8 Cool Instagram Accounts

8 Cool Instagram Accounts

Do you have a favorite Instagram account these days? Here are eight hilarious and beautiful ones we’ve been loving…

Above: The French artist Jean Jullien, known for his “Peace for Paris” symbol, shares visual puns and illustrations mixed with everyday objects.

8 Cool Instagram Accounts

Color gradients have never looked more delicious. Brittany Wright showcases rainbows made of food in her Instagram feed, Wright Kitchen.

8 Cool Instagram Accounts

Overheard LA documents funny comments made by Los Angeles locals.

8 Cool Instagram Accounts

The New York City Ballet’s feed deserves a slow clap. Beautiful ballet photographs are often posted in groups of four or six to create a larger scene, like Clara and the Nutcracker soaring high above the audience.

8 Cool Instagram Accounts

Stockholm-based illustrator Maja Säfström posts whimsical animal drawings with dialogue bubbles that speak straight to our hearts. (How sweet is this behind-the-scenes shot?)

8 Cool Instagram Accounts

Daily Overview showcases satellite images of landscapes around the world. Clockwise, from top left: coast of Chile, fruit trees in Spain, Dutch tulip fields and farms in the Netherlands.

8 Cool Instagram Accounts

With those floppy ears and droopy eyes, Dean The Basset will make you chuckle every time you see him.

8 Cool Instagram Accounts

Iceland is known for having one of the lowest violent crime rates in the world. The official Instagram account of the Reykjavík police department features hilariously sweet moments from the front lines of duty, including feeding geese and practicing handstands in the snow.

What’s your must-follow on Instagram these days?

P.S. Even more of our all-time Instagram favorites.

  1. Carrie says...

    @commentawards — this account had me laughing so hard when I found it that I’m pretty sure my dog was starting to get worried. I’d recommend starting all the way from the beginning. Bone apple tea!

  2. Charles Faid says...

    If you’re interested in architecture, landscapes and portraits – you should check out @acjwatt

  3. Lenny says...

    My favourite is @cupofmeat – varied, quirky, inspiring!

  4. @americanheavyweight

    fitness + fun + humor + landscape

  5. Annie says...

    chica.pooh is a cute little rescue pup

  6. These are awesome, they definitely make me want to start my own unique insta account! I’ve been following Coffee Cups of the World and it’s a little beautiful piece of art I get to see every day!

  7. The IG account Waiting Dogs has been such a thing for me, not just for the account, but like today, I was walking into the grocery store and I saw a Blood Hound resting its head in the window of a batter Ram truck. Its head was resting in the window like I’ve lain my own head on hotel pillows—totally blissed out. Following the account keeps my eyes open in a different way, tilted toward whimsy

    • I meant to say battered Ram truck. Grr.

  8. Thanks for sharing, Joanna! Daily Overview and Wright Kitchen both look incredible! I can’t believe I haven’t been following The New York City Ballet’s Instagram.

    Favourite ballet accounts:

    Tarzan Dan (@tarzandan), a Toronto-based photographer who shoots the most breathtaking dance, travel, sports and fashion images. I absolutely love his ballet photographs. He’s done a lot of shoots at The Extension Room, the ballet fitness studio where I go.

    I also love Tina Pereira’s account (@ballerinacouture). She’s a ballerina with The National Ballet of Canada and a designer.

    Karolina Kuras’s account (@karolinakuras) is also pretty amazing.

    Other favourites:

    Marta J (@avocadoontoast), the founder and fashion editor of Mi Magazine
    George Byrne (@george_byrne), LA based artist
    Pat McGrath (@patmcgrathreal) – no introduction needed
    Reese Witherspoon (@reesewitherspoon) – no introduction needed

  9. Jennyg says...

    Check out the dogist(NY photographer) and streetartglobe is really cool too!

  10. Rachel Rednor says...

    you must check out @lolabarksdale…so sassy

  11. Overhead LA is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Love the satellite images of landscapes. Thank you for sharing


  13. Kim says...

    Camping with cats!

  14. yael steren says...

    I LOVE the color gradients one!! I end up following mostly style IG accounts because that’s what I do, or animals IG accounts (bc i love animals) but I would definitely follow that one!!! xx yael

  15. If you’re a fan of dance Instagrams check out PersonalPractice. Her daily free form modern dance flow is a lot of fun!

