a bad work day and would just rather be reading. counting the seconds until I can go to book club tonight and discuss The Girls!) Three cheers for books :)

  29. These are brilliant :) The Museum Selfies account is hilarious and I love Folded Pages Distillery it’s great for the visuals and book recommendations; it also looks like it has a wonderful community too, which is so lovely on a social media platform (yours is delightful too). New and instagram accounts to follow, thanks Jo!

  30. Liz says...

    I have become a little obsessed with Baby Joey in @lauraiz’s account – so freakin’ creative and adorable! The different Smithsonian museum accounts can be interesting as well, although I think my favorite is when the various national museums throw subtle shade at each other in the comments.

    • Tracy says...

      So on point! Thank you for the awesome content, your special style and inclusive voice. Your blog is a treat that I look forward to!