Sweetest Clothing Gifts for New Babies

Cutest Baby Clothes

Now that some of my friends are having their second babies, they’re already stocked with practical stuff like diaper bins and white noise machines. So, I’ve been getting clothing as baby gifts — extra adorable pieces new mamas might not splurge on themselves. Here are a few favorite brands…

Cutest Baby Clothes

1. Rylee + Cru for sweet desert-inspired prints.
2. Billie Blooms bloomers to accentuate those chubby thighs.
3. Petite Soul bonnets in Liberty florals.
4. Mabo has simple clothing in natural materials, like cotton and linen.
5. Hanna Andersson pajamas. Such a classic, and they’re so well made that you can pass them down through generations.
6. Freshly Picked moccasins for first steps.
7. Petit Bateau onesies might look boring, but the shape is insanely adorable. The low-cut legs made babies look like 1920s Olympic swimmers. (FYI, this French brand runs small, so go a size up.)
8. Soor Ploom has such pretty girls clothes. (The critters romper is available here.)
9. Mini Rodini for bright designs with a sense of humor.
10. Goat Milk for soft, beautifully made, ribbed onesies.
11. Winter Water Factory is one of our all-time favorite Brooklyn brands, with the sweetest patterns.
12. Crewcuts has lovely classics for boys and girls.

Two tips: Consider getting larger sizes, like 6-12 months, since newborns are often swaddled, curled up or covered in spit-up. They won’t start really wearing clothes until a little later on. Also, think about which season it will be when the baby is big enough to wear the piece you’re giving.

How about you? What are your favorite baby gifts?

P.S. What to register for your new baby, and 8 gifts for new parents.

(Photo by Sarah Pounds, in which her sweet baby wears a Briar Handmade bonnet and an Oeuf jumper. Graphic design by Miss Moss.)

  1. LOVE the fact you said ‘the’ baby etc. I for some strange reason (I am willing to acknowledge that!) hate when people refer to ‘a’ baby as baby. Just baby .

  2. Sandy Christiana says...

    Where do I find the crane and dump truck blue and cream long sleeve onsie I have seen posted?

  3. I love the little moccasins! Thanks for sharing an awesome list.

  4. Heidi says...

    yes! A million times yes to all of these

  5. Heather says...

    Great suggestions for baby gifts! I also just love Carley Barley. They have super cute designs and very soft clothes that last. You can find them at

  6. These are all so cute and inspiring (I sew, so this post gave me many ideas…:) Especially love #8, the romper with the Peter Pan collar. I also have an etsy shop where I sell babies’ items and am working on building up my inventory of cute, simple baby and toddler clothes. If you want to check it out, it’s called Super Mignonne!

  7. Tatum says...

    I just interviewed some nice folks from Petit Bateau, they are about to open their third store here in Shanghai. I love how their baby clothes are inspired by sailors, so, soo cute. Just bought a onesie for a friend’s shower and it almost made me want another baby to dress up. I had never heard of the brand before, so anyway, love them too! Hope you’re doing well ❤️

  8. Eleanore frank-Cisneros says...

    as someone earlier mentioned– for a special gift Makié is often my go to– my little girl had several of their hadagis (just $35!) that she wore so often when she was tiny. We still splurge on their gorgeous summer dresses and romper a every now and again. They have good sales!
    Also, shoes— I just love to give the impossible, impractical beautiful tiny leather shoes like the ones made by Zuzii.
    Brands like Pequeno Tocon (I think they only make clothes for 0-3 ), album di famiglia, and American handmade brands like Red Creek Handmade and Wolfechild are also such gorgeous special baby clothes gifts!
    We love soor ploom, mabo, petit bateau (the tank onesies! We order them over and over!), an Hanna zip pjs are the absolute coziest.
    I ador knitting tiny things for babies, too– handmade gifts are my most favorite to give and receive.
    My baby fever is not helped by thinking about beautiful tiny things! <3

  9. I’m being completely transparent here and admitting that I am an owner of Hiho Batik (!) but I really do love our baby onesies as gifts and give them to everyone! We have pre-made ones but can also customize designs or you can even make your own!

