Have a Beautiful Weekend.


What are your plans for the weekend? We’re sneaking out to Coney Island one more time before the summer ends. Also, the comments on this post were AMAZING — thank you so much for taking the time to share! Meanwhile, if you’re in a blog-reading mood, here are a few fun links from around the web…

How to describe colors to someone who is blind.

Obama’s female staffers came up with a genius strategy to make sure they were heard.

The other night, the woman sitting next to us at a restaurant was wearing this pajama top with jeans and looked super super cute.

Chillwave version of the Seinfeld theme song.

I tried five different hair colors in two months.”

Broccoli made delicious.

Pretty design.

Children’s books featuring kids of color. (My boys also really like this one.)

I know it’s fall, but gorgeous is this swimsuit?

This is cool.

The top 10 genius recipes of all time.

How dogs drink water.

Have a good one. xoxo

(Photo by Yossy Arefi. Seinfeld via Kottke.)

  1. oh the hair color one. I have dark hair and think most dark haired women look terrible as blondes but i love her in platinum.

  2. Tawni says...

    Now I want to dye my hair blonde! That was an interesting article to read.

  3. Jen says...

    Pajama tops have been edging their way into a lot of brands’ collections. Like a lot of others, I would love to see how the woman at the restaurant pulled it off. I am not opposed to the idea but haven’t seen it done in a real life scenario successfully!

  4. you had me at that photo!!!
    one of my favourite fruits of all times (reminds me of summer vacations and teen years)

  5. Cheryl says...

    Hey Joanna! You mentioned children’s books and it reminded me of the book I grabbed on a whim on our last trip to the library. My four year old daughter and I sat down to read this
    And I was pleasantly surprised to discover an interracial couple and gay couple with children. Now, that doesn’t seem revolutionary at all in our day to day lives but it is interesting In four years I’ve only ever seen books depicting a mom and dad that had the same skin color.
    Also, I thought of you when I read this book about Jessie, one of the first subway cars in NYC, who’s service continues underwater as a living reef. Your boys would adore it.

  6. Amanda says...

    I was completely obsessed with that broccoli recipe from the time she posted it until she posted the shredded zucchini pizza. Now I combine the two. The lemon and chili flakes from the broccoli gets mixed into the zucchini (plus some basil or mint) and it is perfection.

  7. I ALWAYS love these types of posts from you! Obsessed with those marble-inspired design pieces, and the one about colours really got to me <3 So touching!

  8. catalina says...

    Really love that bathing suit! After 2 months of heat and sun, rain is finally here!

  9. Karen T. says...

    OMG–the platinum hair was BEAUTIFUL!! So cool to hear about the process behind all that coloring!

  10. Joy says...

    My 3-year-old just asked me today how dogs drink water. A totally random question. But now I know what to tell her!

  11. Heading to Long Beach, WA for some cousin playtime. The weather is supposed to pour though. Finding indoor things could be tricky!
    “F is for Feelings” is a favorite here for so many reasons. We wore our copy out!

  12. Casey says...

    I can’t tell you how giddy I got just thinking about a Cup of Jo convention! I actually don’t know anyone else who reads your blog so I imagine me and thousands of other women I don’t know on a giant GNO! Xo

  13. Fern says...

    I’d add Last Stop on Market Street to that list of children’s books. It’s playful, thoughtful, real and very sweet. I actually think you and your family would really love it, Joanna.

  14. Casey says...

    J.Crew is selling that pajama top as a shirt. Just saw it in their fall magazine!

  15. Traci Barr Segal says...

    Funny that you shared the pajama top. I’ve been wearing a summer version from JCrew Factory in navy blue polka dot. I’ve gotten so many compliment on it, when I wear it with a jean skirt, and my floral Birkenstocks. Folks are always surprised when I tell them it’s a pajama top, but the cute peterpan collar really makes it.

  16. Eden says...

    Tell me more about the style of jeans paired with the pajama top? I have a similar top, and have wanted to wear it out, but can’t figure out what to wear on the bottom half.

