Joni Mitchell

The other day, I was group texting with my friends, and one of them brought up her new obsession with snail masks. “They work so well,” she told us. “I look like a baby. An INFANT.”

Our jaws were dropping (snails? really?), but our friend explained that her skin has gotten tighter, less blotchy and more even. She uses Skin Food masks, which you wear for 15 minutes. Apparently, snail trails contain proteins, glycolic acids and elastin, and they help firm skin, regenerate cells and replenishes moisture. “It feels the same as any nourishing mask, but not heavy or sticky,” she wrote.

My expression still looked like this until I got her next text: “Lit from within would not be an inaccurate way of describing the results.”

And, with that, I ordered one. Snails, here we come.

Thoughts? Have you tried them? It kind of reminds me of the Baby Foot nuttiness, which I was also totally into.

P.S. A weird deodorant trick.

(Photo of Joni Mitchell by Graham Nash.)