  10. Anna says...

    Makié makes beautiful children’s clothes and accessories–so well made. I love giving one of their super soft hadagis (kimono wrap) or one of their adorable hats with colorful tassels–unique and

  11. there is a gigantic baby boom going on amongst my group of friends so this roundup is perfect. The winter water factory and crewcuts rompers will definitely be added to my gift list. =)

  12. Arrate says...

    I love your blog! I love reading blogs, and this way I find this girl who does incredibly clothes for babies :
    All she makes is handmade and with natural wood. Hope you like it!

  13. Prudence Yeo says...

    I don’t have children yet but I think these are absolutely adorable designs! Especially love the pink dolphin printed piece, so fun and brightly colored!


  14. I am a huge fan of the Ella Lou Wanderlust playmats. They have three cities – San Francisco, NYC, LA (and I believe I saw on their Instagram they are releasing Paris soon). They’re are great gifts for babies of either gender or for second, third, or fourth kiddos as both the babies and older children can enjoy the playmat. These playmats are my go-to shower gift, particularly for eco-conscious mamas as they organic, non-toxic, and meant to be used from infancy to well past the toddler years.

  15. I’m a “professional aunt” without kids but I’m always on the hunt for clever, special gifts for my nieces and nephews. In other words, I’m always shopping and looking for cool gifts other cool aunts and uncles aren’t going to buy. Enter the lil kicks by Love Jules Leather ( They’re almost always limited editions, made in small quantities with love and the most RIDICULOUS attention to detail. These are seriously special; an heirloom quality gift.

  16. Tani says...

    I love Doodlebug. Eco Friendly clothes for the cool kids. The softest bamboo fabric for newborns through to about 10 years old, with a definite slant towards the boys, who all too often get left out in this kids fashion deal. (ships worldwide)

  17. i’m a new mom (my baby maeve is almost 4 months) and since receiving the aden + anais BAMBOO swaddles as a gift, i will always give these to new moms. so soft and perfect especially for this time of year!

  18. I really love all the baby bonnets I’ve been seeing lately!!

  19. Beautiful, heirloom quality gifts! I got a sheepskin as a baby gift, and I love it. My son is now 11 months old, and still rubs his face on it from time to time. It also looks nice draped in our sofa :)
    I also just wrote a baby gift post (focusing more on developmental items)… take a look if you’d like:

  20. This came at such a timely manner… am currently stressing out over baby gifts as my girlfriends are all due at around the same time!

  21. i handknit organic cotton hats for babies in a huge array of colors- it’s my favorite gift to give (and yes you can buy them in my etsy shop – feathermar (shameless plug but they are great gifts!)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      thanks, heather!

  22. Love Florence Eisman Jon Jons for boys special occasion just got some on sale at Saks. I loved seeing freshly picked moccasins, been wanting to buy my 10 week old some, but are they better for walking time? He has huge feet. Do they look silly on boys it are they truly unisex? Girl moms love the monogrammed bows I hear…

    • My son is 4 months and I just bought him his first pair of Freshly Picked Moccs. They stay on well and are adorable! I don’t find them to be too feminine at all and will definitely continue buying them for him as he outgrows his current pair.

  23. Leah says...

    New Babies get New Books! :) I can’t really remember when this one started, but everyone expects it now! Jennifer Adams’ ‘Baby Lit’ line currently hosts some of my favourites (everyone gets Jaberwocky!).

  24. Oh my gosh! I love anything and everything French…the Petit Bateau line is so adorns, esp. with all their stripes!! xo

    adorn la femme

  25. jill c. says...

    i already commented but i just had to add another couple of shops that I find wear really well despite the tons of washing they get: Tea Collection & Rikshaw Design. I buy special kurtas for my kids every single summer from Rikshaw Design and have since they were born. They wash beautifully and just get softer and softer with each wash. At first when you get them shipped to you they are stiff – but don’t worry after a wash or two they are the softest to wear and the best coverups for the beach. I can’t get enough of them!

