Toby’s First Day of School

Today was Toby’s first day of school. He was so excited about meeting the teachers, making new friends and wearing his motorcycle backpack (even though the only thing tucked inside was a toy car:). As we were leaving the house, a sweet neighbor offered to take a photo–a big thank you to him for capturing the giddy moment.

Hope all the kids out there are having a good first month!

P.S. Flashbacks: Toby as a newborn, his violin and a giraffe Halloween costume.

  1. I really adore the last picture of you and Toby that my eyes welled up with tears! It really shows the bond we mamas have with our first- borns. They will always be our baby, wouldn’t they Joanna?! My son is a 4 year old too and school is an adventure every single day!

  2. omg he looks SO adorable and happy and excited. Is he loving school? I was walking out of my son’s school the other day, he’s been there a little over a month, and all the kids were shouting “Bye, Charlie!!”…so dang cute. He was super cool about the whole thing (he’s three) but I think he secretly liked it :) Good luck to Toby!

  3. I reread the violin entry from last year and remembered how adorably sweet I thought it was! Is Toby still into violins? Congratulations Toby!

  4. That little boy honestly has the sweetest face – it’s been a pleasure watching him grow up on your blog, Joanna! Congrats to Toby on his first day. I remember I cried and cried and wouldn’t let my mother’s hand go on mine – bet he was much braver!

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

  5. You must be so proud !
    He looks awesome – a new beginning, indeed !

  6. Such a big moment in your life – special photos to look back on. x

  7. SUCH a big day! Congrats Toby!!!

  8. Go Toby!!

  9. Happy first day, Toby! And what a great regular old photo of the 4 of you.

  10. Love the Vespa scooter backpack! Cuteness!

  11. what sweet photos! I’m so glad someone was able to capture the moment for you! Toby looks absolutely THRILLED to go to school. hopefully that’s how he’ll remain for the rest of the year, right? :)

  12. Autare, funnily enough, he’s not into superheros yet AT ALL. he only wants to talk about cars, motorcycles, trucks….still in that phase for now:)

  13. Mmm, so nice backpack, I love it :)
    How he decided he wanted this one? I asking ’cause in my country is hard with that… all boys want spiderman, ironman, cars etc, and girls frozen, barbie and etc.
    how to tell your child that this ugly and bad quality? And all in his/her school are the same…

  14. What sweet pictures! You will treasure these forever. Thank goodness for the serendipitous encounter with your neighbor.

  15. This is soooo sweet!
    Hope Toby has a great schoolyear!
    xoxo Marissa

  16. Yay Toby! Hope the first day went real well :)

  17. Happy First day of school Toby!!! You are so adorable with your backpack. Wow, I see fall leaves already on the ground there… we are still summer and all green leaves here in Toronto– but it snowed in Alberta today… go figure?

  18. Too darn cute!! congrats to you all!

    x Lily

  19. He is so adorable! :) Congrats on his first day at school!

  20. Oh Toby – what a big day! Congratulations, little man!

  21. So love Anton’s look of “what is happening here?” Congrats ti Toby – his smile is wonderful!

  22. Congrats! What a lovely family. We have two boys around the same ages as Toby and Anton, with the older one just started pre-K, with the same exact back pack! So cute how Toby wears it. Our boy make us carry it for him. Our little boy has the robot one. We are only a subway/bike ride away in Park Slope. Hope to see you around Carroll Park some time!

  23. The photo of little Toby from behind with his big backpack melts me. Just darling :)

  24. so cute!!! congrats!!

  25. I love how Anton looks the same in both photos… “no biggie as long as I get to suck my thumb.”

  26. I love how Anton looks the same in both photos… “no biggie as long as I get to suck my thumb.”

  27. I like how positive this post comes across. Toby looks so excited!

  28. that’s a rad backpack! I was dropping off my daughter earlier last week and noticed all the first-timers walking around with teachers,because they were crying and stressing out, and thought how funny it would be if we were allowed to express our emotions in adult world and how my boss would be walking my crying face around the office on the first day of new job, and everyone would be like ‘aww it’s ok, here, have a lollipop’ :)

  29. Hey Jo – can I be that annoying person who asks where you got Toby’s cute backpack? I love it and its so much cuter than all the terribly designed Ninja Turtle crap I’m seeing so many bloggers hawk these days (also mad props for having awesome sponsors who fit with your whole brand/image).

