Have a Beautiful Weekend.

Flowers by Nicole Franzen

What are you up to this weekend? Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, mothers-to-be and mothers-at-heart. We’re going to the Natural History Museum tomorrow and I’m hoping to sleep in on Sunday:) Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

How to talk dirty.

My friend recommended this exercise app. Excited to try it!

Seventy-year-olds’ cooking advice. (Loved this.)

Hatch launched their gorgeous beach collection.

Made me laugh.

23 questions to ask your child about Mommy. The answers would be hilarious.

A cool electric toothbrush?

4 wine words to stop using already.

Zero talent required.

What one airline did about babies crying on the plane.

We just got 12 of these glasses for our apartment and love them.

Not a bad baby gift.

My sister Lucy will be talking about life, death and When Breath Becomes Air (her late husband’s book) in Manhattan this Monday. Here’s the event info, if you’d like to join. xoxo

(Photo by Nicole Franzen/Instagram)

  1. Tali says...

    I did the 23 questions to ask your children about mommy with the kids I babysit and here’s what I got. I’ve know J and T since for 2.5 years, J is 5 and T is 3. The loved it as I read the questions off my phone and the answers were so so sweet and on point. I didn’t ask all the questions, but it was so fun!

    What makes mommy sad?
    Crying, screaming and pointing – T
    Whining – J

    What was mommy like as a child?
    She had long hair -J

    How old is mommy?
    35 -J (so close, she’s actually 34!)

    How tall is mommy?
    This tall – T (holding up his hands to as high as his own head)
    50 inches -J

    What’s mommy’s favorite thing to do?
    She loves to kiss and hug us -J

    What is mommy good at?
    Soccer -J

    What is mommy not good at?
    IDK – both T and J

    What does mommy do for work, as a job?
    She works at an office building I think -J

    What’s mommy’s favorite food?
    Salad and Brussel Sprouts -J

    If mommy where a character in a TV show or movie, what would she be?
    She would be happy -T (my favorite response of all)!

    How are you and mommy the same?
    Mommy and I are both tall, we have long leg legs and long bodies-J
    T didn’t know how they were similar so J said T and mommy both have white hair (meaning blonde)

  2. Elle says...

    Jo, thank you for including “mothers at heart” in your post. I am single and in my late 30s and would dearly love to have kids. I struggle every day with the disconnect between where my life is and where I want it to be. Mother’s Day was particularly difficult for me this year, but your reference to “mothers at heart” made me feel acknowledged and included in a very real way that was not at all patronizing (unlike other well meaning people). I really appreciate it. Love your blog.

  3. audrey says...

    I was so into Quip after reading online– but the toothbrush just is not that pleasant to use. The vibrations are so much more in your hands than in the actual brush head– my hand kinda hurts by the time the final beep happens. I was disappointed by Quip. But it’s way cute perched on my sink.

  4. Silvia says...

    Hi Joanna, I follow you devotedly from Italy and I’m so glad to see you buyed and enjoyed the Bormioli Rocco’s glasses, since my dad has worked there all his life and still do. What a funny thing to see it mentioned here!
    Take care and thank you for your blog, it helps me, inspires me and keeps me company.

  5. Hi Joanna! I’ve followed your blog for so many years now and quietly cried and mourned over your sister’s loss. I just wanted to let you know that I recently wrote a story ( on a woman who lost her husband and is now a 36-year-old widow. While the article is faith-based, I think that it could provide hope for anyone going through a similar situation. Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. Haylie says...

    This is so timely! I just started the Kayla Itsines program this week (using the printed guide). It was SO HARD, but I felt awesome every time. I don’t have a bench or weights, so I had to get creative with a step stool and some cans of food :)

  7. Sarah says...

    Oh my gosh I would love to hear Toby and Anton’s responses to those questions. I love what you posted the other day about how you encouraged them to think about what you would want for your birthday. So sweet how they have to learn everything, including how to think of others.

