Father’s Day Gift Guide 2015


Father’s Day is June 21st (less than two weeks away), so here are 14 dad-friendly gifts, if you need some ideas…

Father's Day Gift Guide

Make (or send) him a bloody good steak, $65. (Here’s a great way to prepare it.)

Father's Day Gift Guide

Classic 1970’s white sneakers, $75, which are The Big Guy Trend this summer. Plus a frisbee for running around with the kids all summer.

Father's Day Gift Guide

Squared-off aviator sunglasses are super flattering. When Alex wears them, I always secretly feel nervous butterflies around him. Think: Robert De Niro in “Taxi Driver” and Don Draper in “Mad Men.” $145.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2015

A beach blanket for lazy family picnics (with his go-to shrimp!). $40.


The Boys in the Boat, $10, the bestselling true story of the American crew team in the 1936 Olympics. Ever guy we know who read it immediately became obsessed with it.

Father's Day Gift Guide

A smorgasbord from indie food company Mouth. We love the Hot Stuff Taster, Fatherly Feast or Dad’s Gotta Eat (pictured above), including Filet Mignon Memphis BBQ Beef Jerky, Damn Spicy Pickles, Maple Thyme Pecans and Bacon Caramel Popcorn. $50 and up.


A game, $18.25, to put on his desk. Invented by a mathematician in 1883, this puzzle, which has only two rules, has challenged people for centuries.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2015

A card of his favorite parenting pose, $4.50.

Father's Day Gift Guide

Pop and Tot tees, $25 and $30.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2015

Nerf football, $9. “Most Nerf footballs are like throwing around a loofah sponge, but this one is heavier so you can really huck it,” says Alex. Funnily enough, he and I have been tossing it around recently (since the boys are still too little), and it’s really fun — I finally get what everyone’s been talking about.

Father's Day Gift Guide

Polaroid cube, $99.99, a magnetic, hands-free camera, so he can capture sweet moments on the fly. You can shoot HD video and photos from any vantage, like bikes, golf clubs, scooters — our friend sticks it to a bedside lamp to capture family snuggles.

Father's Day Gift Guide

Funny socks, $17.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2015And a pretty chemise, $125, to remind him how you had babies in the first place.

And for my own dad:


This leather tray, $35, would be a happy place to store his keys, change and glasses. Plus, a note about how much you love him.

  1. All these gifts ideas are adorable!!! especially the father and son shirt! Last father’s day I gave my husband his favorite football team shirt. I think gift baskets is one of the alternative for steak, if you are interested feel free to check out varieties of gift baskets here:

    All in all, you have an awesome site!!! cheers!

  2. Molly says...

    I love your gift guides! They’re always so helpful. This year my sister and I are building a corn hole set for my dad. It’s one of the more labor intensive things we’ve done but I think he’s going to love it.

  3. Roxana says...

    Great gift guide!

    I ordered the Nerf and The Boys in the Boat, also the Father’s Day card (I laugh every time I look at that picture – it’s so hilariously true :).

  4. k says...

    Can anyone who has read The Boys in the Boat comment on whether or not there is any material in it that would be inappropriate for a 14 year old girl? My daughter is going to start rowing crew this summer, and I wonder if this would be a good book to get her psyched up.

    • Denise says...

      I think she’ll love it! There’s absolutely nothing in it that’s inappropriate for a 14 year old girl. What she may learn from it is what the depression was like, how much kids that had barely enough food to survive on were willing to do to get an education, and how dedication and hard work fulfills dreams.

    • js says...

      Then definitely get her THE RED ROSE CREW, about the first women’s Olympic team.

  5. Just bought the “DAD DEE-LICIOUS” from Mouth for my Dad! I love your wonderful guides :) Thank you!
    Ps. I think I spotted Alex at Belle and Sebastian on Wednesday!

  6. Your gift guides are the best. I especially like the varied price points and that they’re so thoughtful. I always get my Dad a book so it looks like The Boys in the Boat is the winner. Thank you!

  7. larissa comb says...

    Great gift guide! I already bought my gift though, a Koolernaut Koozie for the beer-dad in my life :) Wish it would have made this list!

  8. karylle anne bongan says...

    Thanks its so usefull

  9. Christine says...

    Amazing gift guide Joanna!!! I am totally getting my hubby the two books you recommended! Thanks!

  10. Meghan says...


  11. We love the idea of the steak gift – nothing is better than a shared meal at home. BUT we suggest a healthier alternative than traditional grain and hormone fattened animals ::

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      thank you, lizzy!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      ps the site is gorgeous

  12. Thanks for the gift guide. Some additional gift ideas for father’s day could be aromatherapy gifts or tea gifts for relaxation and wellbeing or more traditional gift giving options such as fine watches and gourmet gift baskets.

  13. Laura B. says...

    Thank goodness for A Cup of Jo’s Gift Guides. I was just wondering what the what to get my husband for his first father’s day. Thanks!

