1. Pretty funny. This bookstore is a fantastic place but it has a real honest slogan – “Books you don’t need in a place you can’t find.”


  2. Hahaha…very funny! And true!

  3. Cuz its fun & relaxing to peel the Elmers glue off =P

  4. Hahaha so funny. Though do people cut their mouth on tostitos? Am right there on all the others. Definitely Netflix and WebMD.

    Incidentally, I lost some Ikea screws during a move and I am so not happy about it.

  5. Need some Mitch Hedberg credit for that Yellow Pages one!


  6. The Netflix one is definitely me and my partner – we spend more time deciding than actually watching!

    And the Buzzfeed one is great too!
    Bits & Bobs

  7. This literally made me laugh out loud. The Twister one was especially giggle-worthy : ) Thanks for the pick-me-up!

  8. Ok, that actually made me laugh. Thank you for that:)

  9. lol.. love the ikea one.. so true.
    Now for the crafters out there, the white crayon is great when you want to play with water colors.

  10. Oh my god! Web MD couldn’t be more accurate haha!

  11. IKEA is so true…LOL.

    Lisa x

  12. my goodness, hilarious!!! I love the crayola one as I was just telling my toddlers that yesterday when they kept telling me that the white crayon is broken, LOL!

  13. It’s nice to know my boyfriend isn’t the only one who spends forever cruising through Netflix before deciding it’s too late to watch a movie. (Whereas I spend ten minutes every once in a while adding interesting movies to my list, so I always have 20 movies I want to see ready for the choosing.)

  14. These are great. Haven’t had this good of a laugh in awhile. :-)

  15. I hadn’t thought about that use for Elmer’s glue in a long time, so thanks for the smile.

  16. Thank you for sharing these! I’m the creator of HonestSlogans.com, and it makes me really happy that so many people enjoy these. Please stay tuned, as I have no intentions of stopping any time soon.

    @Fancy Tree- I do believe you are the one that emailed me about this as well, and I explained it further in my reply. My intentions with the site is to playfully poke fun at brands by showing what it could look like if truth was used in advertising. It is not intended to suggest that I’m the first person to think these, but rather to have a conglomerated platform–a hub, if you will–for displaying all of these ideas in a website. Mitch Hedberg also said that Ritz were little edible plates, which I found very humorous and created an Honest Slogan with that in mind. I bet he also thought of Bounty paper towels were basically “makeshift plates”, but I unfortunately never got to hear him tell such a joke. Nonetheless, that is an Honest Slogan I made for my site.

    Sorry for the rambling comment, I just wanted to confirm my intentions with the site and Honest Slogans as a whole. Thanks, everyone!

  17. Having been, in a former life, a Starbucks barista… Just be nice to them, for your own sake. Ha.
    The Netflix one is so sadly true.

  18. The Starbucks one is TRUE… I know, I used to do it when I worked there. ;)

  19. hehe, good thing I had my phone muted on this conference call, because a few of those made me chuckle out loud!

  20. So, so funny! Thanks for sharing.

  21. Netflix IS true. I can always find something on Hulu or Prime but never Netflix

  22. Hahah! So so true and very funny. Love it!

  23. So funny! That one about WebMD is too true. A longer slogan would be,WebMD: You Googled your symptoms and now you have cancer.

  24. the web md one made me laugh out loud. so glad you guys like these!

  25. Oh my – these had my husband and I in stitches.

  26. This seriously made me LOL! Have to share.

    Thanks for the laughs!

  27. These are all pretty funny, but I had good chuckle over the Tostitos one.

  28. Hilarious! I love the netflix one. So so true!