Bright and Airy Brooklyn Home

Jessie Randall's Brooklyn Home

Jessie Randall, the creative director behind beloved shoe and handbag line Loeffler Randall, lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn, with her husband, three kids and a Chihuahua. When we stopped by, she handed over a plate of cookies. “I baked these because my house smelled weird from the worm,” she laughed, nodding at a pet millipede her son was taking care of for his science class. Here’s a peek inside…

Jessie Randall's Brooklyn Home

On buying a home: When we first saw the house, it was very dark with Pepto-Bismol pink shag carpeting in every room. I forbid my husband Brian from making an offer, but two days later he said, “We got the house!” He was so smart. It’s a nice neighborhood and a pretty block. The renovation was intense, though; I would never do it again!

Jessie Randall's Brooklyn Home

On working with your spouse: We’re together 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We’re always together. I would be hand making shoes in my kitchen if it weren’t for him. He’s the business genius.

On wagon-wheel coffee table decorating moments: Like every decision! My husband is lovable but opinionated. We’re yin and yang. I stopped asking for his opinion a few years ago. I just started buying stuff and letting him deal with it.

Kitchen table: Saarinen. Chairs: Eames. Kids’ chairs: Ikea.

Jessie Randall's Brooklyn Home

On cooking at home: We do a lot of assembling during the week. On the weekends, I’ll make more ambitious recipes. The Loaves and Fishes Cookbook is amazing; whenever we have guests, I make their potato salad. For the kids, I also printed and laminated our rules for the dinner table. No one really adheres to the rules, but it’s nice to be able to point to them.

On organizing the kitchen: I love my P-Touch labeler. I label kitchen drawers; I label everything. Do you have a P-Touch? It will change your life. I P-Touch a label under every light switch.

Jessie Randall's Brooklyn Home

On (necessarily) spare decor: I have the kind of children where anything and everything will get knocked over and smashed. We don’t have any lamps, or anything on our coffee table. We definitely don’t have candles. That’s a recipe for disaster.

Light fixture: Bec Brittan. Coffee table: Phase Design. Circle rug: Filzfelt. Paint: Benjamin Moore Pale Oak.

Jessie Randall's Brooklyn Home

On this embroidery pillow: I had jury duty last year and needed something to do, so I made our family tree. It takes at least an hour to do each head. Then my husband’s sister and her partner got married and had a baby very quickly, and I was like, this is really messing up my pillow! But I added them in.

On crafting love: I do a lot of knitting, cross-stitching, sewing, quilting. I once got asked in an interview what I want to be when I grow up and I said, I want to be a grandmother.

Cozy pillow: similar here.

Jessie Randall's Brooklyn Home

On inspiring home stores: Canvas. Etsy (I look on there for vintage shoes, too). My friend Winnie has the lifestyle store Warm. It has this beachy, surf vibe.

On living in Park Slope: It’s like Portlandia. The skits I can imagine happening here, with a lot of the same cast of characters. I was watching that show, and was like, that’s where I live.

Black vase: DwellStudio. Big vase: Warm NYC. Woven wallhanging: Cold Picnic.


On playing around with wallpaper: I prefer just a little; I wouldn’t want a whole room. I love the children’s clothing line, Bobo Choses, so I reached out to them. They designed this wallpaper and I had it printed. You can ask designers you love or people on etsy to make things custom for you. It’s not much more expensive than getting something off the rack and it’s so much more special.

Dining table: Blu Dot. Rug: Chilewich. Bowl: Warm NYC.

Jessie Randall's Brooklyn Home

On arranging books by color: The knitting store Purl has everything organized by rainbow colors; it’s lovely. Then I was home for the day last year, and, on a whim, I said, I’m going to do it!

Jessie Randall's Brooklyn Home

On favorite books: I loved the Patti Smith memoir; it was so beautiful. And The Immortal Life of Henriette Lacks; I like things that are science-y. You know that series America’s Best Short Stories? I like reading those, they come out every year. They also have The Best Science and Nature Writing, so I read that, too. And I end up reading a lot of New Yorker articles.

Jessie Randall's Brooklyn Home

On the commute to work: I like to listen to Howard Stern. That’s my happy place. It’s so good. He’s changed. He’s such an incredible interviewer. He gets the most in-depth stuff. So many of my friends, so many girls just like us, love him. I love that curmudgeon. Like Larry David.

Jessie Randall's Brooklyn Home

On living in bed: I use my bed like other people use their living room couch. I’ll eat snacks there. I’ll read, sketch, do my craft projects. It’s the most comfortable place in the house, and then I’m close to my kids if they need me. Sometimes Brian will come into bed early too and watch his Cubs game on mute.

