Motherhood Mondays: Would You Ever Take a Vacation by Yourself?

My friend Sharon and I were hanging out this weekend–with four noisy little dudes in tow–and she told me that every year she takes a vacation by herself…

…”A motherhood vacation,” as she puts it. Spending some time alone or with friends clears her head and invigorates her, and she returns to her family happier and changed, she says. One year, she went to a lighthouse hostel for $25; next, she visited a friend in Paris; this year, she booked one night in a cheap hotel room right here in New York. “I love that vacations by myself don’t have to be overly planned or fussy,” she said. “I set the pace and go for it.”

Isn’t that an awesome idea? Would you ever consider it? When she stayed at the California lighthouse, Sharon listened to This American Life episodes while watching the sunset; I’d love to eat a homemade cheesy pasta while dipping my toes in the cold, goose-pimply water! (Here’s a list of lighthouse hostels, as well as list of other lighthouses in which you can sleep over.)

You could visit a big city and stroll around museums (and leave the second you got bored) and eat ice cream (as much as you wanted). You could take a hot bath, order room service and watch movies at your hotel; and then sleep diagonally in bed. Or you could visit old friends–college roommates, cousins, sisters–and flash back to your single days. Imagine just drinking wine and doing your own pedicures:)

It’s funny: Ever since we’ve had Toby, I’ve never considered heading off on my own. Alex and I took a two-day getaway just the two of us, but, funnily enough, taking time away by myself didn’t even occur to me. Sharon’s tradition feels inspiring, and I love her line, “I’m not ashamed to admit that I need a break from motherhood sometimes.” So great that she does this just for herself every year and loves it. Bravo.

Would you ever take a vacation by yourself? Have you ever traveled on your own, whether or not you have kids? I love hearing about people traveling on their own! SO awesome. Where would you want to go?

(Top photo by Charles Gullung; lighthouse photo by George Oze; and summer love photo from Erin)

  1. Angelika says...

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  2. jeyiah says...

    I am a mother of 5 and 2 yrs old and my husband is working overseas.
    My sister and brother is living with me in the house and a household help is available on daytime. (this arrangement is easy, I’m from Asian country).

    Anyway, I do love travelling. I have several invites by friends to go out of town for 1 to 2 nights and explore mountains, beaches, new places. And I dream to go backpacking by my own on some new places/countries for a week at a time..even if just once or twice a year.

    My only problem is that my husband can’t understand me. For him, as a mom, I should not leave my kids at home (even if a have two sibs to look for them and a househelp). If I do it, he’ll go on lecturing that I am very irresponsible and chose my own happiness over the children and I’m torn. Do I have to choose? Am I wrong to pursue my dream to travel?

  3. I do understand you, Joanna. We all need some time alone to think about the things in our lives. Oh, a lighthouse hostel in Rio Janeiro? Sweet! A vacation definitely has to be thought out in terms of what to see, where to stay, where to eat, and what activities to do within the vicinity. I wish you well on your future trips!

    Daphne Michaels

  4. Anonymous says...

    I have four kids, and the idea of a long break honestly never crossed my mind. My best friend lives a long distance from me, and I haven’t seen her in five years. We are meeting in Boston in a couple of weeks (a plane ride away from our 7 children and wonderful husbands)! I’m nervous to leave the baby (I’ve never been away from her overnight-and she is 3), but I’m super-excited to see my best friend and a new city. We should start a tradition!

  5. When I was young I traveled around Europe by myself for several months and it was amazing and VERY lonely at times. Now as a mother I think back and relive those moments of freedom, wishing for them again. But honestly, when I do get time to myself, all I can think about is being with my little ones and lovely husband. I think it’s going to take sometime to reshape my mind and allow for breathing space but deep inside I think, ” you’re crazy, of course you need time alone!”