  30. haha, kate, he actually had these insane tangles in the back of his hair—they’re so bad, i’m going to have to cut them off! planning to do it tonight [insert cringing emoji here]

  31. SO cute! I love his mussed up hair and ruffled shirt! You guys are so normal. What a cutie :)

  32. Lovely Photos :) Good luck Toby :) Have a nice teachers and lots of new friends :)

  33. Joanna, you are ridiculously photogenic!! Hope Toby has a great first day!

  34. Great photos – everyone looks so excited and proud (well – except for Anton who looks totally chill). Hope Toby’s day went well and he has lots of stories tonight – is his imaginary friend going to the same school?

  35. So cute! Love the first day of school! There’s so much excitement and anticipation. Yah for Toby!

  36. yes, anton totally wanted to go. he wants to go everyone toby goes and do everything toby does :)

  37. Did Anton want to go, too? So sweet. Toby looks like he didn’t get too much sleep the night before. :)

  38. What a special day!!! It’d be always in our family memories. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  39. Yay, go Toby! What a brave little guy!

  40. He looks so thrilled and excited — here’s to him never losing that sense of adventure. And how did mama do on the first day of school?

    xx alex

  41. So darling. I cannot believe it’s time for Toby to go to school – I remember when the little man was born!

  42. This is adorable! How bright and smiley his his eyes are! Looking forward to the great adventure. And I love Anton`s coolness. ;-) Great moment.

  43. Great family photo on Toby’s first day of school. Very sweet and charming…it will be fun to look back at when he graduates high school.


  44. AG says...

    A toy car! So awesome.

  45. So sweet! Congratulations and good luck! My son started pre-k last week. Soon enough that big hollow backpack will be filled with fantastic art and all sorts of delightful things.

  46. How sweet! I love that he packed his bag with the essentials for a good first day of school ;o)

  47. That last photo has got to be the sweetest first day picture of all time…

  48. Thanks for clearing that up, Joanna! He’s still a baby :)

  49. Glad you captured that moment! My mom took a photo of me in front of our front door every year on my first day of school. It of course annoyed me as a teenager, but it was a neat tradition & I’m glad she insisted! It was fun on my high school graduation day to see all my “first day” photos on display.

    And on my first day of my last year of college I had my husband take a photo of me in front of our front door to send to my mom. :)

  50. meadow, it’s actually pre-K (for four-year-olds at a little preschool nearby), and he’ll start kindergarten at “the big school” next year.

  51. desiree, me too. toby will always be a teeny newborn in my eyes :)

  52. Ah, we always, every year, take a photo at the front door on the first day of each new year at school. You must remember to do it each year,
    I hope he got on well,

  53. Oh gosh, I still think of him as a tiny baby! :) What a wonderful little boy! Best wishes, Toby!

  54. My kids got to walk to school, and sneak home if they forgot their homework or to eat lunch with me. Small town USA dreams! Enjoy the baby, you get to know them in a new way when school starts.

  55. Oh my gosh, so darling! My son’s preschool backpack is the same way – only a lovie and toy truck inside, but he insists on bringing it every day! :) Happy first day of school to you!

  56. I don’t have kids yet and it’s been soo long since I’ve been in school myself – is this grade 1 or does kindergarten count as the first day of school? In any case, they grow up so fast lol.

  57. haha he would LOVE that but his school is just a couple blocks away. he has requested a bus many times nonetheless :)

  58. Does he have a bus? :)

  59. Aaaaaaw he looks so sweet! Congratulations big boy Toby!