iPhone Cases

For years, I’ve had the most boring iPhone case (one of the black ones from the Verizon store). But I just got a new phone and am inspired to finally shake things up. Here are a few pretty ones…

Top row: 1. Dots, 2. Marble, 3. Squiggles, 4. Foil.
Second row: 5. Dahlias, 6. Peach Blossoms, 7. Brushstrokes, 8. Daisies.
Third row: 9. GQ Cover, 10. Seinfeld, 11. Ice Cream Sandwich, 12. Cherries.
Fourth row: 13. Vogue Cover, 14. Let’s Do This, 15. Fusilli, 16. Mixtape.

What kind of case do you have?

P.S. On taking a phone break.
P.P.S. These are pretty, too. I can’t stop looking up cases!

(Graphic design by Miss Moss)