  6. Anonymous says...

    I’m twenty years old and studying abroad in Barcelona. My parents are supporting me through school and are there for me every step of the way. I booked my ticket back home from London a month after my program ended because family in England invited me to stay with them, and I was supposed to be traveling with friends for two weeks.. some things fell through and I got offered to stay with my dad’s old coworker in Geneva, Switzerland. I was so excited, and wanted to go and was going to tack on Zurich and head up to Paris to visit a friend and Copenhagen (after going to Helsinki and Stockholm for spring break with some friends I am already ready to get back to Scandinavia, it’s amazing up there.) and maybe even going to southern Sweden too. My mom got incredibly uncomfortable with me traveling alone and refused to let me go anywhere except to stay with her family unless I was going with a friend. Even staying with my dad’s old coworker was nixed. After shall we say a bit of disagreeing, I said that I would just go to London unless I could get a friend to come with me. (Don’t get me wrong. I love my parents. I’m blessed to have them.) Luckily, my one friend ended up being able to come with me to Switzerland and will be joining me in London for a bit. While I’m excited to have a friend with me, I do wish that I had been able to travel alone. I spent a day alone in Stockholm (my friends had an earlier flight out to return to their study abroad home, Rome) and I really enjoyed it. I was looking forward to leisurely stroll city streets, sip tea, explore bookstores, go to cool museums, hang out in small bars.. etc. I think it’s so good to have some time to yourself and be able to do things alone and gain that self confidence and all that jazz. When I’m older (and my mom can’t tell me no), I definitely plan on traveling or just exploring and doing things on my own.

    • Rachel says...

      Hello, I did the same when I was around your age and what happened was I ended up at a police station in the middle of Croatia and Hungary with no passport and all alone! My friends had also left earlier that day and i was taking a train back to France alone.. So be careful and always carry enough currency with you.. Especially when you’re traveling alone

  7. Hi Jo!
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I absolutely love it!
    I thought I’d write a comment to this post since I just got back from a vacation trip by myself (that’s why I fell behind with my cup of jo reading). No kids yet but I found it extremely invigorating, nonetheless. I went to my brother’s graduation in Barcelona– he’s an architect!–and then visited a college friend I hadn’t seen in years — who now lives in Dublin and is married with 2 adorable kids I had never met– then spent 5 fabulous days in Belgium, where I met my brother’s girlfriend– who lives there. I saw 5 cities in 5 days and fell in love with the country and its people. Even though I missed my husband and a lot of times I found myself thinking — “oh, how he’d love this restaurant/city/view/person”, etc, there was something special about traveling by myself. Among other things, it reminded me of my first extensive trip to Europe, which I made by myself, encountering a few friends along the way. I was 20 and single, and I was fearless!
    Another great thing was, when I got back, I had all these exciting stories to tell my husband and pictures to share and that was a lot of fun. I highly recommend it –I will for sure try to implement it annually when we have kids!

  8. My hubby just suggested last week that I take a holiday on my own to re-charge.. I tried not to look to enthusiastic at the idea ha ha – Inside I was doing cartwheels… Melbourne shopping maybe for 3 days :-)

  9. Leanne says...

    I would absolutely love to get away by myself for a little vacation, even though I don’t have any children. I find that doing other things by myself such as going to the movies or out for dinner are also quite liberating and I always come back feeling very cool for some reason. If I had the money I’d go on a vacation by myself tomorrow!

  10. Anonymous says...

    Its a great idea!…but I doubt I can do it, as I’m quite reliant on my husband and want him around most times especially when we’re in a new country. :-) I live in a small Asian city and we don’t have states to explore like in the US.

    – Grace

  11. YES! My oldest is six and my youngest is almost one and half. It took until I weaned her, but I took off this fall for four days. I drove to Portland and met up with a blogging friend for the first time. I had the best time doing whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I will totally do it again and NOT wait another six years!

  12. I would love to take a vacation on my own, but because I don’t get to travel much I would rather take my boyfriend with me.

    When I was younger I traveled around Costa Rica on my own. It was wonderful and exciting, but there were a few dinners on beaches that I wished I could share with someone. So beautiful. I think now, having grown more, I would see more of the beauty in experiencing it alone.

