Where to Buy Affordable Art

Joshua Tree Prints from Amber Interiors

We’ve lived in three different apartments over the past three years, and one thing I learned is that art is the fastest way to make a room come alive. Even a snapshot in a bathroom can make a place feel like home. So, here are 24 pieces of affordable art from shops we love, including the lovely Joshua Tree prints, above…

Affordable Art

1. Station print by Blancucha
2. Bear Gold Foil print by Sycamore Street Press
3. It Was Always You print by Ashley Goldberg
4. Rose poster by Sycamore Street Press
5. Analogue print by Inaluxe
6. Striped Shirt print by Chance
7. Sabrina Arnault La Nageuse Art print by Society6
8. Face print by Tuesday Mourning
9. Hugo Guinness drawing at John Derian
10. Treviso Radicchio II print by Jen Kindell
11. Slide print from 20×200
12. Red car print by Max Wanger
13. Citrus Floral print by Rifle Paper Co.
14. Mt. St. Helens print by Eventide Collective

Where to Buy Affordable Art

15. Guide to New York poster by David Ehrenstråhle
16. Brink Pink Fade print from Leif
17. Abstract Painting print by BorianaM
18. Praia Piquinia print from 20×200
19. Citrus on Black print from Angela Hardison
20. Vintage bird print from Leif
21. Dark botanical print by Kari Herer
22. Fig poster by Bloesem Shop
23. Brooklyn Bridge print by Christoph Niemann

What would you add to the list? I’d love to hear…

P.S. 20 more places to find budget-friendly art

(Top photo by Tessa Neustadt for Amber Interiors. Graphic design by Miss Moss.)

  1. Caitlyn mitchell says...

    I sent my husband the link to #19 years ago, and I’ve been waiting to hang it in our hopefully someday, perfectly curated kitchen. Well, 5 years and 3 kids later, we moved cross-country in mid-March—literally the week everything shut down—with our children all under age 5. It was hard, exhausting and slightly traumatizing for all of us. The first thing I did when we arrived to our cookie cutter townhome we are renting until we find “our home” was get this print in the largest size possible for our kitchen. It has brought me such cheer when needed most 🧡 just wanted you know…

  2. I have always loved Silke’s work. It’s all so wonderful! I’ve been carrying her art in my online Scandinavian concept shop in Toronto since it opened 3 years ago. One of my absolute favourites!

  3. how funny- i’ve been looking for big art for my future apartment but don’t want to spend thousands. this is perfect!

  4. This is possibly my all time favorite post. I love all these pictures, they are affordable and I can imagine them on my walls. They have given me framing ideas too. I ordered the gold bear and I may order more. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. Anything from Kristin Kirkley – her photography is beautiful and looks amazing in any setting! I have a few hanging in my own and they are always mentioned by guests!

  6. Art on the walls always make a place feel more like home. It adds a touch of color to bland looking walls.


  7. Always love your posts, thank you. More importantly I love the coffee table. Where is it from? Thank you Mary

  8. Printing your own wall art is a great way to update your Walls on a budget. I specialise in creating quirky, hand drawn vector illustrations where you purchase the digital file for a few $, which can then be printed at home or sent to a printers (online – they are lots, or a local print shop) and blown up to any size required.
    Check out my shop
    Thank you!

  9. Alexandra says...

    I’m surprised Eyes on Walls hasn’t been mentioned:

    They carry a few specific artists (like Lora Zombie) and have everything from originals and limited edition prints to framed or tiny block prints for a really affordable price.

    Also, for those looking for fun cheap art for a kid’s bedroom, Justin Hillgrove has a totally delightful series or prints called “Imps and Monsters” that are very affordable:

  10. I’m a painter working on a project in for 2016 where I’m making 100 small (12″ x 12″) paintings and selling them at a much lower price than usual ($200 + $15 shipping/handling, US only). They are selling really well! Brightly colored abstracts. Please check them out. I think you might like them. My instagram is @elyceabrams. And I’m featured on Saacthi Art this week as One To Watch! A lot of my work would look great in kids rooms/nursery too!

  11. Great pieces! I’d also recommend checking out Creativity Explored for VERY affordable original art:
    It’s an incredible arts non-profit in San Francisco, where artists with developmental disabilities create and sell their art. Unique art for a great cause!