  14. Lauren E. says...

    In one of your past gift guides you suggested a football, so I told my brother to get it for my boyfriend for Christmas and to this DAY my BF says it’s the best gift he ever got. We live in a tiny apartment but still play catch in the living room at least once a week. It’s funny, our conversations are ten times better over a game of catch than they are at a restaurant!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh my goodness, i’m so happy to hear that! thank you so much xo

  15. Elissa says...

    ‘Boys In the Boat’ is mesmerizing …. though arguably not just for boys and Dads! ;)

    A pack of Dad’s favorite beer + custom pint glasses is nice, too. I picked up his favorite local (and hard to get!) nano-brew + a set of pint glasses in case he decides to share one or two! If any Dad’s are based in Portland, ME I highly recommend: !

  16. Emily says...

    This is a great guide. Thank you!

  17. Doug says...

    Just stumbled across this blog. Love the ideas, even ordered the Boys in the Boat book. I like the way you think a bit like a man. Sign of a good wife, and vice versa, of course :)

  18. Jo says...

    Oh, I’ve been waiting for your gift guide! Thank you so much, Joanna! xoxo

  19. Laura C says...

    Here we got Father’s Day on March. I got my husband a new polo shirt. My dad passed away three years ago and he used to wear those aviator sunglasses, so it’s a great gift- but I can’t see my husband with that kind of stuff. It reminds me my own dad and it’s weird!
    Your guides are awesome, Joanna. Keep it on!

  20. yael steren says...

    Another great idea that’s super affordable is a spare charge for his phone. They are literally the size of a tiny wallet and weigh next to nothing and this way if the phone battery dies there is an extra charge on hand! You can get them on amazon! xoxo yael

  21. Jenna says...

    I don’t usually comment, but wanted to say you have the best gift guides! Such sweet and unique gifts and at a variety of prices. I have no idea how you do it, but I so appreciate it :)

  22. Polly says...

    Thank you! My husband is hard (for me) to buy for. When we first got married he told me mini gadgets are always cool. So, here’s hoping he loves the Polaroid camera thingy!

  23. Boys in the Boat: YES!!! It’s incredible. Unbroken would be another book if your guy hasn’t read it yet. Totally captivating and inspirational. This is a great list. The card and the Jimmy Fallon book are so cute/fun! Thanks!

  24. Being a dad (of 3 boys) I would be glad to get any one of them (aside the sunglasses which I don´t wear at all) but the card with “the favourite parenting position” really got me!

  25. Awads says...

    Well, I’m a woman and i, too, got very obsessed with The Boys on the Boat! It’s a beautiful story of friendship, and there is plenty of heartbreak, too. And child neglect! eeek!

  26. thanks for this, joanna! even though norwegian father’s day is in the winter, it’s always good to have something to look at to give me pointers. dads are hard people to shop for!

  27. Prudence Yeo says...

    Love the pop and tot tees and funny socks the most, they are so cute and will definitely bring a smile to the father who receive them!


  28. The leather tray is gorgeous! I am a fan of Jimmy Fallon and didn’t know he released a book – will definitely check it out (: We have also posted a fun and quirky gift guide for Father’s Day on our blog (link: and would really love it if you could check it out when you have the time! Thanks for sharing your gift ideas!

    xx Jia,

  29. I LOVE all these ideas, def keeping a few in my back pocket for the hubs’ birthday as well. :-) I also like getting my baby daddy cologne for father’s day, he totally appreciates having it but would never buy it for himself so it feels like a special indulgence. I got my dad a photo gift from artifact uprising, and we try to find cool vintage baseball cards for my father in law every year.


  30. Maybe one day this pseudo-vegetarian will learn to make steak for her man ;) But until then… I love the sunglasses and gourmet snacks! Great list!

  31. So rowing menswear was pretty, um, revealing! The gift of meat, nerf, the sunglasses love those too. A Whiffle ball and bat make for a good time if you have the outdoor space to let Dad show off his out-of-the-park swing! Buy and extra ball….you will need a back-up!

  32. Lovely ideas!! I especially think my dad will love the tower of hanoi!

    Rachel x

  33. Love all these ideas! Pinhole press is also always a huge hit, and j.crew ties are the best.

  34. I did undergraduate research on the Towers of Hanoi for a whole summer! What a great roundup of gifts : )

  35. Helene says...

    My son and i made this for father’s day last year ;)

    We are curently working on a top secret concept with the new baby brother ;)

  36. Julianna says...

    Me & my hubby have totally been going to the park and throwing around the ole pigskin too! We alternate between a frisbee and a nerf football, whichever one the tot isn’t distracted by ;)

  37. I love your gift guides and your awesome ideas!

  38. Madie says...

    These are really great! Like, REALLY great! I especially love the sunglasses and the socks and the nerf football… and I’ve been trying to get my husband (also Alex!) to pick up my copy of the Boys in the Boat for a couple weeks now…

  39. Your gift guides are always the BEST!! I am definitely getting the pop and tot tees for my pop and tot. :) I can’t wait to look through that Jimmy Fallon book. Anytime I try to get my baby to say MAMA, MA-MA, my husband tells me to stop it. ;)

  40. I can vouch for the steaks as a gift idea – especially if you’re looking for something for a dad who many be older and has everything. My dad was the hardest person to buy for (old, cranky… “is it made in the USA?!” – you get the picture) but when I sent him steaks, he raved! I never, ever had so much positive feedback from a gift before. So if he’s hard to buy for and likes to cook, go for it!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      haha i love your description of your dad, and thank you so much for the stamp of approval on steaks!

