Spring Maternity Clothes

Spring maternity clothes from Hatch Collection

This weekend, my friends Anna, Anne and I met up at Madison Square Park. Since they’re both pregnant, we played around with some clothes from Hatch, which has been a favorite of mine for years. The collection is designed by a mother of two, and you can wear them before, during and after pregnancy…

Spring maternity clothes from Hatch Collection

Spring maternity clothes from Hatch Collection

We met at Madison Square Park, so we could get milkshakes at Shake Shack, which we were all craving.

Spring maternity clothes from Hatch Collection

Anna wore the Highline Dress, with a bias cut and beautiful drape. I wore the Antibes Sweater, which I loved. It’s big and cozy, but the open knit makes it light enough to wear all spring and on summer evenings. Anne wore the Medina Top and Indochine Pant with a pretty dot print. (You can also get this print in the Medina Dress. It looks so lovely and effortless, and it would work well for nursing.)

Spring maternity clothes from Hatch Collection

Such sweet bellies!!! (And how cute is the bright pink drawstring on Anne’s pants?)


Anna, who is brainstorming girl names, said: “We ask ourselves, does it sound good with my husband’s (long, Italian) last name, and could she ever be president with that name? Not that I would wish the presidency upon any loved one, but I’d like her to have the option of being as badass an adult as she may want to be.”

Spring maternity clothes from Hatch Collection

“I do worry about adjusting to life with two kids,” said Anne, who has an older son. “But when it comes to parenthood, my husband and I always remind ourselves we’re not exactly reinventing the wheel.” As for day-to-day parenting, she says, “I love the title of that podcast The Longest Shortest Time. I haven’t listened to it yet, but that phrase totally sums up how new motherhood feels.”

Spring maternity clothes from Hatch Collection

And Anna says, “My main advice for parents is, ‘This too shall pass.’ It’s so hard to realize, but everything is a phase. That little mantra got me through many tricky phases with my older daughter, and I’m sure I’ll continue to need it as she enters adolescence (eek!). It also helps me appreciate the wonderful stages of a kid’s life — like when they want constant cuddles or can’t pronounce their ‘L’s.”

Spring maternity clothes from Hatch Collection

Spring maternity clothes from Hatch Collection

One funny moment: I was standing under a blooming tree, and flower petals were falling down around me. It felt like one of those perfect New York moments, until the girls pointed out there was a squirrel about a foot above me. Haha, yikes. (Reminded me of this Liz Lemon moment.)

Bonus for all readers: Hatch is offering 15% off across their Spring/Summer, Everyday Shop and Pre-Spring collections with code SPRINGJO. Good through this Sunday. They have such pretty dresses and tops!

Congratulations to anyone who is expecting (or trying)! And thank you, Anna and Anne!

(Photos by Ana Schechter for Cup of Jo. This post is sponsored by Hatch, whose maternity clothes we love. Thank you so much for supporting the sponsors that support Cup of Jo.)

  1. Love Hatch! I am going to scoop
    up the Antibes sweater! I am in my third trimester and plan on wearing it now and post-baby in the Fall! Great post!
    Katie @

  2. These images are beautiful and making me so excited for spring. I am far from ever needing maternity wear, but I still do love some of these pieces.

    I am sorry to ask about a minute detail of the post, but all of your makeup looks so beautiful, especially Joanna and Anne’s lip colors. Do you by chance still remember where/what color your lip colors are?

  3. Grace says...

    Where is Anna’s leather jacket from?!

  4. You are all so cute! Joanna, I love the outfit you have on!!

  5. Ladan says...

    Random question, Joanna, and I hope it isn’t too personal, but do you dye your hair? It’s so shiny and the color so beautiful, I was wondering if you’ve lucked out without any grays.

  6. Ashley says...

    Anne’s pants are great! Any idea what size she is wearing?

  7. The Medina Top is so pretty. Thanks for the style inspiration. :) I’ve been having a bit of a wardrobe identity crisis as the seasons are changing and I’m getting close to my third trimester!