  12. Sammy says...

    Any suggestions for kitchen art? we have a big empty wall next to our table. We already have 2 large ceramic strawberries hanging on the wall or I’d go with a fruity piece. Thanks!

  13. I second the comment about contacting your local university’s art department and art colleges in your area. Most will have at least a few shows throughout the year as well as a graduating exhibition where you can purchase directly from the artist – saving the hefty commission (often about 40%) charged by commercial galleries. My alma matter also had an annual print show that offered limited edition prints (not photocopies as with many prints) for $30 each – very popular with local collectors. Art and craft fairs are also great places to find one of a kind artwork.

    If you’re a fan of trees and birds, I’d also encourage you to check out my website:

  14. I agree about the need to meet customers face to face. Building rappor and connection with clients is important. But in such a global market now, online is a great way to buy and sell art. When I lived in London, I would have open studios and this was such a great way to connect with the neighborhood and meet people. I now live in the Pacific Northwest and do a bit of both, meeting customers and selling online. I think both are important. I love the accessibility of having work online. It reaches a lot more people.
    I myself have a new Watercolour gallery on my Etsy page so have more affordable originals now. Please take a look. I love landscape primarily and being an English native have quite a few of my homeland which I miss.

  15. Love these posts! As an NYC-based artist (on Minted and Etsy) I also wanted to reiterate the sentiments set forth in the comments that limited edition and original work can also be affordable! I do a lot of custom paintings (of dogs, cats, and various creatures in watercolor), and it’s such fun to deliver something personalized to a happy customer.

    [btw, here is one of my favorite prints:

  16. I love your selection.

    Can I purpose you the fantastic collection posters of Arles Photography festival :

    I absolutely love them and I’m proud to have this great festival so close to my home in Provence.

  17. I love this post and your blog too Joanna, so inspiring!
    My husband and I are designers and we design and sell prints, we are based in the UK but ship worldwide. We sell colourful, simple bold prints, here is a link I’d love to know what you think :)

  18. Thank you for sharing this with us! I have been trying to find some cool, fun, original art prints to hang around the apartment. I am LOVING all the selections you made. #16 is my favorite!

    Anika Yael Natori, aka, “The Josie Girl”

  19. Polly says...

    Sorry not about the art. Love your couch and cushions. Where are they from?? thanks.

    • Ashlee says...

      I also would love to know where the couch is from :)

  20. Sophie says...

    Great round up. May I ask where you sourced your grey sofa? Love it!

  21. Auctions, especially in smaller towns than say a big city like NYC.
    We bought a fabulous oil painting in a wonderful ornate frame that was so little money I can’t remember how cheap it was lol … but what makes it special is the subject. Imagine an oil painting, a large one, of a man standing in the middle of his vineyard holding a glass of wine.
    Now imagine that man is a pig. Yes, a pig standing on his hind legs with a glass of wine in his “hand” .. it is hilarious and always a conversation starter. It is on the wall in the Dining room :)

  22. I am so happy you shared this round-up. As I’ve been looking to decorate my new(ish) apartment, but art is just so expensive! And, I get it – but it’s tough when you’re on a strict budget. I’ll be sure to check out this list!

  23. Great round up! 2, 8 and 22 are my favorites.

    There are tons of places to find affordable art. If anyone’s in London, the Affordable Art Fair just passed but these are held every year and are an excellent place to find not only prints but sculptures, etc at reasonable prices. Also, try places like Etsy and Not on the High Street. A lot of artists will be able to create custom sizes if you ask.

    Also, here’s a cheeky link to my photo shop: ;)

  24. Betsy says...

    You did a similar post a few years ago and I loved it, thanks for sharing again!. I’d be interested in a similar post about area rugs, I can never seem to find a good (not insanely expensive) one.

  25. So happy to see Society6 on your list!!

  26. I just love your suggestions especially the joshua tree pictures. We start a little shop on internet with my sister with affordable art, handmade in France, it would be my suggestion :)

  27. I like all of these options. For those with an intermediate budget, I have a blog called The Affordable Art Blog where I post original art at varying price points but generally under $1000, mostly paintings (no prints and no miniature originals, all decent sizes and heavy emphasis on those available for purchase online). I wanted to find somewhere I could post the finds that I was lusting after but wasn’t going to buy myself! If anyone is interested, feel free to check out the blog. I’m saving up a few finds and about to do another “flurry” of posts soon.

