#1 Travel Tip for Flying with Kids

Now that we’ve been parents for six-and-a-half years, we’ve flown several long flights, including to visit family in California and England. But on every flight, I refuse to do one airplane ritual…

As people prepare to board the plane, the airline will invariably invite parents with young children to board first. And many brave parents go for it. But why?! Why would you do that to yourself?

We’ve found that it’s way easier to wait until the last nanosecond to board. Instead of sitting on a parked plane, trying to convince your kids to sit still and speak quietly, and busting out snacks, books and phones — your little ones are free to run around the airport, watch planes out the window, hit the bathroom one more time and generally get their wiggles out.

Then! At the last minute, you swoop in, grab your seats, and go. You’ve shaved 30 or 45 minutes off your overall flight — during which, as any parent flying with kids will tell you, every second matters :)

Do you do the same, or do you prefer boarding early? Any other family travel tips you have? Also, here’s a smarter way to board planes overall — so interesting!

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