Typography Love

Typography Love

Back when we did a blog redesign, our designers asked us to make a Pinterest board of typography we liked. It was a really fun assignment, and since then I keep noticing great typographic moments. Here are a few lovely ones…

Typography Love

Aren’t the rocks amazing? They must have taken forever to find.

P.S. Honest slogans made me laugh.

(Thanks to Stella and Rachel for the layout. Top design by Wieden+Kennedy. Bazaar cover by Alexey Brodovitch. Stripes by Wayne Pate. Audi design by Armin Hofmann. Seinfield stickers by Stuart Matz. Oui Madame by Luke Ferrand. La Vie Est Belle print by Nutmegaroo Design Studio. Très bien print by D Sheffield. Oui by Maia Valenzuela. Alphabet rocks design by Clotilde Olyff. Out Backward design by Robin Bilardello. Pear by Sarah King. The Extra-Ordinary Things To Do by Leanne Shapton. Crash by Marco Puccini. I Never Finish Anythi by Julia Walck.)

  1. Pretzel typography is the best one.

  2. Coralie says...

    Funny, just last week I took a calligraphy workshop, and loved it! It is so relaxing, almost therapeutic! I highly recommend it! :)

  3. Great collection, Jo! The pretzel type just made my Sunday afternoon. Now I’m hungry AND inspired.

  4. Lauren says...

    I love this post! I have been starting to search through fonts for one to choose for a tattoo on my wrist. My younger sister passed away this year, and I want to get the letter ‘K’ (for Kaitlin) on my wrist. The problem is, I am just overwhelmed by how many fonts exist, and no idea how to narrow them down! I’m trying to work with some of my more artistic friends, but appreciate various sources. I now MUST make a specific ‘font’ board for Pinterest :-)

  5. ali says...

    we found alphabet rocks rather easily on the beaches of kauai, hawaii. we collected so many we made signs (“welcome to the …”) for our house, our friends and my mom and we were only in kauai for 4 days!

  6. I’m crazy for the Oui, Madame! LOVE! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Gina says...

    I just found out that it took 14 years to find all the alphabet for the illustration above!

  8. Nina says...

    ha, I thought the same thing when I saw the rocks. although, don’t you find when you sent your mind to seeing certain things, you see them?

  9. I’ll admit I’m biased since I’m a graphic designer… But besides my family and friends, and good food and pets, nothing makes me happier than creating and seeing beautiful typography!

  10. Great picks! Would be nice to see sources cited for each great design.

  11. Kathryn says...

    Joanna, I just wanted to thank you for creating such a beautiful space on the internet. There is so much garbage out there with hurtful and damaging words and ideas. Thank you for creating a refuge in space the can often seem full of so much negativity.

  12. I love typography! I even have a seperate ‘fonts’ map on my Pinterest, just to make sure I don’t forget any of the good ones :)

    xx B

  13. Ivy says...

    I love the rock alphabet! Every time I try to make a poster by hand drawing, it comes out like the “I Never Finish Anythi” because I run out of space. LOL

  14. PM says...

    The rocks one is so great! Does anyone know where it is from?

    I’d love to have a poster of it.

  15. I love typography so much! This was a great way to start my day off for this Wednesday. :) it’s amazing how many different styles there are. It really boggles the mind! I especially like the photo with words made out of bread. It’s like the best of both worlds.. Lol. Here’s hoping you’re having a wonderful day!

  16. Kati says...

    I really really love your renovated page. The old one wasn’t at all bad but this one has newspapery-but-also-relaxed-and-feminine-but-not-too-much vibe going on that makes everything written sound cool.

    If you don’t mind sharing, what is this font for body text?

  17. jeannie says...


  18. Wow- the rocks are totally mesmerizing!!

  19. Steph B says...

    That hot pockets slogan is hilarious. I haven’t had a hot pocket in 15 years and I clearly remember scalding hot cheese covering ice cold ham. Lol. Too funny.

  20. Aidel.K says...

    The rocks are amazing, and so are the pretzels! Nicely curated.

  21. Laura says...

    This is so YOU! I think they nailed the blog redesign.
    Those pretzels are making me… hungry.

  22. So incredible! Love this post–such great finds!The pretzel dough is making me hungry! :)

  23. Love!! What are the sources? I’d love to dig up more from some of these designers and artists. I particularly love the mod and pop art pieces and the “stripes” design!

  24. You should check out @alexkolbo on instagram! He’s been doing a fun and beautiful typographic alphabet by making arrangements of found objects to correspond to each letter.

  25. I never finish anythi ..ha!

  26. it’s amazing, i didn’t pay much attention to typography until i took a graphic design class for my publishing course and it’s amazing, including the history of it and where different styles come from!

  27. I love the pretzel one! That is so freaking cool.

  28. jane says...

    The rock alphabet is amazing I now know what my next project is going to be not sure why it appeals so much but I love it though I do wonder how long it will take!