Kiss and Tell by Sara Macel

A kiss during a 1970’s honeymoon at the beach.

Where have you kissed people? Photographer Sara Macel asked dozens of people that question, and then she photographed their kissing spots — like woods, rooftops and restaurants.

“It’s like the opposite of a crime scene,” she told me on the phone. “It’s also amazing how little of a prompt you have to give for someone to tell you the most intimate details of their life.”

Kiss and Tell by Sara Macel

A kiss at the Natural History Museum during a school trip.

Kiss and Tell by Sara Macel

A kiss in a car after working a shift at the diner.

Her project spoke to me because places can be such a key part of an experience. When I walk around the city, there are so many random places that feel significant — a kiss years before, a break up, a moment when I couldn’t help sobbing on a street corner. Sometimes experiences are as much about the place as the person.

One memorable kiss story from a past life is when I went with friends to a restaurant on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Beforehand, one of the guys and I had gone out three separate nights alone — to a band, a movie and a bar — but no kiss had happened. Finally, at the end of this group dinner, he said, “Sorry, guys, will you wait a second? We have to go over here and have our first kiss.” And we walked around the corner and did just that.

What about you? Where have you kissed people? I’m so curious…

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