Chef April Bloomfield on how to earn your stars at work. “There was a time when a very famous Australian chef came to Kensington Place. It’s customary to come in and shake hands with the other chefs. I reached out my hand, and he actually just walked past and didn’t shake my hand. It made me look at him and think, I’m going to be better than you one day.”

Four Fun Things

My friend Abbey, who is a genius with flowers, once told me that the secret to simple arrangements is a vase with a small neck. Even a single bloom will look beautiful, versus sparse or wilted.

Anxiety Land Theme Park

Featured attractions at Anxiety Land Theme Park, including the Regular Elevator: “Enter this normal, functioning elevator… if you dare. Watch with terror as the metal doors creak to a close. As you ascend at a low speed, observe the inspection chart on the wall. It’s written in faded pencil, so there’s no way to know for certain that it’s up to code! Sneak a look at the people around you. They will be your entire world if you get stuck in here and are, for some reason, never rescued. There’s no way to escape Regular Elevator!! Find yourself seized with fear when you reach your floor and… the doors don’t open right away. That’s right — there’s a three-second delay.”

Young Frankk earrings

Cool earrings. (And those brows!!!)

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(Top photo of chef April Bloomfield via Nomad.)