  41. Lindsay says...

    Husbands are so much easier to shop for than dads. I’d love more guidance for gifts for our dads.

  42. Jenna says...

    Great ideas Joanna but Jo/folks, I’m confused… do people generally give presents to the father of their children on Father’s Day? We don’t have kids, but when we do, I would imagine that when they are tiny I would either stick with a card, or pick a gift out that’s more “from a kid” (not… lingerie). And when they’re old enough to think for themselves, they can do their own thing and I would just wish my husband a happy Father’s Day and probably not get a card or gift? I’m more than on board with the sentiment of appreciating our husbands / babydaddies on Father’s Day, but I just question the implication in this post that we’re meant to get them *gifts*

    I guess what I see in this list is a bunch of ideas for what to get my husband for his birthday, the holidays, or Valentine’s Day (though we don’t usually exchange substantial gifts then either… man, are we just so not romantic?). NOT ideas gifts for my father or his father on Father’s Day.

    Grumble grumble.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      hi jenna, thanks for your comment. see ideas for older dads in a comment below! (I just wrote them in)

      and it’s funny, i actually get alex a bigger present for father’s day, and send my dad a sweet small gift or a note about how much i love him (he always wants that and teared up the first year my siblings and i did that). now i’m curious what other people do! i’d love to hear.

    • Jenna says...

      Thanks Jo for adding more suggestions and for the lovely response! We usually do a small gift and sweet (and/or funny) note for my father-in-law, too. I do think that the note is the beating heart of it all, fathers or father-of-children alike. Sorry, I had a cranky knee-jerk reaction at the thought of yet another annual occasion that had a cultural norm of a thoughtful just-right gift! But these really are some great suggestions to keep on hand at different price points, so thanks for curating.

    • Renae says...

      My son (who is 3) would “get” some of these for my husband for father’s day (not the lingerie). He’s getting his Dad this year a tech gadget (husband debating between a fitbit and some other thing that I’m not sure what it does), some new polo shirts, and tickets to a Toronto Blue Jays game (where we live)

    • Anna says...

      This so funny! I was reading through the post and comments, thinking how sweet it all was and how great my husband and father and father-in-law are, when I got to Jenna’s comment, and suddenly remembered, we don’t do anything for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day for that matter! (And yes, my husband and I have three young kids and a fourth on the way). I guess I got caught up in the cuteness of the post and sort of forgot. :) We make a big deal out of Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and birthdays, but we’ve never done much for other holidays. Is that weird? :)

    • Clare says...

      I’m from England and in our family we would value something home-made or time rather than spending loads of money. For Mother’s Day it has to be a small bunch of daffodils and maybe afternoon tea out. For Father’s Day some specially chosen local beer and time spent together. Time together is the best present (unless you can’t stand the people!). My brother who is in his forties still does little drawings for my parents along with his children – we try to do the same.
      However, your list would be great for birthdays. I will now have a bit of a wander round your site as it looks really interesting.

  43. I’m keen on buying that jimmy fellon book for myself haha!

  44. Anna says...

    Love these gift guides! Any chance you can get Alex to write his guy’s version again this year??

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      Many of these were his picks, actually! Including the nerf football, the steak and the… Last one ;) but I can have him write some more posts soon!

  45. Bee says...

    De Niro not Dinero

    But it did make me laugh.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      Thank you!

  46. I’m on the hunt for something sentimental and happy tears inducing. I’ve been looking for weeks and pretty much every gift guide sticks to utilitarian type gifts or funny stuff. I feel like mother’s day is so much easier to shop for!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      What about a photo gift? You could get a favorite photo and make something on pinhole press or artifact uprising. They make such lovely things!

    • Thanks so much for the tip! This is definitely more along the lines of what I’ve been hoping for. My Dad lives in another state and we only see each other every few months so a photo book for his coffee table would be so appreciated.

  47. Anitra Sweet says...

    Yes, I 2nd ideas for older dads but these are great! Love the pop and tot tees and the lingerie :)

  48. Love it all — those socks are great!

  49. Great ideas, just wish there were a couple more for the “older” dads (60s, 70s). I might try getting him “Boys in the Boat” though.

  50. Kate says...

    Stick the Polaroid cube to the bedside lamp, huh? *eyebrow waggle*

    • Nina says...

      LOL, my thought exactly. Family snuggles, alright ;-)

    • Lol, I thought the same thing! “It’s for family snuggles, I swear!”

  51. Oh my gosh, Joanna. The Pop/Tot shirts could not be cuter. I’m ordering right now.

    I honestly don’t know what I would do without your gift guides! My husband and I are still reading Soppy together before bed–a book I ordered after you recommended it for Valentine’s Day. Thank you for doing the heavy lifting! I’ll be sure to take pictures of my boys in their shirts and post it to my fledgling blog: