Brooklyn street

After searching for an apartment for four years, I started to doubt it would ever happen. We’d had so many ups and downs and had been outbid on five different places.

But finally the stars aligned! We bought an apartment! It was terrifying to sign the contract — I’ve always been a renter – but we’re so, so happy and grateful that we’ve found a place that hopefully will be our family home for a really long time. So crazy and exciting to think about.

It’s funny because Alex and I have talked about possibly moving to California many times since we first met (“What are we going to talk about now?!” Alex joked as we signed the papers for our new place), but Brooklyn is a great fit for our family. I love how it feels like a small town within a big city, and everyone seems to know each other. We still aren’t psyched about long dark winters, but we’ll stock up on sun lamps and learn to make soups.

Thank you so much for reading, and I look forward to sharing photos of the new place once we’ve gotten everything organized!

Joanna Goddard

Joanna Goddard

P.S. Our previous apartment, and a bed trick.

(Top photo of a Brooklyn street by Stella Blackmon.)