  28. Anna says...

    Can I just add another possibility? Try contacting your local university’s art department. I work in a university art department and we often have end of the semester sales that are fantastic. Also, just try asking them when students show at first Fridays sometimes you can buy directly from the show. It’s typically very cheap and it does so much to encourage budding artists!

    Another option is downloading the high resolution archival images off the Library of Congress archives and then having it printed! It’s absolutely free and will definitely be something different than what anyone else has.

    • Lexie says...

      These are great ideas! :)

  29. For me, a house never really feels like home until the windows and walls are properly dressed (and the walls are definitely the most fun!). It just feels good to be surrounded by art, and I often find that my memories of a place are so tied to what was on the walls. I close my eyes and can instantly remember the intricate Chinese tapestries my dad hung in his living room, the gallery wall in my best friend’s first apartment (consisting entirely of her own photographs and paintings!), the Victorian botanic prints my grandmother had hanging in her bedroom.

    I’m going to have new walls to dress soon, will definitely check out some of these sources!

  30. Love your affordable art picks. I especially love #7 Sabrina Arnault’s La Nageuse Art print because I have it in my house. It’s my personal favorite!

  31. Hi Joanna (and fellow readers!)

    I am an emerging Brooklyn based artist. I personally think everyone should be able to afford beautiful art for their homes, however I also think that the best pieces to acquire are ones that you feel a deep connection to in person. I LOVE when people see my work in a show or stumble across my website and reach out to do a studio visit, in which I can have conversations about the work and reach people directly. My paintings are like my children and I want them to find good homes where they will be loved and cherished and will help make memories within a space. I have avoided selling work online because I greatly prefer an in person connection, and will always give affordable options to those that are willing to venture to my studio (a hop, skip, and a jump to Greenpoint). I love putting a face (or the faces of a family) to a name in selling paintings, and I feel that even though there is nothing wrong with finding work online, I would hope that people still feel the need to connect to artists directly and in person. This could be done through open studios, one on one studio visits, or through a gallery. In New York City I recommend Greenpoint or Bushwick Open Studios, or circulating the more affordable Lower East Side or Brooklyn gallery circuits. You can sign up for Artcards or Zingrecs, two fabulous weekly email listings for art events of interest that may be more off the radar, or downloading the Seesaw App which lists many of the art galleries and openings around town. Going to galleries and open studios are free (and fun to do with kids!) and my preferred way to connect my work to a potential buyer.

  32. love your selection. really my goal is to have my prints (coming soon!) featured on your blog! :D

  33. Marie Stevenson says...

    I love the variety of pieces you selected – Typography, photography, painting, illustration… Thank you for doing a post about art!! A few artists I love are: Liz Payne – | Christina Flowers – | Sarah Benning – | Lisa Lapointe –

  34. has a great selection of prints :)

  35. Jen says...

    I would add- art made by artists in your community! There are so many artists who will sell small works on paper and paintings for affordable prices.

  36. Monica says...

    I am a middle aged woman (56) – probably much older than most of your readers. I love your blog, but I have to say that I felt the need to comment to say that I think you have to acquire art as you go through life – not all at once and definitely not online (unless you live in the middle of nowhere and have not artists or community nearby-I have lived in or between Boston and NYC my whole life, so may be spoiled). I think that art should reflect your real life experiences and travels, if you give it time, and you get out and about in your world, you will find very affordable things that speak to you. Plus you will always have the memory of when, where and how you acquired it. I think that it is highly unlikely that anyone will have fond memories of the evening your were surfing the web and saw something online that spoke to you, as opposed to that day you went to that craft festival/little shop/yard sale/market in Portland/Charlotte/Paris/Jerusalem and found something lovely. I honestly don’t mean to sound so preachy, but I do feel that you have to live your live out in the real world and find real world things that speak to you, specifically at that time and place! Otherwise the things on the wall are just things that look pretty, but have no “story” as to how you happened to have it become part of your life!I was once in y 20’s and 30’s and so enjoyed acquiring all my lovely things bit by bit.

