Wedding: The Ceremony, Part Three

Here’s the final post about our ceremony! It was the most intense and exciting half hour of our lives–indescribable. You feel so present, like you’ve been dropped into your body. I couldn’t take my eyes off Alex, and he was squeezing my hands the whole time.

After we exchanged our vows and rings, Hamish said a few beautiful closing words, but I have to admit, it was pretty much unbearable to wait to kiss Alex. I could hardly contain myself. I felt like I was jumping out of my skin. Finally, Hamish said, “With the power invested in me by the City of New York, it is with great pleasure that I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss each other.” And we did.

Our recessional song was “Be My Baby” by the Ronettes (which we hadn’t realized was in Dirty Dancing, hilarious; Alex had loved it in Mean Streets). I was blubbering as we walked back down the aisle, but was still smiling through the tears. Alex, I loved marrying you!

(My hair was by the wonderful Heather Packer from Cutler Salon, and my make-up was by Kevin James Bennett from Makeup Forever, who is hilarious and super-talented.)

(Photos by Max Wanger)

  1. i’m incredibly pre-menstrual but i am CRYING looking at these beautiful photos, thinking how much i look forward to have this wonderful celebration with my boyfriend. thanks for sharing all these lovely photos, jo. <3 xo kira

  2. looks like a wonderful, wonderful day, joanna! a belated big congratulations!!!


  3. These are beautiful!

  4. i wanna get marry too says...

    u looked sooo lovely!! i really wish that that could be my wedding! haha gosh i wonder how crazy it must have been to organize such event! nevertheless, its all worth it! ;)

  5. Gorgeous!!! Congratulations. This is my first time on your lovely site. I will be back.

    cristin @ simplified bee

  6. haha, nice addition, alex :) and gemmifer, how sweet about your mother. xo

  7. sammi, it DOES feel like an eternity ago! :)

  8. deanna, our processional song was Ave Maria. (the very close runner up was Shelter from the Storm by Bob Dylan). the songs you chose are lovely!!

  9. that looks like the perfect wedding!! its very romantic!

  10. Those are some really great photos of the two of you! Love it!

  11. congrats! the photos are wonderful. i love the excitement on your face :)

  12. Alex says...

    “Be My Baby” may have been in Dirty Dancing, but we got the idea from “Mean Streets.” A small but important detail for us Scorsese fans:)

  13. wonderfully beautiful photos, thank you for sharing your day with all of us!

  14. Congrats, I have written about your lovely wedding in my blog.

  15. I’m so happy to hear that you were so present for the ceremony. For so many people it goes by in a blur. It’s so important to really be in that moment and let it imprint on your memory so you can revisit it, you know? Love the pictures!

  16. these posts made me tear up! This looks like the most beautiful wedding ever.

  17. Beautiful…I can tell it was emotional just from the pics!

  18. wow, what a beautiful wedding! congrats. you guys look so happy!

  19. so charming! i love the expressions on your faces in the photos~ one can read exactly how you feel about each other at that moment.

  20. Love the recessional song, what was your processional song? We had “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra (trite, but fitting), and “Kiss to Build a Dream On” that started playing right after our wedding kiss. Stunning photos.

  21. Best wishes! Very touching photos and you look very beautiful!I wonder what was the beautiful and emotional words. :-)

  22. Oh wowowowwow! How beautiful! They are so lovely, gave me goosebumps :-) Ohh love.

  23. “Be my Baby” is our song, too! Excellent choice :)

  24. Rachel says...

    So i was trying to wait and hold off until all the wedding posts were done but. just. not. possible. Completely delightful! There aren’t enough positive adjectives. From inane grinning at your obvious radiant happiness to feeling quite emotional over all the precious little details. Thank you for sharing something so special and congratulations, not only on a truly beautiful day, but on bringing so much happiness to your readers.

    Lots of love

    English Rach


  25. I don’t want these to end!

  26. How beautiful!

  27. Yay! Congrats again. Thanks so much for sharing your day with us.

  28. Gosh, I almost cry looking at your beautiful wedding pics. Love the expressions on your faces.
    Makes me believe in true love. Hurrah!

    Best of luck,


  29. Your ceremony looks awesome, I love how anyone can be ordained in New York to officiate for weddings, its awesome to have someone you know and love doing it all. So much more personal.

    You all look absolutely stunning. I think my favourite picture so far, is the bottom left of the first group of photos!

    Does it already seem like an eternity ago, looking through all these pictures?

  30. You were smiling through and through Joanna!!

  31. I love all these posts. I think I might make my husband a nice romantic dinner tonight – I’m inspired by all the love coming through my laptop.

    PS. I love love love your first kiss photo!

  32. You brought me back to just how I felt on my own amazing day. Thank you! You and everything about what you’ve shown are beautiful!

