Mabo’s Spring Collection

Sweetest children's clothes, made in America

Mabo is the sweetest children’s line run by a mother of two. Everything is ethically made in the U.S. with natural fabrics like cotton and linen. We’ve loved it for years and years, and Toby and Anton are always wearing their pieces (these mustard pants are a favorite).

Their spring collection just launched, and the pieces are so, so, so lovely. “I went more feminine than usual,” the designer Emily McMaster told me. “I wanted to do very earthy pastels.” Her favorite piece? “The Edith blouse,” she says. “It’s so soft.”

Sweetest children's clothes, made in America

Sweetest children's clothes, made in America

Sweetest children's clothes, made in America

And how cute are the shots? “My kids get a gummy bear every time they’re in a photo,” she says.

(This post isn’t sponsored, I just love them so much!)

P.S. The pants we first fell in love with, and Toby wearing them.
P.S. Sweetest gifts for new babies.

  1. Emily is awesome!
    Beautiful collection.

  2. Emilie says...

    I want to love them too. It looks really nice and ethical etc. But once again, lacking on the boys front… I dream of a line dedicated to boys. A proper line.

    • Jo says...

      None of the boys clothes were new, so I’m hoping they just haven’t posted the boys yet…

  3. ck says...

    I love Mabo’s clothes! Unfortunately I can’t justify spending that kind of money on my children’s clothes, since they outgrow and/or destroy them on what seems like a daily basis.

  4. Mary says...

    That first photo in particular is just mesmerising!

  5. Oh, I love this line. So sweet!

  6. Erin Fuchs says...

    I am not part of Mabo, but she is a close family friend, and I just have to say thank you – I get so excited when you post something of hers! I love her clothes and give them as all my baby gifts and think she deserves any and all recognition :) Thank you thank you!

  7. I love Mabo!! Wish I could order the whole collection! Luna also has the mustard set and the striped, and Ive even patched up the knees on the striped leggings because they are her favorite.

    xo Lendy

  8. Alice Quin says...

    The photos are all too sweet!!

  9. Meryem says...

    I agree, the last one is so cute!

  10. It’s impossible not to love Mabo – I love the new fabrics Emily chose for the Mabel playsuit! Now if only she’d make it in women’s sizes! ??