  8. Anna says...

    Joanna, I love that you included “mothers at heart” in this post! Like you, I have always known that I want to be a mother one day and “ache for the weight of a baby in my arms.” At 27 I am still a few years away from trying for a baby and don’t know what that path will look like for me yet, though I think about it more and more each day… and I also know there are many women who have struggled or are currently struggling with difficulties around fertility, miscarriage, still birth, foster care, and adoption. What a lovely message to them and to me!

  9. Just finished “When breath becomes air” and it was beautifully written. It made me really take stock of what matters in life! A happY Mother’s Day to you and your sister!

  10. Natasa says...

    Joanna, I can email you Bikini Body Guide 1 from Kyla in PDF if you’re interested.

  11. I just finished when Breath Becomes Air and felt compelled to write. What a beautiful, brave and thought provoking read. Thank you to Lucy for her stunning tribute to Paul in the end. I finished the book on a plane and couldn’t control my tears. A book that makes us all contemplate what it means to truly live. Thank you and all the best to Lucy with her event on Monday. Thank you!

  12. Sarisha says...

    The Nike Training Club app is really good as well, and free :)

  13. christi says...

    Just popping down to say that I’m legit obsessed with the whole Quip setup – the packaging is amazing, the toothpaste is great, the brush is great – love it wholeheartedly.

  14. Nadine says...

    I’m surprised at the negative comments to Zero Talent Required, maybe I’m missing something. (I posted my own saying the traits were things I’d be glad to have people say about me.) Any thoughts?

    • Anna says...

      Though I don’t necessarily agree with all the critical comments, I do take some issue with the implication that these traits come equally easily to everyone. Some people have challenges related to health (physical, mental, emotional), access to resources, and unforeseen life events that make things such as having “energy,” “doing extra” and “being prepared” a lot more difficult for them than for others (imagine someone with chronic fatigue related to a health condition or a mental health condition such as major depression trying to summon more energy, someone with a special needs child and a lack of access to child care trying to “do extra” at work while still meeting their family’s needs, or a child with very little support from family or school trying to be as prepared as a child with tons of support to succeed in attaining a higher education). These things might not require “talent,” but I would argue that some form of luck definitely plays a role.

  15. I downloaded Kayla’s app a while ago but haven’t got around to actually trying it. Some parts of me are actually scared because of how much people are talking about it! Some say it’s amazing but some say it’s much too difficult. One way to find out, I suppose!
    Love these links. The one about the couple at the farmers’ market was actually adorable haha!

    Life in Blue Skies | A Lifestyle Blog

  16. Sarah says...

    Kayla Itsines rocks!!! You should buy her guides instead of using the app. On week 10 and see a huge difference already. Good luck!

  17. Libbynan says...

    I, too, cried over the Jet Blue video. I always feel so bad for the parents of crying babies on a plane. I want to offer to help, as I’m kind of a baby “whisperer,” but I’m afraid they’ll think I’m a kidnapper or mental patient or something. Kudos to Jet Blue!

  18. Meg says...

    I love the glasses you bought! I live in Madrid and I see them everywhere!

  19. Katie Larissa says...

    Hahaha! I misread your caption as “cooking advice from SEVEN year olds” and then quickly skimmed the first paragraph of the article, so I was reading the advice and was thoroughly confused. “Wow, these seven year olds are…really mature!”

  20. I’ve doing that workout for a couple weeks now, and it really works! It’s super hard, but I always tell myself I can do it because it’s only 30 minutes! I can do 30 minutes. Good luck!

    • I will say though, I’ve heard not great things about the app (I think mostly because it’s subscription oriented). However, I purchased the actual guides instead, and then you can keep them forever. A one time payment is more my speed. :)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      thank you for the tip!

  21. Angela says...

    The last line of the wine article was perfection… “Crispy?…Did you want fried chicken or wine?…Well, Matt, ideally both.” Preach. ?

  22. RinLin says...

    I started doing Kayla Itsines workouts on youtube. Now that I am out of youtube videos, I’m using her guide and putting the circuits into my Seconds Pro app. I do each of the 4 exercises in a circuit for 35 seconds, three times to make the 7 minutes. Like she does, I do two circuits a night, two times each. It is a pretty quick way to get a good workout in at home. I refuse to do most of the exercises with jumping though as I have neighbors under me who would send me nasty messages and I’d like to keep my original knees. I’m not an expert of course but that is what I’ve been doing and I’m enjoying it!