  13. I just back from a 5 day trip to Italy by myself. I enjoyed every single second of it. It is think it is good to get away and recharge the batteries,especially when you are married or have kids.

  14. I am not a mother but i love travelling alone… i have travelled with friends but without my husband several times…. my vacations alone have been to places where i have friends so i can stay with them and feel safe (i am not a wuss but travelling alone in India as a single woman is not that easy). There was this one time i travelled alone and stayed in a hotel… it was fun but being stared at took away a lot of the charm.

  15. I have 3 kids and every now and then I do indeed get away on my own. Sometimes to go back to Canada to hang with my 90 year old gramma, sometimes with some girlfriends to visit a city not too far away.

    It recharges me and makes me a better mother, wife and person in general.

    Plus…a few days not having to cook is just divine.

  16. I spent a weekend at a lakehouse with some old girlfriends last summer (it’s a yearly tradition, but last year was the first since my daughter was born) and plan to do it again this year. I missed her a ton, but I needed it. I think it’s good for Dads and kids to get some one-on-one time together, too.

  17. I totally would if I could do it without feeling guilty! I’d love to go somewhere just to take photos

  18. Yes! A friend of mine and I have started an annual tradition of meeting at a hotel halfway between her house (NYC) and mine (Boston). We have a kid and husband-free weekend, and the itinerary includes spa treatments, NAPS (the best part!), movies, a long relaxing dinner with good wine, and good conversation. It is awesome and I look forward to it each year.

  19. My friend just shared this post with me, and I love it. I am all about taking a vacation alone. I wish I could do it a couple of times a year. It’s so needed as a mom/wife. I have taken a couple since having my son, who turns 4 at the end of this month. Last year I flew to Hawaii, alone, to visit some family over there. It was heaven! I need to be more mindful of this, and try to take time alone more often. LOVED this post! xo.

  20. Emma says...

    wow, I can’t even imagine spending more than a few hours away from my babe, let alone a couple of days.

    he’s only a few months old still, though, so who knows how I feel next year.

  21. sarah says...

    My husband actually suggested that I go away for a mini-vacation while he watches our little bundle. At first I was shocked, as I never would have thought of doing something like this. But the more I think about it, I can see a getaway being very refreshing. We just moved to Europe and so I may visit a friend in Spain, or perhaps hang out in Paris and see some friends from when I studied abroad. Our babe is only 5 months, so I feel a little guilty, but I’m sure that feeling would fade with a twirl around Barcelona or a macaroon from Laudurée. If you (mom or dad) are home with the baby/kids all day long, you should consider doing this… Everyone deserves a little break :)

  22. Amaze sounds fantasy that really wonderful i thinks travel by self like movie Eat Pray love that Gorgeous …..Let people jealous .

  23. This is a very lovely book (one of my favorites) to read while on a motherhood vacation or when thinking about one.

    Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s book “Gift from the Sea” — which she wrote while away at the beach enjoying a brief respite from the obligations of family and career. There, using the shells on the beach for inspiration, she reflected on the life of the American woman in the middle of the 20th century.

    Here’s an NPR piece with some excerpts:

  24. I need my alone time! It’s just the way I am. Before I became a mother I took 2 month-long cross-country trips alone. And now that I have kids, I try to get away for a weekend at least once a year. Being alone helps me think more clearly and re-charge my inspiration. I just spent a weekend at a cabin and blogged about it last week.

  25. YES! I’ve known Sharon for awhile and she inspired me to do this after her first lighthouse trip. I was a new mom (my oldest is the same age as her twins) and it made such sense to me. I’ve done it every year. Even crazy years that are busy I at least sneak off to a hotel for 24 hours. I return refreshed, charged and thrilled to have those little arms around me.

    Also, as a present to myself, I started going to lunch by my lonesome on my birthday. I always have people around me, which is wonderful, but I like spending an hour on my birthday by myself. It’s great to have some solitude.

    Love this post, so happy you’re sharing it so Sharon can inspire more women. She’s the best!

