California coast

What are you up to this weekend? We’re loving this warm weather and are hoping to go to Rockaway Beach for a little run-around on the sand. We’re also going to this new restaurant, which I’m excited to try. Finally, I am counting the seconds until the Bachelor finale on Monday (THE TRAILER IS INSANE!). Meanwhile, here are a few fun links from around the web…

Jokes I tell myself to stave off an emotional breakdown.

Our boys love this sweet book, and so do I.

Holy chocolate peanut butter tart.

Seven things you didn’t know about Fargo. (The last one is nuts!)

Five questions that allowed a dad to eat dinner with his kids.

Cute boyfriend shirt.

Flowchart: Should you mention how tired you are?

A case for small talk.

On finding a uniform.

What an awesome poster.

Pop quiz! How do you make these 11 words plural?

Oh, hey, Mom wants to know if you’ll be free if she visits 14 months from now.

Great idea for Easter eggs.

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(Photo by Kendra Smoot)