On Sex and HBO'S Girls

On Sex and HBO'S Girls

Do you watch Girls? It’s such a fun show (especially the Tokyo scenes), and I love the clever wardrobes and talking alarm clocks and that lanky, slow-talking Adam Driver. But there’s one thing that drives me completely bats…

If I have to watch one more scene where someone has unprotected sex — even with a complete stranger, even in a graveyard — without blinking an eye, my head is going to explode into 1,000 tiny pieces. They don’t even feel stressed later, or freak out and get tested, or have any sort of awareness of it at all. It just happens, it’s a non-event.

And here’s the thing: If TV and movie characters move seamlessly from kissing to sex, without stopping to get protection, then people may hesitate to use condoms in real life. Because then it may feel awkward and prudish to bring it up, go find one, take off the wrapper…

And I know Girls is just a show, but you end up absorbing and normalizing things around you; it’s human nature.

Years ago, I read an article called Why James Bond Needs to Use Condoms. The author wrote:

People don’t know how to talk about condoms in the heat of the moment… Hollywood could help us solve this problem, by normalizing condoms, even by making them cool. If James Bond starts talking about condoms, maybe other guys will follow suit… If Megan Fox cuts off a guy until he agrees to wear a condom, the language she uses, the confidence she displays, could give other women an idea of how they can pull of the same feat… If condoms were shown to be a normal part of a successful love life, people exploring their first sexual experiences wouldn’t be as prey to the myth that condoms kill romance.

Wear condoms! Have protected sex! It’s not awkward! It takes like two seconds! Just do it!

On a lighter note: These 15 questions about the most recent episode made me laugh out loud (#10!), and here’s a great interview with Allison Williams on why people love to hate Marnie.

On Sex and HBO'S Girls

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