What are your plans for the weekend? We’re taking the boys to Rockaway Beach tomorrow, and on Sunday, Alex and I are celebrating our seventh wedding anniversary. (Crazy that we’ve been married for so long! This feels like yesterday.) Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

The new movie Fatima looks great.

The one word you should never say to guests in your home.

What to do with gross tomatoes.

Loving these bags for back-to-school. (Anton got the shark!)

A vacation feels longer when you don’t plan it to death.

Made me laugh.

French schools will use a model clitoris in sex-ed classes. Bravo!

A simple idea for making more friends.

Great fall shoes.

5 women try on the same 10 pairs of jeans. (Really fun to read.)

Hahaha, how to be cool while you’re texting.

Slow TV — like knitting and a train ride — comes to Netflix.

This Matt Damon interview has a clever format. (He also legitimately seems like a nice guy.)

A cool writing class. “Every assignment would be delivered in five versions: A three page version, a one page version, a three paragraph version, a one paragraph version, and a one sentence version. I don’t care about the topic. I care about the editing.”

(Photo by Ben Wagner. Writing class via Jocelyn Glei.)