  8. everyone looks so happy and beautiful and i love it!


  9. Love the dress! I would love to see how it looks for after pregnancy!

  10. These guys do really cute nursing tops and dresses: http://www.aulaitshop.com/. Quite expensive, but the most stylish I have come across! Love HATCH – only wish is for more natural fibers :)

  11. Ooh, you’ve done a beautiful job! The fabric is so pretty and the finished dress looks to be a fabulous fit.pattern making

  12. sharon says...

    I love it when your friends make repeat appearances. I remember your friend Anne’s beauty uniform from a while back. As I was pregnant with a Korean-Anglo daughter at the time (now 4 months!) I remember thinking oh how lovely – hope my daughter looks as beautiful as she does.

    Speaking of your friends, I just blogged about Samantha Hahn’s amazing looking new book on motherhood when I realized she’s the illustrator friend who put together that lovely gift of motherly wisdom for you. I felt vaguely stalkerish for remembering this but really happy, too, because I’m sure you’ll feature this new book!! Can’t wait to get mine in the mail. http://sitdaily.blogspot.com/2016/03/a-perfect-mothers-day-gift.html?m=1

  13. Megan says...

    Last weekend my daughter and I visited the Math Museum across from Madison Square Park. Fun for kids of all ages…including me!

  14. Joanna or Anna or Anne says...

    Goodness… I’m all of your names ….
    My real name is Joanna
    My friends call me Anna
    My parents call me Anne

    Any personal blogs of your friends Joanna? Would love to read more..

    • Haha this made me smile :)

  15. Laurel says...

    Listen to The Longest Shortest Time! It’s amazing! I love it. Funny, heartbreaking, and BONDING. I felt so connected to so many of these people’s stories. I loved her interview with Ina May Gaskin, the episode with Ariel Greenberg (as heart wrenching as it was to hear) and so many others.

    Also, you all look fabulous and Joanna! Your hair is killer! I love that cut.

  16. Alex says...

    I love Hatch’s style, the clothes are beautiful. And I can see spending that kind of doh for pieces you can keep wearing after pregnancy. BUT, I don’t get why more of their tops and dresses aren’t designed for breastfeeding. It’s the only thing that kept me from buying them when I was pregnant and even now as a nursing mom to a 6 month old. Please pass on my comment to your friends at Hatch! :)

    • Lauren says...

      That was my exact thought as well. I plan to breastfeed until my daughter tells me we’re done and none of their tops are breastfeeding friendly. Disappointing.

  17. Christina Trifonov says...

    your hair looks amazing, Jo!

  18. Emmie says...

    I bought several Hatch clothes based on a suggestion of yours last year and I have to say that I was underwhelmed. First, it took them forever to process my order, I got an email saying my order had been processed so long after I placed it that I almost forgot I ordered with them. Then many of the items weren’t as nice as I was expecting for the price point. Out of the 5 items that I ordered I kept one, a silk shirtdress. The shorts I ordered were literally see thru with baggy hanging side-pockets (despite the description saying “hidden pockets”, bizzare!) and the pants felt like paper. Their knit wear seems nice but it’s Spring/Summer time!

  19. That dress is WONDERFUL!

  20. Absolutely LOVE Hatch and the fact that these are clothes you can wear ALL OF THE TIME, not just during pregnancy. The other thing I love is the glow you have got going on… You look like you were recently sun kissed, I have to ask. Is this natural and if not what product did you use?


  21. You all three look gorgeous and are totally rocking those clothes. I love that phrase–“we’re not exactly reinventing the wheel.” That is a mantra I am going to adopt!

  22. Claire says...

    I loved these beautiful photos! Off topic, but Joanna, would you mind sharing what shades of lipstick you and your friends were wearing? They’re gorgeous (and all complemented each other so nicely)!

  23. KR says...

    Please do a beauty uniform with Anne!