  26. Emily says...

    I love your eye for simple cute items and these are great! However, these brands are prohibitively expensive for many families. It would be awesome to add a few quality but affordable brands to the list. Having such expensive baby clothes would alsos stress me out when they inevitably stain them or grow out of them after just a couple of wears. Thanks!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh yes, they’re definitely splurge items meant as one-time gifts, not clothes your child would wear exclusively (for those, we love carters, gerber, old navy and, especially, american apparel, which fits so well). hope that helps!! xo

  27. Sarah Brakke says...

    Definitely think of the appropriate season for whatever you are buying! In addition, always include a gift receipt. Some babies are particularly large or small and may not wear the size you choose during the appropriate season. My daughter was given a number of nicer clothing items that were worn only once because they didn’t fit during the correct season. It was such a waste!

  28. Great round-up! My kids have worn several on the list….my favorite being the sleeveless onesies from Petite Bateau. I just pulled them out again for my fourth baby – they really do hold up! Recently, I’ve have really come to like Willaby Clothier. It’s collection is sweet and simple:

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      thanks for the recommendation!

  29. Holy cuteness! I have a baby girl and I have such a hard time not buying her EVERYTHING. I love Petit Bateau.

  30. jodie says...

    These are wonderful! I would also add Misha & Puff knitwear. I would have loved to receive any of the items as a gift. My 14 month-old daughter has a few pieces and they are incredibly well made, timeless, and beautiful. We receive compliments all the time and I’m hopeful they’ll be passed on to any future grandchildren.

  31. Taylor says...

    I love this post!

    This year I committed to buying only ethically made clothing and was so happy to realize some of my favorite companies (Everlane!) were already doing things right.

    My husband and I have been talking more seriously about adding some littles to the team, so naturally I’ve been obsessing over nursery decor and onesies. I’m pretty committed to keeping our kids’ clothes free of labor exploitation too (the thought of my kid looking cute at the expense of another child suffering absolutely breaks my heart), but had no clue where to start looking.

    I’m so glad to see some locally-made lines in this roundup…it makes my search so much easier!!

    PS–while not (yet!) perfect, I was SO happy to learn that Madewell is taking serious steps toward a clean, responsible supply chain. Hooray!

    • Stephanie says...

      Muny are awesome. Designed in Brooklyn and made in India supporting hand weaving and hand batiking – no compromise between style and ethics!

    • Taylor says...

      Thanks Stephanie!! I had fun shopping for myself when I decided to make the switch, but it was really just weeding out brands I already liked and finding similar brands to my existing style. For kids it’s been overwhelming to think about since I don’t have them yet, and therefore am so unfamiliar with kid-land in general :). Appreciate the recommendation!

  32. babies would look more adorable on those! especially the baby on the picture! ^_^

  33. meaghan says...

    Joanna — Love your gift ideas (mother’s day, babies, etc.). Can you do a post with house warming gifts???

  34. Love the little Freshly Picked moccasins!

    Kristi | Be Loverly

  35. These are absolutely darling! The very definition of darling :)

    I agree so much that gifts should be something that people wouldn’t splurge on themselves. Those are the best kind.

    All that being said, as a soon to be first time mom, I have to say, the idea of people going off registry kind of freaks me out. There are so many essentials that we really do need (or so we’re told!)! As much as I would love to have sweet clothes, I would love to have a carseat more :)

  36. I am so pleased you included that striped Hanna onesie! I gave three of them to my brother and SIL, one sized 3 months, one 6 months, one 9 months, so that she could dress the little guy the same for a long time and thereby pretend he wasn’t growing up;).

    Oh, and I know Hanna sizes in cms, but I’m too lazy to go look it up:).

    • Laura says...

      Lisa, that is so cute and thoughtful! I was squeezing my son like a little sausage into my favorite Hanna pjs because I was too sad to admit he was getting so big!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh my goodness, we do the same thing! toby’s pajama pants are basically at his knees now.

    • Nataly says...