  23. Julie says...

    I just bought the Kayla Itsines Guide (after hearing about complaints with the app). I was skeptical of the link below which promises 80% off the guide bundle prices, but it worked! All 3 books for under $40. I’m excited to begin!

  24. That Jet Blue video had me in tears! It’s so stressful flying with our baby and always wondering when she will start crying and bother the people around us. We’ve had pretty good luck so far, but there are a few people here and there who clearly do not like flying with babies.

  25. Christine says...

    I’ve been stalking Kayla itsines Instagram for motivation and hope. I’m 2 weeks away from having baby #2, and looking forward to working out again. I had done 3 months of fitness blender workout videos before I got pregnant and was in probably the best shape of my life! Hopefully my body remembers after gaining 35+ pounds. Fitness blender has a huge variety of workouts on YouTube, but you can also purchase workout plans for something a little more structured.

  26. Meghan says...

    I highly recommend Quip!

  27. Liz says...

    The Jet Blue commercial made me cry and start looking for flights, that’s genius marketing

  28. Erika says...

    I recently finished reading “When Breath Becomes Air,” and to say I was moved is an understatement. As a parent, daughter, wife and writer, add it to the list of publications I believe everyone will benefit from reading. My cousin passed from breast cancer a couple years ago and would’ve been 44 today – feels like the right occasion to send a big hug out into the universe and towards your sister. Here’s to those who travel on with guts and grace. They deserve the light.

  29. Emily says...

    Can you pretty please do the “23 questions for mommy” with Toby and Anton?!? I would so love to hear their little ideas : )

    • Jessica says...

      Me too! :)

    • Courtney says...

      Yes please!

    • Amy says...

      Oh please do! Toby and Anton segments are my absolute favourite.

  30. Emmanuella says...

    I’ve also heard personal stories of people getting ripped off by the Kayla itsines app. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m contemplating it. Has anyone done the fitgirl guide? Or any other one with good community support? I feel the only thing I’m lacking is motivation from like minded individuals, haha :)

  31. The Bon Appetit thing is….odd. But I love the Jet Blue policy. No shaming the baby, while appeasing the grouches.

  32. Loved the seventy year olds’ cooking advice. The greatest recipes I have come from my Italian grandma (I miss her!). The only adjustment I make is using butter instead of “shortening”, haha.

    • Amy says...

      you can get the workout plans for free on pinterest! that’s what i did!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      thank you!!!!

  33. I’m actually using that exercise program! I hate monthly payments so I just bought the guide instead of using the app, but it’s the same thing – a pro is that I can go back to the guide whenever I want in the future but the con is that it’s all manual work (I set my own timer and keep track of my workouts. Not a big deal in my perspective). Anyway, loving it! I haven’t seen the type of differences she posts on her Instagram, but honestly it’s because I’m not accompanying it with a food “lifestyle change.” On the weeks I was more conscious about what I ate, I did see a difference, but if anything, I have noticed I’m stronger than I was in the beginning. It’s harder than it seems but what gets me through it is thinking it’s only about half an hour!

  34. I have done Kayla Itsines’s BBG for two rounds and it’s GREAT. I love that I can workout from home (I have a bench and some free weights and modify some of the moves), it’s a quick 30 minute workout, and it’s REALLY HARD. Give it a try!

    I also have a Quip toothbrush and like it enough. I tried it because my Sonicare died, but I do have to admit that it just doesn’t make my teeth feel as clean as the sonicare did- not as much “power” in the vibrations.

    The other links are great as well… but is it weird to eat a “baby” made of dough when you have a newborn? As someone without kids I don’t know, but it made me chuckle.

    Have a good one!

  35. I haven’t used the Kayla app…but I purchased her workout guide (much cheaper than app) and it seriously kicks your ass in about 25 minutes, 3 times a week. Best workout I have come across and really great results.