    • KR says...

      That’s so great! Thanks. :)

  24. I am in the early stages of my first pregnancy and love Hatch! BUT can’t afford most of it. Any chance you would do a post on more affordable maternity wear that is still versatile and cute? It would be a major help to me and I am sure many other ladies! Thank you!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      Absolutely! Off the top of my head: Target has nice simple basics, and Loft has some pretty things: http://bit.ly/1SrJ7Jb

    • Amanda says...

      I loved asos maternity when I was pregnant, especially their dresses.

  25. Beautiful clothes. I’m expecting baby number two and I feel reluctant to buy maternity clothes that I can’t keep wearing after baby. Those drawstring pants and I would be friends for life, I know it ;)


  26. Jessica S says...

    I am currently pregnant (almost done- thank goodness!) and was intrigued by Hatch the last time you did a post. I got the “basic bundle” to start and was so excited to get some statement pieces as well to get me through this winter at work and to still feel stylish while expecting. I have NEVER been so disappointed. After spending nearly $200 I received see-through leggings (seriously we’re talking the Lulu Lemon debacle times 1000 here- can’t wear out of house, you could see your entire bottom, and this was when I was only about 4 months- luckily I had some cheapo pairs that have lasted all throughout in my regular pre-pregnancy size) and two layering shirts that, while soft, immediately started pilling the second I put them on. Way too much money for such poor quality! Needless to say I never went back to the site to get anything else.

  27. Jenny says...

    These clothes almost make me want to get pregnant again- buuut I’ll wait until my 4-month-old is older! Can you share what type of haircut you asked for? Layers, angles, etc? I’m in desperate need of a new style and LOVE your cut.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      thanks! i just asked her to take a couple inches off and to do anything she could to make my hair look fuller (it has seemed so fine and thin since having babies!) — luckily, she just figured it out! she was great, at Sara June: http://sarajunebrooklyn.com/

    • Jenny says...

      Great, thank you! Based on your photos we seem to have a simile hair type, so hopefully this will work for me!

  28. txilibrin says...

    OMG, I was going to ask you about the bag, but I saw the brand and it is waaaaaaaaay out of my budget :(
    I’ve been looking for a pink tote forever, and they are either too pink or too beige :(

  29. Robin says...

    I love the longest shortest time podcast! I discovered it recently and have been listening to nothing else for the past week, going through the archives. I was actually thinking of seeing if cup of jo had profiled it, because the topics are such a good fit with this blog. If you hadn’t done a post on it, do! It’s great. I especially loved some of the recent posts on sex after kids.

  30. Honestly, less is more. I had seven white shirts and seven black pants. One suit. It was more than enough.

  31. Listen, I admit I am not above picking a cute maternity something or other at Target and cutting the tag off! I’m way into Hatch’s ‘forever clothes’ motto!

  32. AmyB says...

    Doesn’t anyone else think that $200-300 is an awful lot for a single item of maternity clothing? Some of the styles are cute, don’t get me wrong, but good grief! I’m pregnant with our fourth, now, and can’t imagine sinking that kind of money into clothes, maternity or otherwise. I was excited at a maternity post, until I saw who it featured :(

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      yes, i hear you, it’s definitely a splurge. i bought most of my maternity pieces from target and old navy, but then got a couple pieces from Hatch, like an army green swing coat, which i still wear. they are so drapey you can wear them for years after you’re pregnant. i loved this white sweater, and anne’s dotted pants would be so cute for work, dinners, even the beach. still, i hear what you’re saying!

  33. Ashley says...

    Gorgeous photos and gorgeous women. I loved the squirrel moment!

    Sidenote: where are you espadrilles from? They’re perfect for spring/summer.

    • Oana Valeria says...

      Yes. Joanna, your espadrilles are PERFECT!!!! Where did you get them?