  26. YES!! I´m the mother of a 18 MO daughter… My sister lives in Barcelona with her man and they are having a baby this May! All my family is going, but we (my husband and I) didn’t want to take her on that kind of trip, too many plane hours, big city, long walks, eating dinner out, you know NOT things a kid that age is a fan of, SOOOO, I HAD to meet my first nephew, of course, and be with my sister in all that amazing moments… I decided, or WE decided, that I could wait for all the family to come back and then I could go by myself!! ALONE in a trip from Santiago Chile to Barcelona!! 10 days, I’m really nervous, I’ve never even been more than 1 day apart from my baby… I think I’ll be the one who suffers the most from that, but I’m sooo excited!! <3 <3 <3


  27. I’ve done this and it makes such a difference in prioritizing my needs and my son’s needs. It helps me appreciate my role as a mother by stepping away.

  28. Yes!
    Not alone but me and my husband has had some weekends off, without the baby, and i think it is necessary.
    I do not like to go alone… Twice i went with my friends and it was very funny and relaxing… sleeping till 11 am! ha ha
    But i NEED time for me during the week… for running, for my DIY… these moments actually are a luxury


  29. I don’t have children, but my boss and his wife do this. Usually just a day or two here or there where my boss will go and visit his best friend and then on another few days his wife will go back to where she grew up and visit her friends for a couple of days. I think it keeps the sanity for them.

    As for me, I travel alone all the time! I went to Germany a year ago in September for 2 days and stayed with a group of women I had never met. Even just a trip an hour or so up the road to Bath Thermae Spa with a 2hr pass can be enough to make me feel sane. I am planning to go to San Francisco this September- I will be staying in a hostel which has communal kitchens and organises excursions, so I can make friends and do things in a group if I want to. I think, sometimes, when you do things with others your ideas of how you want things to go don’t always match up, so it’s nice to have a bit of time alone. Xx

  30. I don’t think I’ll do it now that I’m a mum of two. I’ll miss them like hell

    kisses from Spain!

  31. Wise woman! I think time alone, in general, is really important. That could mean time away from your husband and kids, time with just your husband, time with just one of your children- the list goes on! But I’m a huge believer is being able to spend time completely alone. Every time my boyfriend heads out of town for work I really look forward to the time on my own in our apartment, but by the end of the week I’m dying for him to come back! I’m sure he feels the same way. It really keeps the love for one another alive in our relationship!

  32. I’m not a mom, but I HAVE taken a vacation by myself. Five days in Mexico…and it was heaven. I woke up early, read on the beach, ate great food, and slept like a rock. I’d love to do it again.

  33. I have taken quite a few vacation by myself. I am single and not a mother, but I even find I need away time for me. It is in those moments I can find the most clarity and truly feel happy…

  34. Kate says...

    Yes! I just returned from an overnight away with college friends and it was lovely. We started teh tradition even before I had the baby! The hubs and I have been away from the baby (together) a handful of times, but this was the first night I’ve been away from him since the baby. It was really nice to miss him, and to be missed!

  35. I think this is a great idea but I have a hard time not feeling guilty for leaving my baby behind. I realize though that its something necessary for my wellbeing. You’re after all a better parent when you’re a happy person.

  36. yes yes yes! i don’t have kids (and ahem, anonymous, i fall smack in the middle of the 20-something category), but last fall i was in london for a conference and decided to extend the trip with a week in paris. it was the best choice ever. i felt like i was in my own movie–wandering the streets wherever i felt like wandering, eating TONS of pastries and drinking cafe cremes, people watching at sidewalk cafes, and exactly what you metioned–visiting museums and landmarks, and leaving as soon as i got bored. it was such a unique and refreshing experience. while it would have been fun to have my boyfriend or a friend along, it was great to have a personal adventure, listening to only myself and doing exactly as i pleased for a whole week.

