9 Fall Fashion Trends (Will You Wear Them?)

The first day of fall is September 23rd, but there’s already a hint of crispness in the air. So, just for fun, here are nine big fall trends…

1. Super high waistlines. Brands have been knocking it out of the park with their 1970s-style jeans all year, and I have spotted approximately 857,923,164 pretty girls in New York wearing them. Bonus: They make your waist look tiny and your legs miles long. Picks: These and these.

2. Plaid everything, from coats to dresses to backpacks. Plus, of course, tomboy shirts that look adorable on pretty much everyone. They make me want to head straight out for apple picking and a hayride. Picks: This and this.

3. Big bling. Sparkly earrings, chunky necklaces and cocktail rings. I mostly wear small jewelry, but Caroline, for one, is psyched. “My grandma brooches can finally come out again,” she says. Picks: This and this.

4. Fringe. A little cowboy, a little boho and a little sexy. Perfect for dinner with friends or a playful date. Picks: This and this.

5. Bucket bags. These bags were big in the 70s, but nowadays the shapes are simpler and more minimalist. Throw one over your shoulder and you have an instant look. Picks: This and this.

6. Faux fur. I’m not totally sold on shaggy pieces (this number looks like the rug in Toby’s room). But maybe a fur vest would make jeans and a tee look glamorous, like you just returned from a Swiss chalet? Thoughts? Picks: This and this.

7. Ponchos are fashion’s ingenious solution for how to wear a comfy blanket in public. These were cool back when I first moved to New York and I remember my friends saying they were just “poncho-ing around.” They’re so cute with rosy cheeks. Picks: This and this.

8. Slip-on sneakers. These streamlined numbers are the first sneakers in recent history to actually look good with jeans. They’re perfect for cool girls kicking it around town (obviously less so for actual jogging). Picks: These and these.

9. Loafers. Similar to nerdy glasses, these shoes are both smart and chic. (Think: Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face.) Plus, they’re equally well suited for work or play. Picks: These and these.

Thoughts? Would you wear these? Thumbs up or down? I’d love to hear…

(Photo from Madewell’s fall catalog)