  17. Carrie says...

    I love what the female staffers did in the white house! I wish I wasn’t the only female in my workplace!!

    Also the dog thing…it seriously blew my mind.

  18. Mary says...

    I kept wondering how much all that salon time cost– with the costliest process being going blonde. How much does costliness and appearance of wealth influence people’s love of the blonde?

  19. Nicole Krensky says...

    Joanna! The list of books featuring children of color includes one by my father-in-law, Stephen Krensky :-) He is the nicest man in the whole world and it is so exciting for me to see him connected to my favorite blog!!

    “I Know A Lot,” the book featured, is one of an empowerment series he did that is so, so sweet for small children. Others include “Now I Am Big” and “I Can Do It Myself” and “I Am So Brave” — highly recommend them all, and the illustrations are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the list!

  20. A behind the scenes would be so great, I aspire to one day connect with people around the world as effortlessly as you and learning a bit of your process would help.


  21. Michelle says...

    I loved the different hair colors article! I agree, she looked most confident as that first blonde.

    I have to say, I was a little disappointed she disliked he red so much! As a redhead with almost that exact same copper color, I was hoping for a personal confidence boost but ended up feeling pretty bummed at her reaction, as well as her coworkers’ reactions. :(

    • Linda says...

      I think natural redheads are gorgeous. I just didn’t think that color suited her skin color. I’m a brunette, and I got blonde highlights and it looked really strange on me. Certain colors just seem to look better with their corresponding skin tone I think.

    • When I was looking at the photos before reading the article, the red was my favorite on her!! It was so spunky and vivacious. She really did look gorgeous in the blond, so I guess it was just the letdown of such a drastic change.

      I loved that article – and really all these links!

    • Suzanne says...

      SAME! I did think the blonde looked best though. As a natural redhead myself I always suffer a little blow to my confidence when someone gets their hair dyed similar to mine and then goes on about how much they hate it, haha!

    • Jemm says...

      I liked the red on her best of all and platinum second

    • Laura C. says...

      I envy you all redheads! I am a dark brunette but I feel redhead inside… Currently living with wishes of change, want to cut and/or dye my long hair but I am always fighting with my anxiety and a little low self-esteem… this girl has changed from brunette to platinum to redhead in five weeks. She looks great in every look.

    • Court says...

      Natural redheads are gifts from the Universe. Just think, it is the most rare hair color, and there are many interesting variations in tone for redheads (auburn, strawberry blond, brown with natural red highlights). Plus, jewel tones look amazing on redheads. I’m a dark mousey blonde but had a red dye job before and I loved it!

  22. Katie C says...

    That article about hair colour! I’m partially super jealous of that woman, but on the other hand not at all! I have naturally very dark hair and I would looove to try all of those colours but I just wouldn’t be able to handle the upkeep, never mind the amount of damage! That first shade of blonde was GORGEOUS though! So tempting!

    • Katie C says...

      Sorry for yelling. I just got really worked up there haha;)

  23. Natasha says...

    Hi Joanna,

    I’m a longtime reader and love your voice- you are always so eloquent, and your writing always feels so authentic and true. I’m so curious to hear how you choose what content to post. For example, how did you decide to feature a week of Piper Gray’s outfits? Or weekly illustrations by Mari Andrew? Or the picture that goes with each Friday’s list of links? I would love to hear :)

    Hope you have a wonderful beach weekend!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      that’s a good question, natasha! it would be fun to do a post about the behind-the-scenes and decision-making processes. (one basic litmus test is just whether we, ourselves, are interested in the post idea — we really wanted to see piper’s outfits and i laugh so much at mari’s illustrations. whatever comes up in general conversation, or is on our minds, or is going on in the world, is fair game!) thank you so much for your note!

    • Natasha says...

      Hi Joanna,

      Thanks so much for your reply! A behind-the-scenes post would be fascinating. I figured whatever captured your interest would be in the pipeline of possibilities, but the internet is full of so many interesting things, and your content has a consistent vibe without ever feeling repetitive. Looking forward to maybe hearing more :)