  37. Jo says...

    Oh, I have a little fantasy about this! My son is 6 months old and until a couple of weeks ago when we introduced solids he was exclusively breast fed, and I mean exclusively – he will not have a bottle! I am so grateful that I’ve been able to feed him for so long but sometimes I long for a break – I have this dream of going to a hotel by myself, just nearby and just overnight, but just for one uninterrupted evening reading or watching a film, and one long bath and long sleep! It won’t happen though because I can’t bear to leave him and I’d need to pump while away so it wouldn’t work out quite how I imagine, but it’s a nice fantasy nonetheless!

  38. Anonymous says...

    To the anonymous who made ageist assumptions about the younger generation “not liking to travel alone:” It’s true this generation is very plugged in but that exact fact is what makes it so easy to leave and go someplace alone. Why hesistate when you have all of your entertainmetn with you, if boredom hits you, when you can contact friends across the world, when lonely on your trips, when at the tip of fingers are maps, gps, apps telling you where the best local spots and hot spots are? If anything, traveling alone has been made a lot easier. Pair that with getting married later, or not at all, having children later, or not at all, and being in a nwly formed “Rent instead of Buy” society and you have nothing holding you back from travelling. I don’t doubt that this generation has travelled more and more often alone than previous generations. I agree with you that some people don’t like being alone and others are okay with it but despite what your “research” says [remember, facts are random compilations of stats that can be made to ‘prove’ anything] surely, it’s not generational in the way that you imply. Some people are more comfortable in there homes, without leaving their families or children or comforts, and others are not as beholden to these things.

  39. It’s wonderful. We all need time for ourselves…to do something fun, just for us. Love it.

  40. Anonymous says...

    I am not a mom yet [and probably won’t be for a while, if all goes to plan, lol] but this sounds like a grand idea for moms and non moms. I wish my mother had taken more alone trips when we, the kids, were younger. There were times where I could tell she needed to recharge and didn’t take the opportunity to step out– except she would occasionally leave the city with my aunt and head to atlantic city over night. This “by myself vacation” sounds good for me and I’m w/o my own nuclear family, very young, and still in school– imagine a getaway where you didn’t have to plan or coordinate anything with anyone [friends, babies, spouses], where you could sleep late, eat crap, be moody or cheery, and do whatever you wanted! how nice! i think i’ll plan this into my spring break or long weekends this year….

  41. Anonymous says...

    …I also wish I knew where everyone lives. I grew up in a rural area and probably even when I graduated from college, in a suburban area, I would have been utterly embarrassed to eat in a restaurant alone. Fast forward to living in a big city, and it is completely and utterly normal… there’s no nervousness, no wondering what I am going to do or look at while I’m waiting for my food to arrive. I’m curious, from a sociological perspective (though taking the comments way too seriously! :-)) to know the background of the commenters with different perspectives. I suspect older people in urban areas (particularly those who moved to those places, not those with strong family ties to the area) would be more apt to travel alone.

  42. Anonymous says...

    I commented before about how I don’t have kids, but I do travel alone. I was thinking about this a bit more, as I read through the other comments. I think there are just people who like to be alone, and people who don’t like to be alone. There are also people who like to have an “authentic” experience when traveling, mingling with locals, seeing off the beaten path areas, and those who don’t care about that and just want to have fun with the people they’re with. Throwing motherhood into the equation might guilt a small minority of those who like to be alone into feeling like they can’t possibly leave their child. But, I suspect that in most cases, motherhood doesn’t make a difference… if someone liked to be alone and to travel alone before having a baby, that will remain the same afterwards. (The ability to do that might be hindered, though.)

    What I’m seeing in some of the comments is just someone who doesn’t know how to be alone. It makes me wonder the ages of the commenters, not to criticize, but out of genuine curiosity. This is a very broad generalization, of course, but with younger 20-somethings today being so constantly “plugged in,” they tend to dislike being alone or not know what to do with themselves when they are alone, more so than is the case with earlier generations. (As an educator of “Millennials” I have read a lot about this, although of COURSE there are always exceptions.)

  43. I dont have children yet, but growing up (and still to this day) my mum had a holiday alone most years. She would meet up with her girlfriends and they would have a girly weekend somewhere. Growing up I always loved hearing about it, but most importantly it made me see that my mum had friends & a life outside of the family. It also made me realise the importance of friends to adults.

