Four Breakfast Tartines

Have you had a tartine? It’s basically the French name for an open-faced sandwich, and they’re totally delicious. Today, Joy from 3 Chairs shares her recipe for four breakfast tartines: two savory and two sweet. Here’s how to make them…

Breakfast Tartines
by Joy Belamarich of 3 Chairs

When I was growing up, there was one thing I learned to never tell new friends: I don’t like breakfast. If you were eight and you didn’t like waffles with maple syrup or Fruit Loops with cold milk then something was very, very wrong with you.

Years later, I discovered tartines, with a forehead slap. Tartines sound fancy, but they’re essentially open-faced sandwiches…or pieces of toast with something yummy on top. You can dress them up however you want, and this is how I learned to like breakfast. I always customize my tartines based on what I’m in the mood for each day, and it never gets boring. The only rule, I’d argue, is to get your hands on the best bread you can find.

Toast your bread, then work from the bottom up, starting with a spreadable ingredient and ending with the toppings—say, a drizzle of honey, a pinch of pepper flakes or a fried egg. Feel free to swap out ingredients: Nutella could be almond butter, strawberries could be figs or sliced pears, avocado could be smashed peas or edamame. For an easy brunch, prepare a few different tartines, slice them into thirds so everyone can try them, and serve with fresh fruit and coffee.
Nutella with olive oil, toasted almonds and sea salt
1 tbsp. Nutella

1 tsp. olive oil

small handful sliced almonds, toasted

Maldon sea salt, for sprinkling

The combination of olive oil and Nutella is unexpected but delicious—the olive oil rounds out the sweetness in the Nutella, and the Nutella brings out the flavors in the olive oil. Once you try it, you won’t be able to imagine Nutella any other way. The nuts add texture, and the salt is the perfect finishing touch.

Mashed avocado with feta and sunflower seeds
1/2 small avocado

1 tsp. lemon juice

salt to taste

2 tsp. crumbled feta

sunflower seeds, as many as you’d like
red pepper flakes (optional)

There are a million variations on avocado toast, but I turn to this one over and over. The feta is a little tangy and the sunflower seeds add a great salty crunch.

Mascarpone with strawberries, lemon zest and honey
1-2 tbsp. mascarpone

3-4 strawberries, sliced

1 tsp. honey

lemon zest for topping, to taste

Mascarpone is my weakness. I try not to have it all the time, but when I do, I’m almost always having it with strawberries, lemon zest and honey. If you haven’t tried it before, I HIGHLY recommend seeking it out in your grocery store (it’s the star ingredient in tiramisu!).
Goat cheese, radish, arugula and fried egg
1 tbsp. goat cheese
2-3 radishes, thinly sliced

small handful arugula
1 fried egg
Sriracha, optional

This is the perfect savory tartine to make on a lazy Saturday morning. I almost always cut it in half so that the yolk spills over everything and creates a rich sauce for my toast, but you could scramble your egg instead, or skip it entirely.
Thanks so much, Joy!

(Photos and recipe by Joy Belamarich. Thanks to Caroline Donofrio for her help with this series)

  1. These looked delicious, so I immediately added all the ingredients to my grocery list. Now that I’ve made them all, I can report that they were even better than they look! Holy cow, they are each SO good! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Yum these look so amazing yet totally doable. Thank you for the recipes!

  3. we do things like this for breakfast, but I never had a name for them!! Tartine – sounds great. Our current fave is avocado smashed with hot pepper jam. . . or egg with tomato jam. . .

    In the summer, we like strawberries and brie. Also, a favorite my son made up: cheese toasted with a slice of cornbread with honey drizzled on top.

  4. This. Looks. So. Delicious!

    Pinning now!

  5. Looks absolutely delicious! Normally I’ll have toast with either cream cheese or peanut butter on top or maybe a protein shake when I’m in a rush….I try to have lazier/more decadent breakfasts on the weekend so maybe I’ll give these a try! <3


  6. I love to eat tartines for breakfast – particularly the avocado kind! (I think of it as toast, though, and I try to duplicate the one from Cafe Gitane.)

