Have a Lovely Weekend.

Have a Lovely Weekend

What are you up to this weekend? We’re going to visit my mom, and we’re planning to bake cookies with the boys. Update: Traffic getting out of the city was truly insane tonight, so we ended up missing our flight! The boys were in tears in the cab — definitely one of those days. So, we’ll be staying home in Brooklyn this weekend:) Also, such awesome news about the new bills! Hope you have a great one, and meanwhile, here are a few fun links from around the web…

How neuroscientists explain the mind-clearing magic of running.

What a cute little pillow.

How to win at gin and tonics.

Living large in 675 square feet.

Pretty shower curtains.

The Girl on the Train: the first trailer!

People are losing their minds over this photo of the Queen.

Your future self.

Excited to do an at-home beauty treatment with this bad boy tomorrow.

Terry Gross talks about her decision not to have kids.

This guy does a dead-on Owen Wilson impression.

49 phrases to calm an anxious child. (Love #26.)

Last but not least, we’re giving away a weekend getaway for two to NYC or San Francisco (winner’s choice!). Enter here through Sunday.

(Photo by William Eggleston.)

  1. Theresa says...

    I love “The Longest, Shortest Time” podcast! It’s the best! It’s helped me feel not so alone on this parenting journey. Also, I love Terry Gross, so can’t wait to listen to this one.

  2. N. Rogers says...

    The Gin and Tonic link introduced me to a whole new blog: Dinner A Love Story!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      i love her!

  3. Roxana says...

    Great link list! Especially love the 49 phrases to calm an anxious child (I kind of like it for myself, too :).

    Have recently re-discovered running, and am smacking my forehead for not starting-up again sooner.

    Oh, and that little Mia Tindall is so cute. Makes my heart swell!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jill Palumbo says...

    What I would love to see on your blog sometime is a tour of a old, historical apartment building in NYC, starting with the outside, leading up the stairway, showing the hallway, and then into a beautifully restored apartment. It seems like there are so many cool, beautiful apartment buildings in your city and a full tour from outside to inside would be wonderful. Also, from a California resident who has never been to your city, an explanation of the different parts of NYC and what makes each section unique and special.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      that’s a great idea! many of the places we’ve featured are in buildings like that. we’d love to show more of the surrounding space. thank you!

  5. Jeannie Lorenz says...

    The rainbow pillow is BRILLIANT. Using shirts that used to be worn by a friend’s former husband (he passed away a year ago), I made two memory snuggly bears for a friend’s children. She has four children. It took quite a bit of time to make the two bears that I made… for the other two children, I now plan to make cute rainbow pillows!

  6. Momzi says...

    That article on running is mind blowing. I love it. I am printing it. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Oh no, I get the worst anxiety in the hours leading up to leaving for the airport because I’m afraid of missing my flight! So sorry that happened to you guys. What a time to use those anxiety-reducing phrases (for kids and adults)!

  8. yael steren says...

    oh no! sorry you missed your flight : ( I’m glad the weather cleared up today so hopefully you guys can do some fun activities in NYC! I went home to NJ yesterday for the first seder and now i’m back in the city and on my way to do a closet makeover for a client! xx yael

  9. Kristina says...

    Thank you for this wonderful list! I love Terry Gross and look forward to listening to the podcast. But I especially loved the list of new faces on the Dollar bills – amazing! Also, your niece’s name is Elizabeth Cady, isn’t it? Such a great name-twin. :) I still think of her and your sister often and ordered Paul’s book.
    Lastly, I finally dare say it, I read “The Girl on the Train” following everyone’s recommendation but really didn’t like it – I thought all of the characters but especially the female ones were kind of annoying being so obsessed with a variety of men who all treated them badly in one way or another. The trailer seems equally unsppealing to me but then again I am just not really a thriller kind of girl. :) Have a great weekend with your Mum! xx

  10. Nancy says...

    Feeling very sad that you missed out on your lovely weekend. :(

  11. That article on running is spot on! I feel so much more grounded after a run. Also, St. Tropez is the best tanner I’ve found for this hard to tan skin tone.

  12. Carrie says...

    I’ve always told myself “future Carrie will thank you later” when I need a little motivation to take care of something I don’t want to do. I always thought it was a weird quirk, but feeling very encouraged to hear I’m not the only one who gets motivated that way!

  13. I loved the running article and the “future self” –both reminders of how much I’m yearning for a good run! I feel like I get on a running roll and then something happens (period, stayed up too late, drank an extra glass of wine, cold, moody, etc etc…). Am I alone in this? I love running but I have such a hard time actually turning it into a habit! I guess I’m not trying hard enough! Haha! Cheers to honesty! (I wonder if the mind clearing still happens when we all are obsessed with listening to stuff!)

    Xo Lendy

    • Simone says...

      That happens to me all. the. time! Glad we’re not alone :)

  14. Amy says...

    SOOO excited for the Girl on the Train! I love Emily Blunt. I’m sure it will be as nerve-wracking as the book!
    Also, love Cheryl Strayed. One IG photo of inspiration from her made my weekend!

  15. wkwr says...

    Can’t wait to hear how St. Tropez worked! I bought some and never used it because I’m too scared!!

  16. “Future Self” very cool… going to dig in some more!

    And Yay for the giveaway!! entering!

  17. 1. Terry Gross rocks.
    2. Have fun with your mom. I thought I would have mine for years, but lost her just 3 weeks after my dad died, last fall. I think she died of a broken heart. You really can’t count on anything. Live every moment to the fullest.

    • Laura C says...

      I am so sorry for your loss. So sad to hear that.
      I wish you lots of good luck and good things all the way.

  18. I feel like those suggestions on how to calm a child would really help adults too!

  19. Nadine says...

    Totally agree about the wee one holding Queen’s purse, loved that when I saw it yesterday – as well as all the skirts & cardigans.

  20. beth says...

    Hi Jo, Do you mind talking about the St Tropez self tanner- what you do to apply and how it goes? Thanks!

    • Shoshana says...

      Yes, I would love to see before/after photos and a review/comparison of self tanners.

    • Laura C says...

      Yes please Joanna, I’ve been thinking of a self tan this spring. They say St Tropez is the best brand.