Conversation with a Two-Year-Old

Conversation with a Two-Year-Old

Conversation with a Two-Year-Old

Have your little ones been saying any funny things recently? Anton is 2, and Toby is almost 6, and they’ve become a hilarious little duo. They’re also fascinated by the idea of being grownups. Here are a few things they’ve been saying recently…

Toby: “Daddy, what music is playing?”
Alex: “The Doors.”
Toby. “I don’t like The Doors… But I do like doors.”

Toby: “You’re not the boss.”
Me: “I actually am the boss.”
Toby: “Not of daddy.”
Me: “Yes, I’m the boss of daddy, too. OF EVERYONE.”

Me: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
Anton: “A firefighter robot.”
Me: “Will you live in Brooklyn?”
Anton: “Yes, and have a stoop.”
Me: “What will you do on the stoop?”
Anton: “Eat ice cream and say hi to the FedEx guy.”

Alex: “Did you know that when I was a kid, we didn’t have iPhones?”
Toby: “So, when you were little, there were no cars and just horses?!””

Anton: “We got cookies today from the neighbor. He said his mother made the cookies.”
Me: “What’s a mother?”
Anton: “You know, kind of like a lady who works on a computer and has tools.”

Anton: “Can I please have a quesadilla?”
Me: “With chicken?”
Anton: “No, just cheese and tor-teera.”

We recently went out for ice cream by our apartment.
Me: “You know what I would love for my next birthday? This brownie right here.”
Toby: “For your next birthday, do you know what I will give you? A robot!”
Anton: “I will give you a remote control car. I will have the first turn with the remote control car.”
Me: “Those presents sound so nice! They sound like things you would both like! Now think about me: What would I like? Think about things I really like.”
Anton: “Knives?”
Toby: “… Us?”

What about your little ones? What have they been into recently?

P.S. Talking to kids about sex, death and everything else.

(Photos of Anton at Easter by our friend Rob Meyer.)