  44. i love this idea! i am traveling to whistler, BC this august by myself for a little food photography workshop (and some sightseeing). it will be my first “by myself” trip, i’m nervous but really excited!

  45. Anonymous says...

    I’ve always loved to travel alone. Did a lot before I had a kid 4 years ago. Since then my husband sends me to NYC for 3 days right after x-mas every year. So amazing to have that freedom. I am hoping to go somewhere in SE Asia on my own in the next year – Laos or Sri Lanka.

  46. I loved travelling by myself when I was single and now that I have a three-year old son I see no reason to stop. :-) When I was six months pregnant I went to Cologne (Germany) to spend a week with a friend who was an exchange student there. Last year I spent nine amazing days in Cornwall (England) with another friend. This year I’m planning a week in London with that same friend and maybe even a few days in Paris. The best part is that my husband doesn’t mind my roaming on my own at all. :-)

  47. I love traveling on my own. I spent a month in Scandinavia, and a month in Nepal :)

  48. I love traveling by myself! I never wanted to be one of those girls who didn’t go on adventures or do the things she wants to do, just because she didn’t have someone (in particular, a guy) to do it with.
    I finished college two years ago and moved to South Africa for a year…but I’m still living here! And I fell in love! That is changing my opinion on traveling by myself a little bit, but I think I will always want to do it. There are too many places to see to wait for someone to come with you everytime. :)

  49. This sounds like such a great idea, the world would definitely be a happier, less stressed place if more people did this x

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  51. Yes, definitely! I considered doing this last year some time but life got away from me. The best thing is when your spouse is supportive of the idea so you don’t have to feel guilty the entire time you’re away! I think something like that would be so super refreshing. Not that I don’t love my little boys to bits, but a recharge like that can only be good for the whole family.
    Ronnie xo
    p.s. Probably first time commenting but a super fan of you and your blog. :)

  52. Anonymous says...

    Hey Joanna: This is MArta fron Spain!!!!
    I am not a mother….. yet. I take a international trip with my two old sister every year!!!! This next Holly Week we are flying to….BEIJING!!!!!
    My sister has got a littler beautiful girl and even thought she never forgets about her child, she needs this king of break…..
    When i became a mother…I hope will keep the tredition!

  53. There is something invigorating about traveling alone. It’s something I’ve done for years now. (This year I’m off to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day. Last year was Slovenia. The year before that was Kenya and Tanzania. Etc). The thing that makes solo travel most enjoyable, I think, is the self discovery. Placing yourself in a new environment, alone, is the best way to do so. Plus, it causes you to reach outside of yourself and meet people you wouldn’t have met otherwise, had you not traveled solo.

  54. i’m not a mom, but i’ve been daydreaming lately about taking a solo vacation. somewhere sunny, with a beach and good food. i would just pack a pile of good books and spend a few days reading and chilling out by myself…

  55. I travel on my own several times a year. I’m not a mom, of course! One of my favourite trips is to Madrid where I visit museums, go to the movies and just stroll around the city discovering new and amazing spots. I also do it on my home city, Barcelona. Sometimes I take a day on my own to wander. I cherish my time alone so, for me, traveling alone is one of the best ways to travel, you can do as you want and you are more open to meet people. I’d love to stay in a lighthouse, sounds amazing.

  56. Being the mother of a sweet 5 month old boy, I can’t fathom taking a trip by myself right now, I think I would miss him too much! But, as I envision the future (I’d like to have a lot of kids, at least 4) I could def see myself wanting/needing a short break from motherhood & a trip to myself sounds fun!

  57. I stayed at that lighthouse when I was 15. I was at summer camp through the Marine Mammal Center. 20 years later I can still remember the amazing time we all had there. I live just down the road in Santa Cruz. After your post, I’m tempted to leave the boys (5 & 1) with my husband for one night, head back to the lighthouse and just… sleep.