  34. Ooh, we’re trying at the moment, and I already feel a little anxious about being able to wear things that suit me and feel like ‘me’ once I become pregnant! Also, I love the sound of a collection that you can wear throughout…I has visions of wearing sacks in the beginning, or stretching things out towards the end! Thank you for sharing! xxx

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      good luck, eleanor! i’ll be thinking of you! xo

  35. Theresa says...

    Beauties! Joanna, your hair cut is great!

  36. I love Hatch, I wore a few tops from their line during both my pregnancies! It’s amazing how stylish maternity clothes can be now, I even have a few tops that I have considered getting altered down a little now because I like them so much! Oh and Joanna, I have those same Soludos, love the stripes!

    Here is a post I wrote a couple months ago on my favorite maternity basics! http://www.touchofcurl.com/blog/2015/10/15/dressing-the-bump

  37. Rita says...

    Hi Joanna,
    Are you wearing Soludos espadrilles? I’m thinking about buying a pair for my trip to Spain, but not sure if they’ll be good walking shoes for hours of sightseeing, any suggestions?

    • I have that exact pair and I love them! I’ve owned them for 2 years and still wear them often in the summer!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      yes! they’re VERY comfortable and would be perfect for spain!

      here’s the exact pair: http://cupjo.co/1MwyUvU

  38. Beautiful photos – i love that sweater! Could you share where Anne’s shoes (the clogs) are from?

  39. Caitlin Ashley says...

    Great collection! I love the shoes all the models are wearing, too :)

  40. Preeti Choudhury says...

    Hi Joanna! Those jeans looks so great on you. Where are they from? It is so hard to find the perfect pair of jeans. Thank you!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      thank you! they’re from madewell.

  41. Caitlin says...

    I’m due at the end of May with my first and am in need of some summer maternity dresses. This one will be perfect!

  42. Joanna, you are looking great! Is your bag from Hatch also?


    • Joanna Goddard says...

      it’s actually from lotuff. it was a gift and i love it :)

  43. Taking note of Hatch for maternity clothes next time I need them, but Joanna, where are your jeans from? I need new ones and love those!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      they’re from madewell, thank you!

  44. Anna says...

    I second the first comment– your hair looks fantastic, Joanna! Love the clothes, too.

  45. Fatima says...

    Great post! Joanna do you u ever wear blue jeans that have no cut outs?!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      haha the only blue ones i wear right now are ripped. i have some black jeans without holes (that i’m wearing today actually) but you’re right, the blue ones are pretty beat up at this point!

    • I actually love that you wear ripped jeans, Joanna. I think you are such a cool mom :)

  46. Hannah says...

    Anne, Anna, Joanna! Sweet

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      hahaha i know, and our photographer was named Ana. ;)

  47. laney s says...

    “Not that I would wish the presidency upon any loved one” -> hahahaha! truth

  48. This post makes me want to visit NYC :)

    Also, Joanna, your hair looks really good in these photos! Did you just have it cut?

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      thank you so much! that’s so nice of you to say.

      i got it cut a few weeks ago at this cute place in brooklyn — http://sarajunebrooklyn.com/

    • Skye says...

      So funny–I came to the comments section just to see if you cut your hair recently Joanna :) Looking beautiful!

  49. Rosey says...

    Love all of this. This may sound crazy but the thing I miss most about pregnancy (I MEAN, besides feeling my babies kick and roll around- so cool!) is the comfy maternity dresses. Not enough to get pregnant for a 3rd time, though… ha!

  50. I love your pale pink bag, Joanna! Where is it from? Thanks :)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      thank you so much! it was a gift, it’s from lotuff, a very beautiful bag brand in Providence, Rhode Island. http://lotuffleather.com/

    • Shannon says...

      Ahh, I love Lotuff Leather! I have their Zipper Satchel #9. It’s a dream bag.

      I also love the look of Hatch even though I’m not planning for children soon. Their basics just look so great! :)

  51. Lana says...

    Your friend Anna reminds me a bit of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. :)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      good call!!