13 Cute Storage Bins

Our apartment is a total disaster every night at 7 p.m. But it looks amazing at 7:05 p.m. Why? Bins. The boys throw all their toys into baskets, which are pretty enough to leave all around the house. Here’s a round-up of bins for storing toys, books and anything else that’s ready to be put out of sight at the end of playtime…

bins and baskets storage for kids

1. Noah’s Ark / 2. Peach / 3. Birds / 4. Numbers / 5. Chunky Knit / 6. Recycled Plastic / 7. Stripes / 8. Color Pop / 9. Dipped / 10. Elephant / 11. Tapestry / 12. Arrows / 13. Seagrass

Which do you like best? How do you store your kids’ stuff?

P.S. Birthday presents for kids of all ages.

(Photo of Linsey Laidlaw’s apartment by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo. Layout design by Miss Moss)

  1. Aldi sells a similar organizer once or twice a year for $39.99 or so, if you can hold out until then. Not sure about the quality of that organizer vs. this one, but it looks very similar. Ours gave out (bought from Aldi) after about four years.

  2. Loving #3 — and the patterned bookshelves! Beautiful touch.

  3. kimberly says...

    great round-up! with our first baby on the way (i was actually due this past sunday) and a tiny, somewhat grown up apartment, bins have already become a necessity around here. we have a larger version of that ferm living bin in the bedroom for throw pillows etc and a smaller white wire basket (we liked the ferm living one but bought a much less expensive one from target) for her stuffies. we also have a larger black/natural striped basket from ikea (larger than the one here) for her toys which we can easily pull in and out of the closet. that elephant bin is so great and i love that it has a lid :)

  4. Ohhh I love that elephant basket!
    I’m on the lookout for a very large basket to keep hundreds of soft toys in – my two children seem to have a lot more toys than I have space for so I’m turning to clever storage!

    Emma xx

  5. EZ says...

    3 Sprouts has pretty cute animal ones too for the nursery! :)

  6. No kids, but I would still choose the elephant! Great finds.

  7. CM says...

    We also use bins for smaller toys, which are great. I need a solution for the bigger toys as Awads commented. Those are just on the floor and make me crazy!

  8. Brittany says...

    Bins are definitely a great idea! We use them with my 15 month old’s toys, and absolutely agree that it makes it a breeze to clean up. But, what I’d really like to know is where the gorgeous upholstered bench in the picture is from?! Does anyone know the source?

  9. The elephant hamper is so darn cute! We use the exact same process for cleaning up the unbelievable mess our kids make during the day. Everything goes in a couple of baskets in the corner of the living room and things look in order within 5 minutes! I normally am not a fan of Walmart, but I have bought a couple of these hampers and they are so durable and attractive and for $12!

  10. It is so fun to see how parents are getting away from the pink and blue and going for the edgier clean lines of black and white and neutrals and bold geometric prints! I adore the straw elephant and the 3 prints at the bottom! Can’t wait to have kids someday!!! xo


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  11. Stephanie says...

    These storage bins are so adorable, I could definitely see myself using them! I’m a particular fan of 9 and 10. That elephant is adorable.

    I’m a fashion blogger in NYC. To follow my adventures featuring the best of NYC’s fashion and food, check out Always looking to collaborate with new bloggers, so contact me! See you there xx

    – Stephanie

  12. Bind are the best solution! We don’t have pretty ones but they’re useful. I think it maybe time to replace them with one of the ones above!

  13. I would also recommend the cute luggage trunks because it can double as a coffee table or play table and can hold a lot more.

  14. I store my kids’ stuff in very unattractive plastic containers. These bins seem like the way to go though, very decorative. Love the elephant!


  15. YES we do this and it works a treat. In the playroom each bin has a picture on the front for a certain toy (train set, food, blocks etc…) and then in other rooms the bins are generic. It makes tidy up time so quick and easy. We get loads of ours from TKMaxx, I’m not sure what the equivalent would be in USA??

    • Anne says...

      Funny thing – the US equivalent is TJMaxx!

      I looked it up once, it’s the same store but when they first expanded to the UK, there was another store with a similar name (maybe TJ Hughes?) so they changed it to avoid confusion. Always makes me laugh :)

  16. Kannfish says...

    I put a picture of what category goes in the bin: cars, animals etc. that way no matter who cleans up, everything goes in the right spot.

    The posted bins are very attractive but I can’t rationalize $40+ on one bin. IKEA and the Container Store also have options you can check out.

  17. Awads says...

    Bins work in the early years….but then toys get bigger and don’t fit…*sigh*. We have giant plastic bins that i’m tired of looking at in my son’s room right now. Thinking it’s time to pitch the pirate ships and race tracks.

  18. I love the black and white arrows one. And the peach. And the stripes.

    Kristi | Be Loverly

  19. Cynthia says...

    I love the elephant! Bins, baskets, and cute boxes are the way I corral stuff and I don’t have small children(mine are adults). Containers are an easy way to keep things organized. Also, think outside the box. I have a cute little pail on my sewing desk which holds supplies I’m always using. An antique trunk(family heirloom) holds my fabric.