  33. You look so happy !!! great pictures!!

  34. you look soo excited that it’s actually as though he’s proposing in the series photos! So adorable, what a fun loving couple you seem to be

  35. I am loving all of these! So wonderful and genuine!

  36. You and Alex are the sweetest couple! You really seem to have been made for each other. The joy on both of your faces in the photos from your ceremony is infectious! Thanks for sharing all the details of your wonderful day and allowing all of your readers to feel that we were part of it in some small way :)
    And I am so glad to know that you will celebrate your anniversary on day very special to me, the day of my lovely mother’s birth… she passed away thirteen years ago but will always be in my heart.

  37. such an elegant and warm heartfelt day – beautiful photos!! you guys make a lovely couple and here’s to the future!!

  38. Hello Joana! Im from Brazil and recently, browsing through blogs I found yours and I have to say, I love the way you write and I am so happy to have arrived here now that you are posting your wedding photos!! It seems like it was a wonderful ceremony!!
    Congratulations and best wishes to you both :)

  39. this is so beautiful! you exude such loveliness to all of your blog pals, that i’m so happy to see that you got to have such a gorgeous wedding with the boy of your dreams.

  40. All these photos are just absolutely darling! Another job well done, Max! Thank you for sharing your special day, and again, congrats to you both!!!

  41. so beautiful! i’m a loss for words!!!

  42. Hoping my own wedding is as lovely as yours! And I loved the invite & program. Congrats!

  43. Joanna, your wedding looks exactly as beautiful as I imagined it would be! Congratulations to you and Alex!!

  44. oh my. what sweet, amazing photos. you look absolutely gorgeous. and you both look so incredibly happy. I have loved these posts, so thanks for sharing!

  45. So pretty! This makes me so excited – Max is doing our wedding next week! Congratulations!

  46. Congratulations! You both look adorable and I love the photos! Thank you for sharing!

  47. you both looks absolutely stunning! what a lovely wedding. i love the vintagey feeling the photographs give off. so beautiful!

  48. just caught up on the last three posts. tearing up!! you two are out of a movie. xoxox!!

  49. Oh Joanna, these posts have been absolutely scrumtuous. Thank you so much for sharing the joy, beauty, humor & romance. I feel like I was there. You make me believe in love!!

  50. What lovely, beautiful photos!! I teared up reading the descriptions! Thank you for sharing your special day!!

  51. What a joy to read through all of these posts and see your lovely photos! Thanks so much for sharing them.

    You guys look amazing and happy and like you are about to embark on one helluva happy life!

  52. soooooooo sweet !!! i love everything about the wedding. thanks for sharing. xo

  53. Ahhh! Beautiful pictures! I completely remember feeling the exact same way a few months ago – I just couldn’t take my eyes off my new hubby:) I am so happy for you!

  54. i am tearing up just reading your wedding posts… too, too beautiful.

    i am beyond excited for my own wedding… we’re less than a month away! i can’t wait to walk down the aisle and see kiwi waiting for me.

    my mom and dad just celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary. marriage is truly an amazing and wonderful thing.

  55. you took look so precious. thanks for sharing all of this in such a thoughtful way, your happiness is so obvious, its wonderful… it makes me excited for my wedding day!!!

  56. This HAS to be the most perfect wedding in the history of of all weddings!

  57. Just breathtaking! What a beautiful couple you make. Thanks for sharing Joanna!

  58. Your wedding was so lovely and touching; thanks for sharing these moments!

  59. So sweet! Love the emotions that come through in the photos, thanks for sharing them!

  60. I absolutely love your wedding photos! Please share more of your fabulous J.Crew wedding dress!! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful stories!!

  61. enjoying your posts so much dear Joanna. you looked radiant and your happiness and ebullience shine through. Alex looks pretty dashing and happy himself! XO.

  62. Anonymous says...

    i love love!

  63. All these posts make me so happy! You can just feel the love and happiness. That’s the best.

  64. thank you for sharing in such detail – so very beautiful.

  65. Some of the most beautiful wedding photos I have seen…..absolutely stunning

  66. You’re wedding was so beautiful and such an inspiration!

  67. jessica, that’s so exciting!!! and Cathy, how awesome; that song just has such a great beat :)

  68. i am ABSOLUTELY loving these photos! thanks so much for sharing them!!! can’t wait to see more…

  69. “Be My Baby” was our recessional song too! It’s such a happy song and every time I hear it it takes me back to that moment a year ago. I didn’t make the Dirty Dancing connection either!

  70. Anonymous says...

    I cried just looking at your pictures. So lovely.

  71. you can just FEEL the love!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!

  72. Joanna, these photos are giving me chills. So incredibly beautiful!

  73. I love your blog and I love your wedding pictures!!! you have a great taste for everything… your dress, your hair, your bouquet and the photographer you choose… Congratulations Joanna in this new adventure…

  74. Okay first off, you looked GORGEOUS and Alex looked so handsome! And I loved how you described being present – so true! These pictures are amazing, but only because you can feel the love pouring through them – so excited that you two are now husband and wife!

  75. So frickin’ adorable!! I love how excited you are! Can’t wait to see more!!

  76. Oh!!! Love!!! I love these posts! You both look gorgeous!

  77. Andrea says...

    a very classy, elegant, sweet, sofisticated and still simple wedding, and with some vintage touch, beatiful, congratulations

  78. you both look so beautiful! i am enjoying seeing these so much. and i just love max. he shot our engagement photos yesterday and this makes me even more excited to see our photos!

  79. Anonymous says...

    “You may kiss each other.” Wow, how poetic.

  80. oh, megan, thank you! that is so sweet!!! :)

  81. I love you guys! These pictures make me feel like I was actaully in attendance! You both look adorably happy. I’m glad you picked my favorite dress- you look absolutely magnificent!

  82. Joanna, these photos and your narrative are so very touching. And beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing.

  83. our favorite part was right before the kiss – joanna, you literally had sparks flying off you! and “be my baby” was brilliant! everyone was smiling…

  84. Your wedding kiss is straight out of a film, I swear.

  85. Be My Baby. Basically the best song ever. LOVE! xxx

  86. I loooove your facial expressions. What a great set of photos.

    Congratulations, again, to the both of you!

  87. e says...

    so, so, so beautiful! i love all of it. the faces you’re making are priceless.

  88. this is so much fun! i feel like i was there, including the tears. you’re all so gorgeous and dear!

  89. Thanks for sharing! You planned a beautiful wedding! Great photography too!

  90. Anonymous says...

    You both look so happy and excited, just wonderful.
    And I love the sentences “She comes of her own accord, with the full support of her mother and me”
    Thanks you for sharing this incredile moment!

  91. K says...

    Oh Jo,

    This is may favorite set yet. WOW! You two are simply adorable. I love the ear to ear smiles…I remember this too a year ago. My face began to hurt from smiling sooo much.

    Cheers & Congrats!

  92. oh goodness! look at your facial expressions!!!! love it. so great to see two people together who truly love each other!

  93. o my goodness i loved the pic when both of you are walkin down the city street wit the umbrella very nice! you make me want to get married sooner than i am!. very simple and complete wedding. thank you for sharing your wonderful day.

  94. OK, I have to admit something. As I was reading this post “Angel of the Morning” came on on my computer and, with that song, and looking at your lovely photos, I got a little misty-eyed!!

    GORGEOUS ceremony!!! :) xoxo

  95. aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! so beautiful! i am running out of superlatives. i love the shots of the moments leading up to the kiss, you can relive it every time you look at them. AMAZING!

  96. oh my gosh! I love you!!!! I love “Be My Baby”…It’s the song I would always think of as a little girl when I thought about meeting my true love. It’s in Father of the Bride and Adventures in Babysitting. I’m going to post that scene with Elizabeth Shue on my blog right now. Your wedding pictures are so beautiful. You look so so happy.

  97. oh its so lovely! so so lovely!! stunning photo’s that really capture it so beautifully! wow!

  98. Joanna! Your wedding recaps have been so beautiful – you look so lovely and so, so happy! I can’t wait to see the photos from the reception!

  99. gorgeous, you 2 look so happy, just as it should be! I love the photo series!


  100. all these photos are amazing, you can see how joyful the day was.

    truly wonderful!

  101. you look gorgeous and you both look so happy. thank you so much for sharing, its been wonderful :)

  102. Olivia says...

    Joanna, you two look absolutely wonderful together. It’s been so sweet to be able to follow your wedding plans, and the outcome is stunning. I’m so happy for you.

  103. Goose bumps…reminds me of that feeling. So special I hope you and Alex have the happiest of marriage. I’m celebrating 22 years and every day is better than the day before.

  104. Joanna- thank you so much for sharing your beautiful weddding photos.

    I keep tearing up at my desk (god damn it!)

  105. Such a crazy display of pretty! You two look smitten with each other, and the photos are stunning.

  106. Anonymous says...

    LOVELY wedding! All of it.
    Wish you the best.

  107. I LOVE your adorable and blissfully happy expressions!!

  108. love love love these posts! i’m getting all choked up just reading them and looking at the fabulous pictures – i can’t imagine how wonderful it was for you guys :)

  109. Enjoying these SO much. There is so much love & your expressions are priceless. I just want to hug you! lol

  110. Joanna, awesome photos and commentary! I can’t wait to hear about dinner and dancing.

  111. i teared up (at work) reading about your dad walking you down the aisle. i don’t even know you, but i’m so happy for you! congratulations!

  112. Oh Joanna, I love everything about these posts. I keep getting all choked up every time I read the newest one.

    It looks like a truly incredible day.

  113. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. you two look so amazingly happy :) sooooo glad for you!!!

  114. Oh my goodness, so cute! And it looks like it was such fun too–just as it should be. :)