      Omg this is genius Lisa! (Said the mom to a 9 month old feeling time is flyyyyying by…)

  37. Hi Joanna!

    I work for a women’s clothing store ( and they just opened the CUTEST children’s store (, the website will be up soon, but it always reminds me of your style! We carry Oeuf, Mini Rodini, and tons of other brands that you would love for your little guys! Just thought I’d share:)


  38. margaux says...

    so sweet. i’m a sucker for a Liberty print anything.

    my hands-down favorite baby gift to give (and get) is Zutano booties. they can be worn with our without socks and THEY DO NOT FALL OFF. EVER. otherwise, baby socks are just a crazy-making exercise in futility.

  39. I always give infant gowns to new parents because they keep the baby warm and allow for quick access to the diaper too. I wonder if they are considered old fashioned? I often hear from the new parents that they didn’t know about they existed but love them once they use them. I think they are great!

  40. Mary says...

    I know this has nothing to do with the lovely clothes you featured but I love love LOVE the fact you said ‘the’ baby etc. I for some strange reason (I am willing to acknowledge that!) hate when people refer to ‘a’ baby as baby. Just baby. As in ‘that jumper will be sweet on baby’. I just don’t get it and always, always include an article too. So thank you very much for that. it feels good for my soul that not everyone has gone over to the dark side. Ah. I feel better for venting. Lovely clothes as I started saying. I too love to buy my friends’ babies clothes. xo

  41. love love love all of it. also, that baby. WHAT. too adorable.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      she is insanely adorable. i went down a rabbit hole on her mother’s instagram last night:

      so so so cute, gives me baby fever, eeks!

  42. Anne says...

    Thanks for the tips Joanna! I’m going to be an aunt for the first time in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to pick out some cute outfits for my lil niece :)

  43. jill c. says...

    these are great…i also discovered ‘willaby’ ( and think they have really sweet things as well.

  44. I have so many hand-me-downs that I’m never in need of clothes for my son, but that crew cuts gingham piece is so, so cute. My go to gift for new babies/parents was always Zingermans Midnight Feeding Box (because who doesn’t need a snack when they’re up all night long?) Now I’ve gotten into the habit of drawing custom note cards illustrating the new family of 4 (or 5 or 6!): These come in handy for thank you notes, though I always tell new moms to save the stamp!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      such great ideas, thank you, leah!

  45. Jacquelene says...

    Great tips Joanna! I’m heading into my third trimester with my second little one, and really don’t need that much at all- but these pieces would be welcome gifts. For second time parents I would also recommend gifts such as new button down pyjamas for the mother, a second travel crib (if the children are close in age, like mine will be), babysitting services for the first born, diapers, and as always, frozen meals or snacks!

  46. Colleen says...

    My mom always recommends shopping in bigger sizes for babies, since they can gain weight quickly and outgrow their clothes. My sisters were tiny at first, and were 3-6 month clothes before they were four months old.

    • Kate says...

      We had the opposite problem! Our baby girl was a month early and teeny tiny.

      Everybody had bought us clothes for 3-6 months and up. She’s only now starting to fit into them and she’ll be six months tomorrow.

      One of my least favourite new baby memories was prying myself out of the NICU to try and hunt down teeny weenie clothes so she wasn’t completely naked for those first few months.

      For those who are in a similar boat, I recommend babyGap. They are available internationally (we weren’t in our home country- adding to the stress) and they have an under 7 lbs size category.

    • Boa says...

      Oh Kate, I relate! I remember crying to my sister that no clothes fit my 5 pounder baby! She went to the gap and bought some of the under 7 pound clothes!

      All of the clothes above are adorable and that baby!! Just when I think one is enough…

  47. Sadly, there are no new babies in my life but can I have those bloomers for myself?

    Danielle | D is for Dreamer

  48. I think this is a lovely idea! My absolute favorite gift for my third son was a beautiful sweater knit romper from EggBaby that I would never have splurged on, but that baby wore that outfit so often it was by far the best gift! Poor second and third (and fourth) babies don’t get much new clothing!