  58. I’m not a mother, but the idea of an actual personal vacation sounds amazing! Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy guilty pleasures — like spending hours reading magazines, or gorging on unhealthy snacks — without loved ones’ watch (even if they aren’t judgmental :)

  59. I’m always so anxious to leave my little ones.. but a break does do one good =) Plus I love to sleep diagonally!!! I just don’t know why it’s so much more comfortable.

  60. I’m not a parent, but I would take pretty much any opportunity to vacation alone. I’m very introverted, and I enjoy doing pretty much everything alone. I also think that adding a couple of days to a conference/work trip is a nice way to sneak in a mini vacation alone. I just did that in January.

  61. Deirdre N says...

    My husband and I did New years competition diets this year and our rewards were two whole days by ourselves without the kids. Neither of us faltered on those diets and they were strict! Time away whether it’s by yourself or with friends is very therapeutic and precious. Especially with two because when I leave (for work or play) I know my husband is outnumbered and sometimes outmatched. ;-)

    Somehow these days there seems to be some judgement about that you’re not a good parent if you need some space from your children. I spent every saturday night at my grandparents house while my parents did who knows what. It was great for all of us. Go on a solo/girlfriend jaunt Joanna!!!

  62. I would love love LOVE to take a vacation by myself! When I was in college I traveled around the south island of New Zealand by myself and it was magical. I don’t see that happening again until my kids are off on their own (in about 18 years!) but I might be able to swing a weekend away once a year. :)

  63. Last night I was talking about how it’s hard for me to eat alone while my husband is out of town.. now a vacation all alone.. don’t think I could hack it!

    Check out my blog:


  64. Anonymous says...

    I married a jealous man… after three kids and 12 years married I need this kind of vacation I’m just 34…

    I will go to Providence Island in the Caribbean sea… no TV, no cell… only these two books that i need to finish…

    maybe in another life ;_(

  65. Oh my gosh, yes! So much that it’s almost strange to have a travel partner. (I’m single and without kids, so it is easy).

    I liked in the UK for 2 years so every month would jet off to explore britain and europe on a cheap flight. The best is to go close to where you have a base of friends/family, stay for a day or however long to get oriented, and then take all of their advice!

  66. Anonymous says...

    When my twin boys were two years old I flew to Sydney from Melbourne by myself to spend 3 days with friends and had a fantastic time! My girlfirends and I every winter spend a weekend away without husbands and children at a beach house and we spend the time walking along the beach, cooking and chatting. We find it so refreshing.

  67. I have taken a few vacations by myself. One of the biggest was when I went to Europe for a month! I went to London, a week long horseback riding trip in Wales, Paris, Venice, Rome, Florence, & Cinque Terre. It was great. I don’t mind traveling with other people but most of my friends can’t afford to travel like I can so I end up going alone usually.

  68. as soon as i saw this post title, i knew that i had to read it!! i’m not a mother or married, but i looove traveling/vacationing alone! i think it’s so good for your soul and self.. i certainly don’t do it enough but love the idea of it too:) xo

    ps you should travel alone and do a post about it! i’m curious!

  69. I don’t have kids, but I’ve often thought about taking a vacation on my own. I traveled a few times solo for work and loved the time I had alone to explore the cities. It’s refreshing and also a bit reassuring to know that I can handle things on my own.

  70. I did this recently and it was heaven. I even like eating out alone (I am always hopeful they will think I am a food critic). You do go home with a spring in your step.

  71. I’m not a mother, so I can’t call it “a motherhood vacation” but I kinda already do this. My parents have a house up in Wisconsin and some weekends I drive up their and just spend some time with myself. I love that day or two of isolation and no responsibilities. I’ll stay in bed till noon, read, go for walks, and crochet. I love it. Mostly, I go on these getaways when I’m feels stressed and just need some time to think about myself.

  72. Sara says...

    I’m single and always have trouble finding traveling buddies so traveling solo appeals to me. I do like the idea of making my own agenda. However, I don’t know how to get started. Are there good traveling rates for solo travelers? Any good touring/adventure companies, etc?!