What Do You Do For

What Do You Do For

What do you do when you have time completely to yourself? Anything funny/random? Or the classic soak in the bath with epsom salts?

I used to find it tough to take solo time in the evenings, because the boys would get so clingy. They would drape themselves over me as I moved toward the door, and then Toby would theatrically bang on his bedroom window as I walked away from the house, like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate. But then Alex had an idea…

He said, “Guys, let’s have a boys’ night! Popcorn and Shrek!” And I got “kicked out” of the house. I asked Toby and Anton if I could please stay, but they giggled and said, “No, Mama, it’s a boys’ night!” Somehow their thinking that I wanted to stay made it so much easier for them to happily let me go. Whew!

Sometimes I take a bike ride, but my favorite thing is to get a chair massage at our neighborhood nail salon. It’s only $10 for 10 minutes, and you feel totally pampered and taken care of.

Here, seven women share what they do when they’re flying solo, and how they carve out time.

When I have time completely alone, there are two things I find myself doing: 1. Opening a beer, a package of crackers and a wedge of cheese and finding a documentary on TV to watch. I’m very into IPAs, Stoned Wheat Thins and/or Mary’s Gone Crackers with some kind of nutty cow’s milk cheese. I recently watched The Wolfpack, an amazing documentary that I highly recommend. That sounds like heaven to me right now. — Lina

I know this sounds insane, but my favorite activity when I am actually home alone (i.e., NEVER) is to clean out my closet! I find it so soothing and it hearkens back to a time when my life actually had order (rather than the total chaos that reigns now). DREAM. — Poppy

Every Sunday, when the kids are napping, I pull out the weekend New York Times and read the etiquette section first, then Modern Love, and I hope for a new Diagnosis column, which appears every few issues. It’s better than any medical drama on TV. Abby

I belong to a random online gym that does 15- to 20-minute daily workouts and I feel like a better mom and person when I complete one. It makes me feel strong inside and out, and I have become pretty addicted to that feeling. During the day I have a hard time relaxing; exercise feels like I’m accomplishing something, but it’s still really a time out for me. — Allison

I actually enjoy throwing medicine balls (like this dude — although obviously I’m WAY slower). I hadn’t been great at making time for exercise after my daughter was born, but after a string of migraines earlier this year, I started making it a priority and haven’t had any since! I think there’s something in me that craves movement. When Louise was a baby, we were driving down the highway and passed workmen lifting porta-potties onto a trailer — and I felt oddly envious of them doing something so physical. So strange, right?! — Liz

I’m pretty lame with my day-to-day me time — in the evenings I enjoy hanging on the sofa, reading an article or watching a funny clip. But a couple winters ago I went big: at the spur of the moment, I traveled with some friends to the Caribbean for a couple nights. It had been a particularly rough week in an already rough winter and we impulsively threw it together on about 24-hours notice. We felt so guilty about abandoning our friends and family in the bitter cold that we swore a vow of secrecy and left no social media trail. But as spoiled as it sounds, it was incredibly restorative and I came back ready to deal again. Linsey

I’m a stay-at-home mom of four boys, and we have afternoon quiet time. The youngest two take naps, while the oldest two read books or play in their room. I rely on this hour or two to decompress, breathe, watch cooking shows or just stare at the wall. I have realized how just a small amount of uninterrupted personal time can be the ultimate reset button for everyone. Sarah

What do you do when you have solo time? And how do you make time? I’d love to hear…

P.S. Traveling alone, and would you start an Articles Club?