  16. Love all your insta recommendations, I immediately added most to my feed!

    xx B

  17. Bec says...

    My son loves the International Space Station feed. ASTRONAUTS actually IN SPACE! It’s pretty cool :)

  18. overheard LA is hilarious – followed! :)

    i run @thepingpongproject where we get 2 people from around the world to take over the account and play visual ping pong against each other every week. check it out!

  19. prudence says...

    thank you for Overheard LA!.. lol, the fax machine and the blood donation one got me cracking… Humans are amazing.

  20. So many fun ones! I think I have some new accounts to follow :)

  21. Wallace says...

    @bookriot for book recommendations!

  22. Constance says...

    Try laflamme for her travel experiences; also landry to see stunning chainsaw art by a personable young man from Maine. He sometimes posts shots of his manager wife and their rat terriers.

  23. Tovah says...

    I started following National Geographic (natgeo) lately. Beautiful photos (of course), and it really takes me back to the days of reading the mag in elementary school. Highly recommend!

  24. Lisa says...

    ChrisBurkard for unreal outdoor photos.

  25. Ania says...

    Thank you! I love your recommendations.

  26. I’m obsessed with knitting (I know) hence I’m following a lot of makers’ accounts. Currently obsess with bmandarins (beware: ultra dreamy) and thiswildidea (yes I follow many many dogs on instagram)… I’m going to check out the reykjavik police account as I’m heading there and it’s nice to see what they’re up to!

  27. If you’re a parent @fowllanguagecomics is a must. Absolutely hilarious!

  28. Wow, overheard in LA sounds hilarious. I remember while I was in college I thought I should make an overheard blog because of the ridiculous things I would hear people say to each other behind me in classes!


  29. shira says...

    check out @woofwoofalfie – super cute golden retriever mix puppy in nyc!!

  30. Miri says...

    Cuteness overload!!

  31. The tulip fields look unreal! I love it!

  32. Katherine says...

    Overheard LA is a favorite of mine! And as a local Angeleno I laugh (and worry!) every time I say something just a little too “LA”

  33. Patricia says...

    These are great. My three year old was just looking over my shoulder as I was reading this and caught sight of the naked man Instagram picture underneath the post. She giggled and said, “Tushy! Why is he standing there? He’s probably just a decoration. ” Ha!

  34. Ahaha the LA ones are hilarious. Thanks for curating these!

  35. i found some new instagram feeds to follow through this :) loving the overheard la and the reykjavík police department ones!

  36. Astronaut Scott Kelley!!! Amazing daily photos from his year in space.

    Also NASA. I like the universe.

  37. jo says...

    Oh I love these! I love how instagram seems to pull us all together from around the world. You can feel so intimately connected to someone who literally lives as far from you as humanly possible.
    This may be a little random but it makes me wonder, do you ever consider living somewhere like Hungary or Portugal where the cost of living is so low compared to the US? Sometimes I see these amazing accounts and since my husband can work from anywhere I think, I should quit my job and move somewhere abroad. Do you ever think that?

  38. I love Jean julliens accnt! So creative! Thanks for sharing these other accounts!

  39. Lauren E. says...

    Just when I think I’ve seen everything Instagram has to offer…

    My absolute favorite of the moment is Wafflenugget. It’s just filled with photos of an adorable Bernese mountain dog, and also when you start following your “explore posts” tab is suddenly filled with images of OTHER adorable Bernese mountain dogs. You can’t lose!

  40. Leslie K says...

    My favorite account is Henryvisits. It follows a goldendoodle’s visits to various sites in Los Angeles.

  41. I always these posts, love adding new and pretty things to my instagram feed, thank you xx

  42. R says...

    I love the account:

    It’s a bad sheepdog that will do anything to get a snack. I can relate :)

  43. Oh, thank you for the recommendations! I will definitely be following some of these!

    Joanna, since I know you love Ballet I have to recommend Harper Watters (@theharperwatters). He’s a Houston Ballet dancer, and his Instagram is a good mix of amazing ballet pictures and videos, and humor. I’m obsessed!

    • SJ says...

      Karolina Kuras (@karolinakuras) is another great ballet Instagram! She’s a photographer with the National Ballet of Canada.