On a serene room: My life is chaotic enough, so I want my bedroom to feel like a hotel. Not a lot of stuff, just a big comfy bed. Brian also likes to have all white sheets and towels. It’s a thing with him. Otherwise you end up with mismatched sets later.

On the joy of a king bed: When my husband and I were first dating and totally in love, we had a double bed, and we were like, this is great. Then we got married and saved all our money for a queen mattress. Then we had kids and got the king, so they could climb in. We need our space!

On sleeping well: What’s that game, musical chairs? Well, we have musical beds. All night long in our house, someone needs me to snuggle them. Every night, I hear little footsteps. Every single night.

Bed: Crate & Barrel. Wallpaper: Romo. Lamps: Greta Grossman. Sheepskin rugs: DwellStudio.

Thanks so much, Jessie! (Plus, here’s Jessie’s beauty uniform, if you’d like to see.)

P.S. More home tours, including a California house and a Williamsburg loft.

(Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo. Styling by Randi Brookman Harris)

  1. Lynn Nelson says...

    I know this is an older post but I really want to know what kind of floors she has… Love them

  2. amber says...

    Such an elegant home… I love it!

  3. Betsy says...

    The perfect white wall colour ! Do you mind sharing what the paint colour is ?

  4. Stephanie says...

    Do you know where the oval paper lampshade in the first picture is from? I’m looking for something similar…

  5. Anitra says...

    This was the best and so hilarious!

  6. shopgirl says...

    Very beautiful! But sooo white…with children?!

  7. Absolutely beautiful home. It’s pretty hard to compare your own place to something that’s been so beautifully set up for the shoot, but love the inspiration.

  8. This home is absolutely stunning! I have taken so much inspiration from these beautiful photos!

  9. Amazing house—I could totally live there! :) Happy to see such an interesting person interested in science books.

  10. Oh, gosh, how cute is she and her home!!!??? The embroidery pillow on jury duty! For realz. If I ever got the chance to meet her in person, I’d have my fingers crossed that she’d be my new best friend. XO

  11. Love her home and her work. Didn’t know she was also in Park Slope!

  12. Eli says...

    Love all of the bedding in the master bedroom! Where is the duvet cover and he throw blanket from???

    • Kaitlin says...

      I want that info too! Gorgeous.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      I asked Jessie and they’re both Serena and Lily:


  13. Debbie says...

    Love, love, love this home. I would just love to know what the wallpaper is in the bedroom.

  14. Tanvi says...

    What a serene space, my goodness! I feel calmer just looking at the photos! Would so love to know where those sofas are from?

  15. AB says...

    Hello, I would love to know where the sofas are from?! Many thanks!

  16. Lisa says...

    Any tips on all this white with small children? Also I love the wall paper in the bedroom. Could you please provide the information on where it was obtained.

    Great style!

  17. This was so pretty that I didn’t want it to end! Perfection.

  18. Beth says...


    Love this home. Curious where she got the bedroom wallpaper?

  19. Ann says...

    She is so cute. What a fun house, and fun approach to work, parenting. Thanks, Joanna!

  20. Elise says...

    I’d also love to know more details about the cross-stitch pillow. What a great idea.

    • Elsie – If you’re interested in doing one yourself, we’ve made a coupon code for the first 100 people who order: Use “cupofjo” at checkout for $5 off the DIY-Stitch-People Book!

  21. Caitlin says...

    Is that a pizza pillow in one of the photos? Would love to know where it’s from!

    • Caroline Donofrio says...

      It is indeed! It’s a Kidrobot pillow:

  22. Where are Jessie’s overalls from?? I’d love to know! She is ROCKING them.

  23. zoo says...

    I just HAVE TO KNOW that if that kid’s drawing under the mealtime rules is a portrait of IKEA carrot guy in green stripy boxer shorts.
    He spoke to me and I had to had to have him. He is sitting right next to me now.
    If he spoke to this family with super aesthetic powers, I feel validated in many layers.
    Joanna, could you tell, did you see him around, do you have a shot of full portrait to possibly confirm it for me?

  24. Absolutely loved every single part of this home tour and interview! I love how this momma is true to her family and doesn’t include things that can break in her house, just for the sake of having the latest home accessory. Love her attitude about embracing her crafty side, and is an amazing designer too!

  25. Christy says...

    What a beautiful apartment! I loved reading about her relationship and working partnership with her husband – so inspiring.

    BUT! But…. books arranged by color. CRINGE. I cannot. I just want to jump into those photos and reorganized by genre and author last name. It is the only way!

    • L says...

      I agree, I’ve thought about arranging by color before because I love how it looks but it would bother me so much for them not to be arranged by genre.

  26. SP says...

    Very beautiful apartment. My favorite part is knowing that my family isn’t the only one who does the musical bed routine – every single night :)

  27. Amy says...

    How beautiful! May I ask what kind of flooring it is in the kitchen – it looks like wooden flooring (any chance you might know if it’s even engineered or laminate)? I am trying to find something family friendly and easy to clean that looks nice too!

