Bellwood Barn rental in the Hudson Valley

This weekend, we drove a few hours north of Brooklyn and stayed at a 19th-century barn in the Hudson Valley with some friends. When we showed up, we were blown away…

Bellwood Barn rental in the Hudson Valley

The coolest part was that you could open the huge doors on either end of the barn. How incredible is that?!

Joanna and Alex

You could feel the fall breeze even sitting on the sofa.

Bellwood Barn in Saugerties

The boys played outside for ages…

Saugerties Lighthouse in the Hudson Valley

And we also walked with our friends to the Saugerties lighthouse and explored the charming town. It was one of those magical fall weekends.

Anyway, I thought I’d let you know, in case anyone is looking for a great getaway spot! Here are a few other places outside the city that look wonderful, too: The Floating Farmhouse, this lovely rental in the North Fork, the design hotel Graham & Co. and Hillside Schoolhouse (a one-room schoolhouse turned gospel chapel turned boutique hotel — it almost looks haunted in the photo!).

Are there any towns, hotels or rentals you like within driving distance of NYC? I’d love to hear.

Hope you had a good weekend! xoxo