  7. So that mascarpone with strawberries and honey was literally ALL I ATE while living in Greece. Well, I did use a traditional cheese you can’t get outside of that region, but besides that- same thing! Super delicious on fresh bread.

  8. These look so amazing. Now, I’m hungry. Lol. I think my kids would really like these too. Craving the tartine with the egg. Yum!

  9. I don’t make tartines, but I totally should… the goat cheese and fried egg looks particularly perfect…

  10. Wow! I am the opposite and am a huge breakfast lover – breakfast for dinner is one of my favorite indulgences. I must add this to my breakfast arsenal, I’m from Sweden and openfaced sandwiches are popular for breakfast there too.

  11. Yum, these are great ideas for another non-breakfast-lover. Thanks!

  12. These look like grown-up versions of my normal breakfast… jealous.

  13. I love tartines! I actually did a very similar post on brunch tartines recently –

    I’m totally going to try substituting the egg for feta next time!

    I also did a lunch tartine version (I’m a huge fan of tartines, what can you say) that I’d love to share with you in case you wanted to change it up!


  14. LOL! This is what norwegians eat for breakfast and lunch every day. We call it brødskriver (the bread) and we have different kinds of topping on it. Right now my favorite is “leverpostei med sylteagurk” (liverpaste) :) It like, the most common thing there is to me, so I found this really funny.

    Nutella is only allowed on weekends, though, and you have to eat a slice of bread with something else first (like cheese), love from my mom.. ;)

  15. E says...

    Tartines are my staple, three meals a day! They’re delicious and endlessly versitile, with a more heft than a salad and not so heavy as a sandwich. Definitely a perfect food.

  16. I love my cream or goat cheese with mission figs & drizzle of honey ( chopped apple could be added on top as well)

  17. Yay for the nutella and the avocado. What a great way to start the day.

  18. My boyfriend is always sad when leaving for work in the mornings but I think he’d go ga-ga if I surprised him with a couple of these one morning. :)

  19. I eat most of my sandwiches open-faced. I guess I grew up w. European parents, that’s probably why. Yummy!!

  20. I do this several times a week with crunchy peanut butter, sliced banana, cinnamon and sometimes chocolate chips :).

  21. I have been eating avocado in everything lately, even the kitten loves avocado .. yes, she goes crazy when I start to cut one up, she gets some in her dish and you can hear her purring all through the room !

    We won’t discuss the row of Nutella jars sitting in my pantry .. I have discovered that a plain hot dinner roll with Nutella slathered on it is a lovely dessert :)

  22. I love tartines and the fact that you cut down on carbs just by not adding the top slice. Win win!


  23. i wanna eat these tartines at breakfast… and then again at lunch, dinner, afternoon snack, midnight munchies :)

  24. The gluten free ones at Le Pain Quotidien are delicious (even though they’re on a cracker, not bread) and have gotten me into making them at home, too! What a timely article.

  25. Oh good god, the thought of that Nutella one definitely isn’t going to help me behave myself this lent… *whimper*

    Charlotte x
    Charlotte’s Web

  26. I’ve never called it anything fancy, but I guess I do have tartine for breakfast every morning!

    Smashed avocado with a little salt and red pepper, topped with smoked salmon. It’s delicious and so easy to make!

  27. The strawberry one looks perfect for a spring brunch, or Easter. Thanks.

  28. I LOVE these. My favorite of all time is strawberries with fresh ricotta, basil, honey, and a little sea salt. Or fresh figs with fresh ricotta, honey, and a little sea salt. I’ve never had them for breakfast though, just as apps before dinner. Thanks for these suggestions!

  29. French breakfast: coffee and cigarette ;)

  30. Those look so good!! I’m a super picky breakfast eater and 90% of the time prefer lunch.. But that one with avacado! Yum

    Kim .. All about Adsense?!