  28. What a beautiful and calm space! I think I’m going to pin everything. The links are also really helpful too. I totally agree about the king bed. At first I was against the idea for us, but now, I dream of our bed when I’m not in it!

    Analog House

  29. Wow! So lovely and airy and white! Like really white. Pristine! How many magic erasers do you go through with kids in this beautiful home? ; )

  30. I must agree about Howard Stern. His interviews are fascinating – on par with Terry Gross, really!

  31. Anna says...

    I fell in love with her home when it was featured in Domino—back when it was in print! Jessie’s the reason so many people had/have that “For Like Ever” poster. She seems like a very down to earth person–thanks for sharing!

  32. Kannfish says...

    “…and watch his Cub games on mute.” Ha

  33. I’m not sure what to call it besides a work of art… but that work of art hanging over the fireplace, amazing! I would love that in my apartment!

  34. jill c says...

    oh how i love this and her take on things…the ‘musical bed’ thing is so on par with what happens in my home…sometimes i feel like i’m the only parent that has little ones waking up to jump in my bed or for me to go to their bed – it’s so nice to know there are moms out there doing the same thing.

  35. Alyssa Leister says...

    I’m just amazed at how cozy so much neutral colors can be. It’s very relaxing! I appreciate the idea that with a chaotic life, less is more. This is lovely.


    I’m an interior designer and I do this ALL THE TIME, and while most people love it, surprisingly I’ve had people comment on it in a negative way. I’ve been told it’s “tacky”.

    Haters gonna hate. Rainbow bookshelves forever.

  37. Bec says...

    What a lovely home, and a lovely interview! Jessie sounds like a beautiful person & a fantastic mum!

  38. Prudence Yeo says...

    Absolutely gorgeous home decorations! Especially loving the bookshelves, cute cushions and bright kitchen, such a lovely home environment!


  39. This all looks so gorgeous, i’m loving all the marble – but oh my goodness how does it keep so clean!

    Louise x

  40. ky says...

    I love purl bee!!! And I’m sure the purl store is amazing I can only imagine. Maybe if i ever visit new york. I’ve been getting into knitting and the purl bee patterns are so beautiful and with the beautiful yarn as well. There’s an amazing wool shop in my city (victoria, vancouver island) and even though I’m a beginner I could literally spend hours in there looking at the beautiful hand dyed/spun yarn. I’ve got my mom and grandma reobsessed too!

    The apartment is very beautiful but a bit white and stark for my liking. I do love all the hand made pieces! How do real people live like this? I’m actually curious because there is no way I could keep a house like this. Where does all the stuff go? I can’t imagine how many hours of cleaning a day it would take to keep it so nice.

    • Sofia says...

      i think not having “all the stuff” is exactly how she keeps it this way! Same thing works in my place too (I have a kiddo also). I spend about 15 minutes a day straightening and my apartment always is more or less totally clean!

  41. Julie says...

    This lady sounds nice and grounded.

  42. Brittany says...

    “Musical beds”…I play that game every single night as well :) Beautiful home!

  43. This home is gorgeous. The island is my dream island with the white marble flowing to the floor. I am not surprised though with the genius of Loeffler Randall – how amazing are their shoes! – that her home would be incredible.

    Really beautifal!

  44. Maddie says...

    I love doing cross stitch too! I think I’ll have to steal that pillow idea, it’s adorable!

  45. Your home is beautiful! I’d love to know what paint color you used on your dining room walls if you wouldn’t mind sharing. Thank you!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh yes! it’s Benjamin Moore Pale Oak. she told me they looked forever and finally found the perfect shade.

  46. TootieMcBear says...

    I love how unpretentious and relaxed she seems. There were several small details in that interview which imply she is a selfless mother and wife. Both the house and owner are pretty. I am now way more inclined to buy those insanely expensive boots she sells. Ha!

  47. ali says...

    i love that she has the dinner table rules but admits no one follows them. me tooooo!

  48. jeannie says...

    She is so cute and funny! What a lovely house. I love that she wants to be a grandmother – it is the best! I agree that a king bed is the most amazing thing ever! Also, I laughed out loud about family additions making her add to her family tree pillow. Great post!

  49. Casey says...

    Ok so I’m digging her embroidery hoop in her first pic and so intrigued by the family tree article. Randomly I just picked up a beginner embroidery design and finished it last weekend. It was fun but so random. I keep asking myself what on earth could I do with this skill, really?

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      thanks for your note! i went through this random cross-stitching phase when i was in junior high, and now i kind of want to get back into it. it seems relaxing after a long day — watch Fraiser reruns and cross-stitch a peony?? good luck with your next embroidery design!