    • Sarah says...

      I love this. I’m 31 and eager to start creating a home that looks nice, but I sometimes become too shallow and urgent about it. I really appreciate your fresh perspective.

    • bess says...

      I agree with this. Much as I like many prints I see online, I’ve tried to acquire art as a souvenir from great trips or just places I really like locally. It takes a lot more time and patience, so maybe affordable art is the way to go as a stopgap for decorating – it’s also probably more hit and miss for a “look,” but lasting art collections are probably about more than what matches the couch.

    • True that travels you find amazing things, but sometimes though if you see something you love, I think you should buy it. (online or not)
      Some people cant afford to travel, and being online you see a much bigger range than your local area. Support artists everywhere, i think.
      Once I saw a beautiful painting online, and ive never seen anything like it again, and I cant find it now and ive never stopped searching.
      Get it while you can, or you’ll regret it later!

  37. Great suggestions. I really like Etsy for unique items and art.

  38. Uprise Art has great range and offers super professional service. Additionally, it would be a missed opportunity if it weren’t mentioned that often times buying directly from the artist, especially a young artist, makes much more of an impact for the maker and the collector. It’s a personal and often times more affordable process than going through a dealer. Supporting independent artists is essentially supporting a small business- people depend on it economically and emotionally. Thanks for pointing about art, Joanna!

  39. I couldn’t pass up this post without trying to give a shout out to my own affordable floral painted prints (they are printed then painted with Gold and Neon paints so each one is unique!) :) my website is and I’d be honored if any Cup of Joe reader checked them out!

    That being said, I LOVE Inaluxe. So bright and vibrant!

  40. Nina says...

    This morning I thought to myself, “When I have a free minute at work, I’m going on Cup Of Jo to find an old post about affordable art.” I kid you not. Freaky!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      that is so funny! great minds! :)

  41. Steph says...

    I love the coastal scene photo you’ve shown in your office area. It looks so fresh and calming. Where is that from?

  42. Amie says...

    I love number 23 but im not sure i’d call $600 affordable but maybe thats just the student in me. really love some of the others though

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      was there a $600 one? yikes, sorry, that must have slipped through the cracks. we tried to keep almost everything under $100.

  43. Ali Kitchener says...

    My friend is an artist and has both originals and prints on her Etsy site. She’s fantastic! Lots of landscapes from Seattle and also the Lake District in the UK!

    • Alexandra H. says...

      Ali – Sarah’s paintings are beautiful! I am having a small world moment. I live in Seattle and my husband and I got engaged in the Lake District. Thanks for sharing her link!

    • Cheers for the plug Ali. And thanks for stopping by Alexandra! I am based in West Seattle and am an English native. I have recently added a watercolor gallery to my page with many different types of landscapes.

  44. Jade says...

    I love printing my own holiday snaps on an extra large scale and framing them ( I find Op Shops incredible for frames!)

    Recently I have been digging Teil Duncan & I am so in love with everything Max Wanger does !

  45. heather davey fusco says...

    That striped shirt print is EVERYTHING. Thank you so much for sharing this gem!

  46. Scott says...

    20×200 is so great for affordable art. Highly recommended!

  47. Emma says...

    As a young painter, my practice thrives on local collectors. I see on a lot of blogs (this one included – multiple times) post similar online sources for affordable (cheap) art, which is always photography and prints.

    I think these links are fantastic, but I would also encourage people to explore local artists in their area. Support their practice. Visit their studio and buy some original art. It might even gain value over time. If you love art, invest more than $25 to have something beautiful that will gain value over time.

    • Hear, hear!

    • ohhh BIG YES this. 100x this!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      yes, such a great idea, too! we have art in our home from emerging artists, where we got original or limited edition art, and i love love love it. we have also blown up family photographs that mean so much to us. a mix is great. this is a good reminder. thank you!!

    • amen!

      Love these art pieces.. there’s so much practicality in the world, it’s great you are highlighting something so often overlooked.

  48. Katie says... is also a great place to buy prints, framed or otherwise. The pictures are from Getty Images, and they look amazing!

  49. This post came at the perfect time! I’ve been looking at changing up the artwork in our house but it can get so expensive. I really love some of the options you listed here.