I’m thrilled to officially introduce Lexi Mainland, the newest member of the Cup of Jo team. She started four weeks ago and has already been behind many cool things (hair parts, favorite podcasts, drinks on a plane). As managing editor, Lexi will be working with us on editorial posts, new series, social media and brand partnerships.

Her Backstory

Lexi comes to A Cup of Jo after more than eight years of editing, storytelling and digital strategy at The New York Times. She also won an Emmy (!) for the One in Eight Million series. She is a committed news junkie, but she says her truest passions are design, food, culture and online communities like this. Lexi lives in Manhattan (but is moving to Brooklyn in a month) with her husband, toddler son and King Charles spaniel.

Lightning Round Q. & A. With Lexi

Favorite book:
I love Joan Didion. She’s one of a few authors I’ve read almost in total and I just started the book Play It As It Lays this week. Slouching Towards Bethlehem is probably my favorite of all because it’s so transporting. You feel like you time-traveled to the grooviest parts of L.A. in the 1960s and 70s.

Favorite movie:
Terms of Endearment. Makes me cry every time, and Shirley MacLaine is everything.

TV show you always watch:
Broad City. When I’ve finally watched every episode I’ll start over again.

Daily breakfast:
Homemade smoothies are a new breakfast ritual. If anyone has great ideas for what to throw in my blender that a toddler might also enjoy, please tell me.

Random pet peeve:
Those shaggy cut-out rugs that some people put around the bottom of the toilet. Why?

Most memorable vacation:
My now-husband and I spent a summer together when I was 22 doing nothing in Italy. We were unemployed and fairly penniless, but we shared a Vespa and went all over the place. It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime couple of months.

Dream vacation:
My friend Miki takes shoestring trips every year to the most amazing places you can ever imagine — remote swimming holes, sunlit caves, beaches filled with wild horses. If you don’t already, follow her on Instagram. I hope to tag along with her soon!

Irrational fear:
Because it once happened to a friend in an awful way, I am constantly afraid of emailing a huge group without meaning to. I always write emails now with nobody in the address line and only add addresses when I’m ready to send. Then I irrationally check 1,000 times. Then I check again after I send (which, I know, wouldn’t help.)

A fun fact about your dog:
Our dog Bowie has incredible emotional intuition. If you’re sad or not feeling well, he’s the first living being in our household to come over and rest his head and front paws on you.

Activities you enjoy doing with your son Jasper:
He’s so fun at 15 months. I love every minute, but I especially like to take him in the elevator to visit the super in our apartment building. It’s a big event and involves lots of blowing of kisses to a somewhat surly dude until he cracks a smile.

The #1 thing on your spring wish list:
A new pair of Pons Avarcas sandals, because I can’t imagine warm weather without them.

Something about you that might surprise people:
I’m one of the best parallel parkers in all of New York. If you don’t believe me, ask me to tell you my trick.

We’re so excited to have Lexi and know you’ll love her as much as we do. Here are a few more pics…


Fixing our hair. (Busted!)

bowie 1063

Bowie the dog.

Lexi reporting for The Times in a Manhattan courtroom, but trying (in vain!) to stay out of the photographers’ lens.

photo 1 (2)

Lexi and her toddler son Jasper.

(Top portraits by Nicki Sebastian for Cup of Jo. New York Times courtroom photo by Todd Heisler)