    • Aidel.K says...

      I loved embroidering years ago, and I’m looking for a new project. I’m looking at these: I saw on IG that she’s closing her shop soon (if I remember correctly for maternity leave), so if you like it, buy it!


      These are the people who originally started the people xstitching. Martha Stewart also has a demo on them, but I think that they drew from stitch people who did it first. Enjoy! So cute and the pillow is really adorable!

      I always thought these would make great baby, wedding, new home gifts.

      But love the whole house. It’s serene and gorgeous from the thin waterfall marble on the kitchen island to the custom wallpaper in the dining room. Love it.

    • I’m loving this pillow, too! And we love Cup of Jo – so if you’re interested in doing one yourself, we’ve made a coupon code for the first 100 people who order: Use “cupofjo” at checkout for $5 off for our DIY-Stitch-People Book! Tons of cross-stitch people patterns for you to use to make your own!

  50. Stephanie says...

    She’s hilarious.

  51. Kate says...

    Lol My favorite so far! She seems like a riot and so down to earth!

  52. Gorgeous home! xo

  53. Lisa says...

    Beautiful photos & home! What’s the countertop surface in the kitchen? (In the middle of an all-white kitchen reno myself…)

  54. Karen T. says...

    I love that she baked cookies and she crafts. She’d totally be my people. And her home is gorgeous!

  55. What a beautiful home! I can’t imagine having kids and a dog in there! Perhaps we’re just slobs though.
    My favorite part is “On crafting love: I do a lot of knitting, cross-stitching, sewing, quilting. I once got asked in an interview what I want to be when I grow up and I said, I want to be a grandmother” I always say I’m working on my grandma skills! And the wall behind the bed, so beautiful!

  56. ashley b says...

    i love her answer that she wanted to be a grandmother when she grew up. i’ve long said that i must’ve been an italian grandmother in another life, just cooking all day and feeding people i love at a big, long table. that’s still my dream!

  57. Jul says...

    I would love to see the kids bedrooms.

  58. Jul says...

    I would really like to see the kids bedrooms too.

  59. Kimmie says...

    I love these home tours, but sometimes I feel like the only places showcased are in New York/Brooklyn or San Francisco. It would be great to see homes from other places around the U.S.- like Chicago!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      good comment! we agree and have been scouting other states — it takes a little more scouting for us, since we’ve all lived in new york for so long, so many people we know are based here, but we are on it! a few good ones coming up… :) thank you so much!

    • Casey says...

      Speaking from experience, it’s super tough to coordinate professional photographers with their own lighting, etc. to go and get the photos you need when you are thousands of miles away and unable to give direction. This is an awesome, small blog that is based in New York, so I think it makes sense that what is featured is in NY mostly.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      ps and of course if you know anyone great, please let us know!

  60. Wow – What a lovely home. I completely fell in love with the dining room!

  61. Richelle says...

    I love that she’s so…normal? Like we could chat and totally click about our kids and homes.

    • Mary Jenkins says...

      Agreed! She seems like such a fun person.

  62. kate says...

    Beautiful! But a suggestion would be to also show real life people’s homes as well. It can get overwhelming constantly viewing these posts on people’s lovely homes and all the things I can’t afford. And I live in the same city.

    • Amy says...

      I feel this way as well about a lot blog posts of high-income creative professionals’ homes. They’re inspirational but maddening at the same time because it seems so out of reach and out of touch with people who don’t have the budget for a bazillion dollar *console table* that no one will be allowed to touch EVER. But I try to keep in mind that these spaces are obviously are staged and lit within an inch of its life and then on top of that, they are often PHOTOSHOPPED! Not just for things like lighting and color correction but removing entire elements like vents, doors, doctoring furniture pieces, damaged fixtures and moulding, etc. It’s like comparing one’s looks to a model in a magazine…

  63. I’m all about color but the white and cream palette has such a beautiful and relaxing feel to it! Loved the rainbow book arrangement too!

  64. What a beautiful, light, and spacious space! Totally inspiring.!And Jesse Randall makes white overalls look incredibly chic and sweet at the same time. Love.

  65. I love her, and I love her house! Her Beauty Uniform interview was great, and I’m glad you followed up with this. Thank you! I want that master bedroom wallpaper – the perfect snazzy neutral.

  66. Joanna, Do you know where she got the dining chairs?
    I have been looking everywhere! The FLAT is gorgeous!! XO

  67. I love that embroidered pillow so much! I cracked up when she said, “this is really messing up my pillow!” Do you know if she did it free-hand or by a pattern? Because I don’t embroider, but I love the idea so much I may just go and do one for myself… you know, in the spare 2 minutes I have every day. ;) Great feature!

    • Flora says...

      Yes!!! would be very interested in a pattern for the crosstitch cushion!!! Gorgeous!